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57K Mile Survivor: 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Wagon

Original survivor station wagons will always be highly-sought. With this one, add in the fact that this is a Chevelle Malibu with a V8 under the hood, and it’s easy to see why the interest has been so intense. This is a fantastic vehicle with a genuine 57,000 miles on its odometer, and its condition is jaw-dropping. The Malibu is located in Spokane, Washington, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $17,602 in what is, quite surprisingly, a No Reserve auction.

When it was new, this Malibu would have been considered a nice vehicle, but nothing special. Roll the clock forward 56-years, and the story is quite different. Finding a wagon of this age that is this original and spotless will be a challenge for enthusiasts. This one is finished in Desert Beige, and its condition is hard to fault. The paint shines beautifully, and it has no apparent marks or dings. The panels are as straight as an arrow, and there are no signs of any prior accident damage. Rust is always going to be an issue to consider in any vehicle of this vintage, but it isn’t in this wagon. It has been garage-kept for its entire life, which means that it has remained entirely rust-free. The trim is in remarkable condition, and there are no issues with the glass.

The Malibu’s interior is a symphony in red, and its condition is, once again, spotless. It doesn’t look like there have been any children with their feet on the seats, and no signs of hyperactive hounds shredding the upholstery. There is some minor wear on the driver’s seat, but that is all that there is to fault. The original Window Sticker makes interesting reading and shows just how much electronics and technological advances have changed our world. A tinted windshield cost the original owner $19.95. However, the push-button AM radio cost a staggering $58.65. Today, those figures would be reversed. It isn’t just the appearance that is excellent because everything inside this Wagon works as it should.

I’m pretty sure that if I told you that the Chevelle was numbers-matching, you wouldn’t be that surprised. It comes equipped with a 283ci V8, a Powerglide transmission, and a Posi rear end. This is the 195hp version of the 283, which gave the Wagon a ¼ mile ET of 18.4 seconds. The transmission was treated to a rebuild last year, and the owner has the receipt for the work. The owner claims that the Malibu has a genuine 57,838 miles showing on its odometer. He does hold a fair collection of documentation on the vehicle, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this claim can be verified. As well as the Window Sticker, the Wagon comes with its Owner’s Manual and the Warranty Booklet. The Malibu is said to run and drive perfectly, and it sounds like it is ready to hit the wide-open road.

If all of the claims made about this 1964 Chevelle Malibu Station Wagon can be verified, this is an extraordinary find. Spotless classic wagons like this one will appear on the market from time-to-time, but they tend to be the exception rather than the rule. This one is beautifully preserved, and I can guarantee that it will attract plenty of attention wherever it goes. It is hard to know exactly where the bidding will go on this one, but I suspect that there might be a fair way to go before the auction ends. I wouldn’t be surprised if it nudged $50,000, so this is one that will be worth watching.


  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    Wow, 50K would certainly be all the money for this one. I’ve always wanted a car with a red interior.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I’m with Rex, this one will be interesting to watch. Outstanding condition. For me the full size wagons are preferable, but nothing wrong with having this Malibu. Wouldn’t you like to know the history, why a vehicle which normally gets heavy (family) use, didn’t?

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  3. Mark

    Fantastic specimen and rare to boot.
    Would love to see it with a dark green interior.
    Someone is going to get a nice dare to be different ride that can be cruised as is.

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      Chevy didn’t have a dark green int. It was this, or fawn with this color.

  4. Mark

    Great car in a great condition.

    First model year also. Something to factor into the value.

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  5. Troy s

    What’s amazing to me was a how a mid size station wagon, a car of purpose and utility, could stay That clean so long! 1964 was a long freaking time ago! Check out that carpet, spotless since JFK.
    Hope the new owner isn’t a Starbucks freak….a whole big cup of mocha latte conyucka all over the floor, seats !!! Urrgh….
    Great find.

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  6. DocW

    Very nice example. Too bad they decided to add the side marker lights (first installed on 1968 models). Detracts from originality. $50k seems steep for this. New owner looks like they will be getting a nice car.

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    • ErnieSC

      Regret that some people can’t say something nice or just say nothing at all. Side Marker Lights? Really?

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    • RjKeenan

      What in the world do side marker lights have to do with this 64 Chevrolet ? It’s obvious you have no idea what a 68 Chevelle wagon looks like with it’s new for 68 marker lights.

      This wagon is stunning, and I would be very happy to roll up at cars and coffee with a pair of burnt out glass packs behind the 283.

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    • steve

      they do look out of place.

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    • Little_Cars

      Period parts store accessory. Probably reflectors, not side marker lamps. A lot of people “upgraded” their older ride when all new cars got them in 68. I’ve purchased two early MG Midgets (pre-68) and carefully removed after someone stuck them to the fenders. In one case, PO even drilled holes through the fenders to allow them to be illuminated with the light switch.

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    • GarryO

      I’m With DocW on the side marker lights. First thing I noticed.

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  7. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    This is a rare find, indeed! The condition is stunning and a V8 sweetens the pot. It’s interesting to note that most of the wagons seen here on Barnfinds are full-sizers so finding an intermediate wagon here is a rare treat. By todays standards, this is a relatively large car compared to current full size cars. The color combination of a white exterior with a red interior is certainly eye-catching, a welcome relief from the boring color combos of today. The 283 is a welcome sight under the hood that should give adequate performance. This beauty looks like it needs nothing except to perhaps add A/C. I don’t know about $50k; I’m thinking mid-to-high $30s but these days nothing about what a classic car sells for surprises me anymore.

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  8. JTHapp

    … Stunning vehicle! It’s so clean, it looks like something out of a ‘Back-To-The-Future’ un-aired spin-off series..! (if it had this kind of rolling stock in it, I’d watch!)

    Similar vibe to the full sized Ford wagon from ‘Ford vs Ferrari’… That was also was a sweet wagon!

    Reading the sticker, even back then … those bean counters @ GM were putting 2 ply tires on new cars… absolutely amazing they are still holding air!

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    • PatrickM

      Tires could be Coker’s.

  9. GTPRED99 Member

    Nice car!!! The red interior is stunning. I think the original owner got ripped off though. They paid $58.65 for a push button radio, but the pictures show they didn’t get one.

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    • Terry Melvin

      I suppose the antenna on the front fender is just for looks? Look at the dash again. It’s there toward the lower right.

  10. Bigcat Member

    OMG, learned to drive with my parent’s version, white with blue, 3 row. The foot well in rear was a great place to ice “brown beverages”, just pop out the drain plug. 283 with PG. if you didn’t turn the ignition key to lock, no need for key to drive.

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  11. Luke Fitzgerald

    I have never, ever seen so many pics for an advertised car – way to go

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    • Gary Gary Member

      I believe I counted a total of 437 pictures

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  12. jwzg

    I.Want.This. Unfortunately, we’ll just have to pass.

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  13. Matt O’Connell

    Are you sure this isn’t a 1965 model year vehicle?

    A Malibu wagon was our family car, and ours was ‘65, and identical to this model.

    Beautiful car though. Ours didn’t see 1972.

    • Gary Gary Member

      1964 has this flat-faced grille, while the 1965 had the tapered to a point grille in the center. Also, the side trim is 1964, while the 1965 had wider side trim that is similar to the rear quarter trim on this 1964.

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  14. local_sheriff

    Big fan of Chevelle longroofs and I still have a hard time deciding whether I prefer the ’64 or ’67? Obviously owned by an adult, the side markers and bug visor are typically ‘old man’ add-ons, however he must’ve been a responsible owner back in ’64 already when he bought it new to make it still present so pristine.

    However unless someone can prove otherwise really I doubt this is the OE upholstery – its seats simply look too spongy and fresh to be 56years; the quarter covers and mat in the rear actually look more worn than the rest of the cabin. Nevertheless it’s a beautiful example of a desirable longroof and it deserves a caring next owner to keep it this way. A car to envy 👏

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  15. YourSoundMan

    Gorgeous wagon!

    What are those… things… mounted on the D-pillars, facing aft?

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    • Gary Gary Member

      wind deflectors

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      • YourSoundMan


        re: wind deflectors

        They look aftermarket though – wayyyy aftermarket lol!

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      • local_sheriff

        Yoursoundman – nah, don’t be too sure about that. Such deflectors were extremely common back in the day, and though I haven’t found these listed as OE Chev equipment they could still be a dealer-installed accessory. I’ll agree they don’t give any clean look though

      • YourSoundMan


        Honestly this is the first time I recall seeing them on a car of any vintage. And I’ve been to some big car shows, the biggest shows you’ve ever seen.

        The deflectors I have seen on wagons are typically horizontally mounted, across the top of the rear gate opening.

      • local_sheriff

        Yoursoundman; click on the links I submitted. And google any GM wagon from the 60s and you’ll quickly realize these are installed on many longroofs. Particularly unrestored fullsize wagons still seem to have them – I suspect owners remove them when their vehicles are refurbished as they don’t exactly add to a clean look plus the screw holes represent a potential rust trap.

        I too have seen the horizontal deflectors above the glass but I believe those became common later on. Don’t know whether either deflectors were ‘official’ GM accessories but many wagons likely left the dealer with them installed

    • RexFox Member

      The intent of the wind deflectors were to keep the rear window clear of road grime. They work OK. Nice car. With that 195 hp 283, you could expect mileage in the high teens, low 20s and decent get up and go.

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      • YourSoundMan


        Oh I’m aware of what it does, I just never saw the style of deflectors on the Malibu wagon until I read this article.

      • YourSoundMan

        The Malibu ones remind me of solar panels, lol!

  16. Jim

    Nice wagon a correct looking 4-Speed would be nice

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  17. Geoff

    Certainly a very clean car. The lack of power steering and manual drum brakes would prevent it from being the cruiser it otherwise might be. Only one photo of the engine. Once again seller has detailed the daylights out of the interior and exterior but left the engine bay crappy and unattractive. Wonder why?

    • YourSoundMan


      It would be interesting to experience actual steering again, instead of just administering the car like today – turn the wheel 1 inch to the side and the car does a Tom Cruise snap to that side!

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    • Andyp

      Scroll down through the main ad. There are a lot of engine pics.

  18. Gary Gary Member

    Go back and look again, there are at least a dozen engine pics. In fact, there are over 300 pictures if you just scroll down past the main description.

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  19. Dave Member

    My Dad traded in his MK7 Jaguar for one of these in 1964. It was at the end of the 64 model. He wanted a 4 on the floor but it couldn’t be ordered. But the dealer found a red with similar red interior with a 3 on the tree and a 250 horse 327. Very tall gears and that thing would really wind out. This one for sale is gorgeous, wish I wasn’t building a home!

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  20. RegularGuy55

    Back in the ’60s, there was a group of Detroit-area guys who formed a Chevy drag racers club. Most of the cars they raced were station wagons because wagons had slightly better front-to-rear weight distribution than sedans. They felt the extra weight over rear drive wheels gave them an advantage.

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  21. Dennis

    A investment conversion to power brakes and power steering would a plus for the new owner

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  22. Gray Wolf

    One of the vehicles to have back in 1964 was a 2-door Chevelle wagon, 4-speed with fawn beige interior and dark green exterior. 55-57 Nomads were big as were 64 2- door Chevelle painted buttercup yellow for the girls. Any vehicle that you could stuff a surfboard in or on top. Me, a 1930 Model A coupe with rope to tie boards on the roof! Our family wasn’t rich like the other kids who could afford those newer cars!

  23. Mountainwoodie

    Pretty amazing condition. Not a lot of people born in 1964 look this good! :) But for those of us old enough to remember when they were new, kinda hard to get our heads around the market value. Love me a red interior though.

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  24. Dickie F.

    Rex, commenting on the attractive red interior, I have read through the comments, but nobody mentioned the red heater water hose.
    Did I miss something ? Or is that a red silicone non 64 pipe ?

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    • Gary Gary Member

      It’s just a replacement heater hose, as are the blue spark plug wires. Think for a minute, this vehicle is 56 years old, obviously there will be items needing replacement in order to keep it maintained and drive-able. There’s also a plastic over-flow bottle for the radiator that is not original, however, at least if there is any over-flow it won’t be on the road.

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      • ErnieSC

        Gary, You’re 100% Correct! I enjoy “Barn Finds” but I’m beginning to wonder if We have 15 Years Old making these comments! I bought a 67 Chevelle Brand New 12/66. I’ve had White Walls, Black Walls, Red Lines, Changed Spark Plug Wires, Tire Sizes, Different Color Spark Wires, Different Color Hoses, on and on! It’s called Maintenance and Repairs and who wants 50+ Year Old Hoses, Spark Plugs, wires, etc.??? Oh, Yeah! I still Own it!!! Good Grief!!!

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  25. Kgear Member

    It sold for $23k. Well bought!

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  26. Roger

    Sold for 29,900

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