$600 Drop Top: 1965 Chevrolet Corvair

1965 Chevrolet Corvair

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I’m on a roll, I tell ya’! Two readers in a week have told us they intended to purchase vehicles we have recently featured on Barn Finds. First was a 1958 Thunderbird, followed a few days later by the 1985 Toyota convertible. Two in a week! If either of those deals actually happen, it’s enough to make my head swell with pride, knowing I helped put the right cars together with the correct new owners. So it seems only appropriate to go for the trifecta at this point.

1965 Corvair Convertible

Here’s another bargain-basement-priced ride, in need of some TLC. I think the price for this mid-sixties Corvair convertible is right, but tell us what you think. The title of the seller’s ad says 1964, but the description says 1965. Our sharp-eyed readers will know the difference and educate the rest of us, as always.

1965 Chevrolet Corvair Project

Whichever year it is, it’s located in Springfield, Illinois, and appears here on Craigslist. The asking price is $650. Few details are provided, but the photos may be enough to interest the right buyer.

1965 Corvair Interior

Missing the top canvas from a convertible is never a good thing, but from the looks of it, it hasn’t been gone too long. From this distance, the seats look like they might possibly even clean up to presentable driver condition like they are. The ad doesn’t say whether the car needs floor work or not, but that wouldn’t be unusual for a convertible of this vintage (or price range). A good scrubbing and some new carpet would probably do a lot for the appearance of the interior in this example.

1965 Corvair Engine

The seller’s single-sentence description says the car is complete, and the appearance of the drivetrain appears to bear this out. Corvair parts are still plentiful though, if it turned out not to be the case. $600 is toy-car money. Anyone else looking for another toy?

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  1. Joe Howell

    That’s a 64 or earlier. New body style started in 1965.

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  2. GTOJeff

    Yep, it’s a 64 back. 65 is a different car.

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  3. ImpalaGuy

    …and the National Corvair Convention will also be in Springfield in July. Lots of parts vendors and knowledgeable individuals will be in town and would be willing to assist. https://www.corvair.org/2016convention/

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  4. Vince Habel

    It is a 64. Best year of the early models.

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  5. Pfk1106

    65 had the coke bottle shape.

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  6. Rick

    In photo one it looks like more yard art of the Edsel variety has been keeping this ’64 (or earlier) Corvair company

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  7. Skip

    I agree! It is a ’64. I had a ’64 Monza Spyder that was a nifty little car except that it kept throwing the generator belt. Aside from that it ran great and I only paid $125 for it when I bought it in 1975. Wish I had kept it. After it was gone I discovered that a longtime friend collected Corvairs. If I had know that when I had mine, I might’ve kept it longer.

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  8. Alan (Michigan)

    Very rough condition. Would need absolutely everything. Remember, these are unibody cars, so structural weakness is an issue, and after sitting on the ground for years…. and the auto transmission is a deal-breaker for me.

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  9. ed bittman

    Yes it’s a ’64 and has the seldom seen center mount oil bath air filter which was an option. Corvair convention is in his town next month.

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  10. ben

    u must be ona roll ben here in fl I did buy the 58 t bird in ill driver picking it up thur to bring to fla thanks guys keep finding them and we will keep buying them

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