60 Years, One Owner: 1956 Mercury Montclair

Some stories never cease to amaze me as a writer for Barn Finds. You never know what you will see, or the history you will read on a classic car. This 1956 Mercury Montclair has been a one owner car all of its life, and very well taken care of. Custom ordered by the original owner, he picked up this beauty on its delivery and was the only person to drive it until much later on in time. Having always lived in a climate controlled garage under blankets, this Mercury has a great family history with even a few old family photos of the car when it was new. Sadly the original owner is “up there” in years and is being transitioned into a rest home where his beautiful Montclair will no longer be under his care. There are 5 days remaining in the auction, and 28 bids have raised the auction price to $9,600. Take a look at this beauty here on ebay out of Thurman, Ohio. Thanks to Barn Finds reader “Jon” for the great submission!

Although having spent a lot of time stored, this car was regularly exercised during its hibernation. The 312 cubic inch V8 is mated to a manual overdrive transmission. Currently running, this Merc’ could likely use some mechanical checking up before hitting the streets once again.

The interior is astounding. Just as clean as a new or restored car, this Mercury is like stepping back in time. The seller has described this car as original, but I am curious about the interior. There are no apparent flaws to be seen, and really this has to be one of the nicest surviving interiors, as the lack of sun exposure has done this car many favors.

Appearing like a key lime pie, this Merc’ is definitely a dessert I wouldn’t mind sampling on every day. According to the seller the “odd” paint scheme was chosen by his uncle, as well as some other rare features that really make this car stand out. The only non-original items are the hood emblem and the white jeweled reflector mud flaps. Although meticulously cared for, there are a few flaws that need to be pointed out. First of all the paint on the hood is beginning to crack and chip off. The seller believes the car may have been touched up at some point in its past. Secondly, there are rust blisters developing on the rear quarters. While none of the rust is severe, it is something to keep in mind. This car could easily be maintained as is for many years as a garaged fair weather driver. Would you step up to the plate to be owner number 2 of this 61 year old Merc’?


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  1. Mike

    I love the suicide knob as it brought back memories of my uncle’s ’50 Buick convertible. His knob had a naked women in it and was a big hit with my brother and I. I hope the next owner gets another 60 years out of it.

    • jackthemailman

      We called ’em “necker knobs.”

      • rdc

        Sure did and they were not cool unless there was a half naked lady on it.

  2. rdc

    Lovely period piece. It reminds me of the time when i was first interested in cars. As we had a 55 and 56 Ford sedans. This is similar. Thanks for showing it. One owner, wow.

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  3. Arlow

    What a great story. This is what it means to be a “car guy.”

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  4. jw454

    I would have to let the swan roost on a shelf in the garage but, otherwise, I’d drive it as is.

  5. David Frank David F Member

    Oh my, what a tasty find. I only hope the new owner keeps it original. Imagine the silly money folks would be willing to pay for this if it were yet another 1956 Chevy. It’s great to see this Mercury, something different. Thanks Jon for the submission! (and thank you, Brian, for the cool writeup, of course!)

  6. Rock On Member

    The picture of the old fellow increases the price by 10%. Being on a cane adds another 5%.

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    • tugdoc

      Rock On, I believe he was doing maintenance as in pumping up the tires, notice the air compressor when a friend saw him out came to visit. So I would give the story another 10% for showing him maintaining!

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    Finds like this one could count on one hand and have fingers left over in his entire lifetime. I’d be willing to take on something like this if it was a little closer to home. Sure hope the next owner carries on the tradition…

  8. Mountainwoodie

    This is the one

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    Montclair was top of the line. It was an ordered car for sure as most ALL had the Fordomatic and power steering and brakes. A car to take to the drags. The Manual Shift with Overdrive is rare as are those real spot lights that double as a side mirrors. Merc only. Amazing still has the exhaust deflectors intact.

    This was the hot one in 56. Very few if any others made or survive in this combo and condition. Awesome find

  10. Jay S.

    Located in Ohio? It has Indiana plates.

  11. ben

    wonder why they don’t keep it in the family bought a 57 fairlane like that once in 1972 my grandmothers nabour it new 2dr ht blue and white just got out of the army and grandma called me and said if I needed a car miss betty was selling there ford as frank couldn’t drive any more and she had a 66 Pontiac catlina and didn’t need the ford 43000 miles we made a deal for 75 dollors what a great car spare was never used I drove it to pa on my honey moon to her grand parnets home we went to the grange for dinner her grandpa took it to the ford dealer in town and turned it it on a 67 mustang conv o was I ever made but the dealer wouldn’t give it back still think about that car ben in fl

  12. Joe

    Awesome Merc & one of my favorites!

  13. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Nice…..and should say thanks to the BF guys and the supporters that send in the finds – the are some misses but more hits…..thanks guys….hope this one finds a good home…at under $15,000 this will be a still….hey – restored one lately ?

  14. Warren

    312 and the Borg Warner 3 speed overdrive would make this a fun car to drive. Shift her into third, let up on the gas, and let her slip into overdrive!

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  15. Harvey Peever

    Kind of reminds me of a Packard. Funny how Packard are all the rage now due to cartoon movie. Still, if it saves some vintage tin it’s all worth it.

  16. scottymac

    Ahhh, West Virginia air brakes. Haven’t seen those in awhile.

    • jackthemailman

      I’ll bite … what are “West Virginia airbrakes?”

  17. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    My gosh almighty what an automobile. You know this car guy had to be a hoot to hang around when he was young and probably even now. Just goes to show we are all young once on our way to being old once.

  18. scottymac

    Mudflaps! Going down some of those mountains, you need to use everything you’ve got to slow down!

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Yep….Pennsylvania Parachutes ! :)

  19. Ken Carney

    This is what the legendary San Francisco Merc would look like all
    cleaned up. The car I speak of has been featured on sites like old
    parked cars.com, california streets, and curbside classics. According
    to these sites, the man who owns the car also lives in it as well. It
    does run and drive, but does not roam much beyond a small street
    under a freeway overpass where it is parked most of the time. That car
    is also a one-owner car too.

  20. Big Doc

    Beautiful car.

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