Cheap Dusty Two Door: 1964 Chrysler Imperial

Locked away in an automotive vault for who knows how long, this 1964 Chrysler Imperial two door looks like a solid start to a big Mopar project. In storage with nearly 20 other cars, it is… more»

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Elvis’ Shooting Brake: Intermeccanica Murena GT

One of only eleven built, this Intermeccanica Murena GT is a rare and unusual classic, even more so for the fact that it was owned by Elvis Presley. Packing a factory Ford 429 V8, as well… more»

Stylish 9 Seater: 1958 Dodge Sierra Wagon

A classy and stylish station wagon is often a dream come true for many of us, especially when equipped with a factory V8. Appearing like a derelict field find, this ’58 Dodge Sierra is a runner… more»

Mythical Survivor: Bizzarrini 5300 Strada

American built V8’s are a grand choice for an engine swap, and that theory rang true back in the 1960’s as well. The Cobra became a great car once receiving its Ford sourced heart, and this… more»

Big Block 4 Speed: 1966 Corvette Convertible

C2 Corvettes are handsome machines often packing big block power, and a drop top like this 1966 model. Factory equipped with a 427 and a 4 speed, it doesn’t get much better than this. After 28… more»

Fish Out Of Water: 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Purchased by the seller’s brother in 1976, this Mopar spent many years off and on parked in a back yard under a tarp while the brother was away in the military. Purchased with 28,000 miles on… more»

Vintage Rail: 1950’s Dragster Project

It is always a blast to seek and find unusual cars that have come up for sale. Projects often come to a close, leaving a void to have yet another project in our sights. For those… more»

1963 Dodge Dart Muscle Wagon

Classic V8 wagons aren’t exactly difficult to find but, a stick shift V8 wagon is a not so common treat like this ’63 Dart wagon. Packing a 360 V8 and a four on the floor, this… more»

1966 Chevrolet Rough Camino

Desired by many, the 64-67 El Camino’s just don’t seem nearly as common as the later models. For someone who desperately wants one, this could be a possibility, but that possibility is going to come with… more»

Well-Kept Four-Speed 1979 Pontiac Sunbird V8

Before the Internet, your odds of meeting the Pope at McDonalds exceeded those of spotting a GM H Body with a V8 under the hood. Believe me; my third car was a 1976 Buick Skyhawk (231… more»

Ardun & Judson Powered: 1948 Mercury Convertible

Family owned for several decades, this beautiful Mercury is a classy version of a hot rod with its vintage engine components. Built by the seller’s late father in the 1970’s this beauty has remained in the… more»

Blank Camping Slate: 1969 Ford E-Series Camper

What can be better than an affordable classic camper with low miles that is ready to drive? Well, despite having 77,467 miles, this Camper isn’t perfect, but is a fantastic basis for a camper project. The… more»

Exner Designed Wagon: 1960 Dodge Matador

Mopar offered some interesting and unique styling in the early 1960’s like this ’60 Dodge Matador wagon. With space for the whole family, and fins that would catch the eye of any Cadillac fan, this wagon… more»