57,000 mile Barn Find: 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe

Found just 5 miles from where it was purchased this Chevy has spent the last 53 years parked in a barn. Parked in 1965 with just 57,000 miles, this Chevrolet is a very nice condition survivor with no rot, and on top of that it is a driver! Mind you there is still some tweaking to be done, but for the current bid price of $6,300 this Chevy is a sweet ride for sure. Be sure to check it out here on eBay out of Waukon, Iowa.

After all that time spent in a heated storage space, this Chevrolet came back to life with little effort, but I would expect nothing less from a Chevrolet 216 inline 6. The seller converted the car to 12 volt, and added a new battery along with the typical tune up items. Surprisingly even the brake system needed little work other than fresh fluid and to be bled. While this is a driver, the seller suggests more brake bleeding, and I would have a look over of all the components to keep this antique happy and reliable.

A seat cover was fitted to the front bench, but to the sellers amazement the seat was not ripped or damaged. Although there is some mild discoloration to be found inside, and the carpet is a bit tired, overall the interior is in fair shape. All of the gauges and lights are functional, and while the dash has some minor surface rust it still has a lovely charm with all of its chrome trim.

With a tremendous amount of paint, and little surface rust, this Chevy is a sweet looking machine. I am a fan of the styling and of the drive train, so I am sold on this one. There looks to have been spats on the rear fenders, but I am guessing they have been removed for one reason or another. The glass and body work look great, and all I can wonder is what this Chevrolet will sell for. What do you think this Special Deluxe will sell for?

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  1. Will Fox

    A Chevy lover’s dream if there ever was one! I bet this car is gone by Friday; way too clean and solid for it not to be. And I can’t balk at the price, either. VERY nice.

    • Steve R

      I’ll bet it doesn’t last past tonight, that’s when the auction ends.

      Steve R

    • Adam

      Ended at 6700 will see if top bidder comes through ! Check out the video I did of it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLLXR8seVgQ

      • Hide Behind

        Thanks for posting.
        Very good video as it caught the times and roads of when auto was new.

    • Paul Luiso

      It’s already gone at $6,700! Wow…

  2. Jeff

    Worth every single penny, and then some.

  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    “Charp!”, as they say where I spent my early years…

    This is one to leave alone and just keep mechanically maintained.

    If the bids don’t climb much higher, someone’s going to get a bargain.

    • PatrickM

      Beatnic… It sold for $6,700.00. Somebody got a good one.

  4. Vance

    Friend of mine’s Dad had one of these and asked me if I wanted a ride. Being respectful I accepted and got in to the beautiful car. We were talking and he was telling me all about it and it was very interesting. I thought the car sounded good as he got it up to driving temperature. What he didn’t tell me was that the drive train was that of a Corvette as he rowed through the gears on a long stretch of blacktop. He had a friend at GM that had ” borrowed” a hot ‘vette engine and transmission. I think he is still laughing to this day.

  5. SMOKEY Member

    All I would do is replace those blades on the fan. The dents on the hood and fender are charming.

  6. jerry

    I love it when a car has the original air cleaner. It’s always the first thing to go when people don’t know what they’re doing.

  7. ken TILLY

    Now, THAT’s a Barn Find if ever there was one. Beautiful.

  8. Michael Boyle

    Nice find. Sticking in some brake fluid and pumping the pedal on 78-year-old hydraulic cylinders, blowing up (at least) 55 year-old tires, and then going for a ride takes nerves of steel.

  9. Kenneth Carney

    Showed this car to my MIL and she got a
    real kick out of it! After all, she’s a ’41
    model too, and if you look at Mom and
    then look at the grille work on this car,
    the resemblance is uncanny. She has
    big blue eyes, which are the headlamps,
    the upper portion of the grille, just before
    It spreads out onto the fromt fenders is
    her nose, and the remainder of the grille
    is her ever present smile. Would love to
    drive it home from Iowa, but alas, an
    empty wallet keeps me from doing just
    that. As a teenager, I used to find ’em
    in nearly the same condition as this car,
    and they were cheap too! $25 for a non
    runner, and up to $75 for a pristine
    example! Usually, I’d buy ’em from a little
    old lady (or an older couple) who no longer had a use for the car and wanted
    it to go to a good home. The nicest one I
    bought was a ’41 Town sedan. I got it
    from the daughter of the original owners
    for $75, tuned it up on the spot, checked
    the brakes, added gas, and Dad and I
    drove it home! Wound up selling it to a
    friend of Dad’s for $1K (1970 money)
    after he kept pestering me about it.
    Didn’t really want to sell it, but when he
    started counting out those $100 bills, I
    did a dumb thing and sold it. That car was fully loaded down tto the echaust
    deflector on the tailpipe. Sure wished
    I had it today!! Hope it finds a good
    home–sadly though, it won’t be mine.

  10. cyclemikey

    Nice find. Sticking in some brake fluid and pumping the pedal on 78-year-old hydraulic cylinders, airing up (at least) 55-year-old tires, then going for a ride takes some nerves of steel.

  11. Bob C.

    I second that. TRUE barn find.

  12. Larry Hawkins

    My old car preference is for 50’s through the late 70’s, however this ’41 Chevy has irrepressible charm.

  13. Paul

    No guts no glory, cyclemikey

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      A coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave, only once.

  14. 65mpala

    The seller suggestion to gloss clear coat the paint makes me sick to the stomach. There is nothing nastier than that. Leave it alone or paint it.

  15. Rudy C

    Love it! True barn find and only a few hours away from me! Still curious how I missed the original estate sale to cut out the flipper! Bet the bidding heats up in the next few hours! Wish I had an empty garage stall, I’d be bidding to win!

  16. Caletre

    Not sure why the whole barn find thing became so popular. They always usually covered in mice urine and droppings wiring chewed up ect. I perfer the suburban garage find.

  17. Pete in PA

    Very nice! And a real bargain at $6700. Shouldn’t have converted it to 12V though…

    Take a look at THIS 40 that showed up at a friend’s shop about 10 years ago. Guy bought it in 1940; his wife didn’t drive. He passed away and it sat in their garage near Pottsville, PA for decades. Don’t know the circumstances but it passed to a new owner and it was pristine. Sixteen thousand miles! Looked like new outside, inside, underneath, under the hood. It had a stuck heat riser valve and overheated during parade duty. That’s why it was at my friend’s shop. I drooled over that car!

  18. Pete in PA

    Here’s a shot of the odometer. That car was unbelievable.

  19. Matt steele


  20. Hide Behind

    In late 50’s had a job at a “junk” and fencer of stolen autos yard owned by a shyster who never did meet my wages, which were damned little for all of a mans job that I did.
    The yard car was a 41 Chev convertble that owner said had only 1st and reverse, but it ran like a top, and I always on the sly replaced worn parts with newest in yard.
    Come a third missed payday he tried to give me 5 of the 20 he owed me, and I balked, and even being woods born and raised to be polite to elders I raised holy bell and made a deal.
    I told him the 5 bucks and the title to Chev, and I kept mouth shut on fencing, he agreed.
    Drove Chev out of yard, swung gate closed, and proceeded to throw gravel all over office doors and window, drove down road, stopped and put a bent nail in colunm shift levers, and drove back by and hit 2nd and 3 gears and never went back.
    Sold it cuz moving clear cross country to Wa. State for $35 mixed Canadian and US money.
    It was a great driver and I was a terror of back.country gravel roads, with nary a problem other than tune ups and truck snow tires in winter, and when town cops caught me showing off.
    They say nostalgia can be expensive for men wanting childhood toys, seems ln my case a truism as even though not a vert I would of offered 10K US$, and remained poor for next few years rodding the hell out of it.
    Great body style, flowing lines, and metal enough to smooth out bumps and old school make no seamed fenders.
    I hope I never grow up.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Great story Hide Behind ! It is the history of your story that makes this a great place to hang. I am like you. We will never grow up! Thank you, you are a Brother. Take care, Mike.

  21. Pete

    Damn it a day late, but not a dollar short. I’m just sick about missing this one.

  22. Joe Haska

    It is nice to see a good car priced fairly and sold hopefully to a buyer, who will appreciate his good fortune, and enjoy the car for what it is.

  23. theGasHole

    Don’t get to say this too often anymore, but that was a great deal

  24. Rob T.

    Those old 1940-’48 Chevs were wonderfully overbuilt & simple to work on! I sure miss my ’48 Fleetmaster Sport Coupe.😢

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