6,000 Miles: 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood

When you see collector cars turn up in Detroit, you have to wonder if they belong to a retired GM employee who took their favorite model home as a retirement present. It makes sense, especially from an era when Cadillacs were true to their heritage as luxurious barges-on-wheels. This 1991 Fleetwood comes loaded with only 6,000 miles and is practically brand new. Check it out here on craigslist where there’s an asking price of $25,000.

This late-production Fleetwoods surprises me with how handsome it looks inside, especially since so many examples are trashed. The digital gauge cluster is a throw-back to an era when high-technology was measured in how many gauges were replaced by electronic read-outs. Despite being a light color inside, there’s no visible staining or any kind of damage present in the Caddy’s interior.

White on white on white – what a perfect color combo if you’re a fan of this generation of Cadillacs. I don’t know if the price on this Cadillac is realistic, even with the outstanding condition. Though they are hard to find this clean, I don’t think the collector market for these cars has taken off to the point that enthusiasts are paying near $30,000 for them (yet).

In 1991, the Fleetwood should have been pushing out about 200 b.h.p., which was respectable compared to previous years when output dipped considerable. The engine bay in this pristine Fleetwood looks quite clean, but I’d still want to perform a full fluid change before too much driving commenced. Would any of you pay the asking price or is the seller ahead of the market by a few years?


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  1. Howard A Member

    Wow, the real deal here. Folks, THIS is what a low mileage car looks like. Price seems a little lofty, but pretty nice car. Didn’t Jerry Seinfeld buy his father, Morty, a car like this in “The Cadillac” episode?

    • 76W115

      The one Seinfeld bought his father was the next generation, 1993 or later. The round ones, that from a distance could have been mistaken for a Buick Roadmaster.

  2. Rock On Member

    Almost like the one Paul Newman drove in the movie The Color of Money. The market is very soft for these cars. Has been that way for years now.

  3. Don E

    Collector car …. 4 door especially? Well preserved used car in my book.

  4. PAUL

    i own the identical car in just as nice a condition except for higher mileage. i would be happy to get 2500 for it. i think the asking price for the one pictured here is a bit of a stretch.

  5. David Zornig

    Base Fleetwood, with the interior that used to be standard in the `84 RWD DeVille’s.
    A little pricey, but try finding another in that condition with those miles.
    Nice time capsule cruiser.
    We pumped quite a few of these out of our Chicago Cadillac dealership.
    We fortunately had Buick too.
    So loaded Roadmaster’s were a perfect switch vehicle.

  6. edh

    Put down the crack pipe, dear departed grandpa’s car will never sell for that. It doesn’t matter that’s how much that doublewide.

    • Tom Member

      Pricy yes but what is the price for a car that you really cant find anywhere else with this low of mileage in this great of condition? It will sell and it will sell high. 25K to the person who has it and loves this car is no big deal. My brother would love this car. If I had an extra 25K laying around I would buy it for him. no doubt. You drop 25K on a new midsize car today.

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  7. Dr. D

    For price reference, Barn Finds featured a gorgeous black 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d’Elegance with a mere 1,842 miles, which sold on ebay on June 28th 2016 for $18,600.

    The buyer apparently flaked, and a few days later the same seller relisted it, this time with a fixed price of $29,888. That auction was ended early by the seller because the item was “no longer available” so I assume it sold locally, for how much I don’t know.

    That relisted auction, with pics (and a rather snarky leading comment calling out the flaky buyer by name and labeling him a “first class ass”) can still be seen here:


  8. P


    You’ve got a better shot of seeing Rex Reed JUNIOR

    • Woodie Man


  9. Ralph H.

    You can take this car down two different roads…take to shows only, never drive and preserve the mileage, or turn into a weekend and trip car, with an aftermarket bluetooth and back-up camera aftermarket radio…assuming you have $25k laying around…

  10. HeadMaster1

    Of course, I prefer them in black, and if possible with 22″ IROC wheels, and room to stretch out in back……My 91 was very smooth on the highway, and you’d be amazed at the looks you get loading lumber at the home Depot…..Heck it had a 10′ bed in back with rollers in the floor, it was perfect for hauling things :-)

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  11. TonyM

    Beautiful car, actual worth is $10k to any sane buyer.

  12. Rustytech Member

    If a 30 something buyer would pick this up and lock it a climate controlled garage he might be able to recover his investment in 25 years or so. That said if your looking for something like this as a driver, it’s kinda like buying a new old car. What’s a new $40k Lexus gonna be worth in 25 years?

  13. TonyM

    Alexus should be worth about 8k on the high side.

  14. Jason

    Crack Pipe

  15. Aaron

    There are a few problems with this listing. In 91 the Fleetwood was a 4.5 liter front wheel drive sedan. The car your looking at is simply a Cadillac Brougham. It’s a base model car and does not have the more sought after d’Elegance package and it sounds like it’s a 5.0L which is also not the desirable engine option.

  16. Joe Haska

    I bought a 1991 Sedan De-Ville with 77K miles, about a year ago, for $900, a great deal, I spent about $800 on it, new Tires ,fuel pump, brakes, and some playing with the computer. My wife and I still drive it as a second car. However, I think of it as a Bic Pen car, if anything serious goes wrong, just throw it away. I think it would be difficult to get much more for it, than I have invested.

    • Aaron

      Joe, that’s a very different car. The 91 SDV was front wheel drive. Not desirable The RWD cars of this vintage bring good money. They’re very desirable and very well respected. The car listed here is a great car. I have a 91 myself and I searched the country for 5 years to find one that was a) clean and b) that I could afford. The other models of the same vintage are just cars and bring much less money. So while the 91 SDV for $900 if probably a good deal, you’re not going to even touch a 91 Brougham for that. They’re $4000 in OK shape up to $10k for a very clean example.

  17. Woodie Man

    If you were in the garment business and named Moe and had retired to Palm Springs this might work.

  18. Jay

    Why did they move the seat belts for driver and front passenger to the door? Seems like a lot of GM cars of the era were set up like this and I can’t remember the logic behind it. Looks awful.

    • rando

      If memory serves (sometimes it still does), you could fasten the belts properly. Open the door with them still buckled and get in/out. It was a way to try to get people to wear their belts. Same theory as the ones that chase up and down the window frame. Just a gimmick to get people to use their belts.

      When I was a kid, I stood on the floor hump behind the front seat and looked out between the headrest humps of mom’s 72 Torino. If I sat in the front seat, we only wore our belts if we were going on a long trip. And somehow we survived. Thru my teens and into my early 20s, I only wore my belts if I was driving “in a spirited manner”. Til it became law.

    • WILL A

      The reason for the door mounted belts up front was due to the new passive restraint regulations coming online in 1990 and the GM D-body cars were not designed to accommodate airbags. To satisfy Gov’t mandates, door mounted “automatic” seatbelts satisfied the regulations until the all-new ’93-96 RWD Fleetwoods were launched.

  19. Joe Haska

    I did not realize that, I just figured I bought an old Cadillac in excellent shape , one owner and I would use it until it was too expensive to fix. Its too bad it wasn’t the other one, but I didn’t know the difference!

  20. Fiete T.

    Nope. Not interested

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