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61K-Mile 1994 Ford Ranger XLT SuperCab

The seller says that this 1994 Ford Ranger XLT SuperCab looks great and they’re not kidding. I can’t imagine a 30-year-old truck looking nicer than this unless it was never used. This one has just over 61,000 miles so it’s been used, and they have it posted here on craigslist in Houston, Texas and they’re asking $6,900. Here is the original listing, and thanks to T.J. for sending in this tip!

Ford made the second-generation Ranger from August of 1992 for the 1993 model year until the 1997 model year. It was a nice evolution from the previous trucks, although the early Rangers are very cool in their own way. My brother bought a new red Ranger in 1984 and that was the nicest vehicle that any of us owned at the time, if that tells you anything of our modest upbringing.

1994 was also when Ford offered the Ranger as a Mazda B-Series pickup, an interesting switch from when Ford rebadged Mazda pickups as Ford Couriers a couple of decades earlier. This truck looks flawless to me and reportedly the only reason it’s for sale is that the seller’s dad gave it to his (the seller’s) son but he purchased a new F-150 and it isn’t being used.

As an XLT trim level, this Ranger has nice cloth seats, a little console that houses the Mazda-sourced five-speed manual shifter, an AM/FM stereo (remember those?!), and a clock. As a SuperCab, it rides on a 125.2″ wheelbase and has some actual, usable space behind the front seats, enough for even a couple of adults to ride back there in a pinch. The odometer shows 61,083 miles, this is a non-smoker vehicle, and it has new tires.

This is Ford’s standard engine for this model, a 2.3-liter SOHC inline-four with 98 horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque. It’s not surprising to hear that this truck runs great and has ice-cold air-conditioning. While not a dusty, rusty barn find, this is a three-decade-old pickup, and a nice one at that, at what seems like a reasonable price. Have any of you owned a Ford Ranger of this era?


  1. Al_Bundy Al_Bundy Member

    I’m a Ford Ranger lifer ! Always have had one as my daily driver since 1998. Currently have a 2000 and a 2010. My son has an 08 and has had a few in the past also. I think the seller gets the asking price for this one. Very nice !

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  2. Troy

    Those low miles and a reasonable price I’m kinda surprised its still available and the factory anti theft transmission to boot.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Ha, factory anti-theft transmission, that’s excellent! I may have to “borrow” that line someday…

      I’m glad to see the positive comments!

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  3. Old greybeard

    Had a new 1994 Ranger xlt kc 4×4. 4.0 ohv and a weak Mazda I believe 5 speed. Only rated at 1600lb towing due to trans. Lasted 16 years and 170k, Cologne motor never burnt oil, original clutch, though synchronizers were going bad.
    Unfortunately PA rust destroyed everything underneath, in part due to my lack of maintenance. Live and learn. Great truck, traded it on a good used 2010 Ranger. Would have bought a new one in 2019, but turbo 4cyl and 40k price drove me to a Nissan Frontier.
    Have considered buying a manual 2001 if I can find a clean one, future classic, whole bunch of guys have good memories of these.

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    • George

      Bought the Mazda B2400 4×4 version new and pased it along to sons in the family. A tough little truck but a little light in the back end for Canadian winters. Lots of mileage with modest maintenance sadly ended it’s life in a rollover. Regretfully bought a 2005 Frontier 4×4 – no end of problems and it quickly disappeared in rust. Canuk winters with road salt are brutal.

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      • Claudio


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  4. Marques Dean

    Yes!! This Ranger will be sold quickly!!Extended cab,5-speed manual-you can’t go wrong,and only 61K miles?
    If anything it hasn’t been driven enough,and I would certainly trust it more than the current Ranger! I’m curious as to which factory built this Ranger-Louisville,Twin Cities or Edison?

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  5. Anthony M.

    If it was closer I’d have already bought it.

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  6. Vance

    These were great trucks and Ford was foolish to quit making them. It was probably the same bunch that thought making small 4 door csrs that were affordable was a good idea. I sold a ton of these in Tucson for years and never had a complaint. The 3.0 liter was the engine to choose as the 2.3 is gutless and the 4.0 was a gas hog. Very nice truck and worth the money

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    • Jim

      I agree
      Everything has to be a behemoth nowadays, which is sad, as we wouldn’t need EVs if people didn’t all have to drive giant vehicles.

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  7. Vance

    Sorry, I meant to say not to make a 4 door affordable GAS powered small car

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  8. Jim

    Had 2 Rangers (standard cab), but the salt ate away both of them. Wish they still made these. If I were in Houston I might be snatching this up. The only issue the pictures point out is a stain on the passenger seat. Hope it wasn’t a kid or an incontinent elder…lol.

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  9. Uncle My Member

    I picked up (incidental pun) a 1999 Mazda B4000 (109,000 miles) 4 years ago, and fell in love immediately. SMOOTH ride, plenty of power, and 4 doors to boot! Didn’t even realize about the doors until a colleague pointed them out to me! A couple of years later, my brother-in-law passed away and his kids sold me his 2002 DuoSport B3000 for an astonishingly good price – only 89,000 miles. The DS is my daily driver, as the A/C has gone south in the B4000. Wonderful trucks, especially since I’ve never felt the need to confess a lack of physical endowment by terrorizing my neighbors with a giant pickup truck. Would buy this one too, if I had a place to park it.

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  10. STEVE

    I’ve got the Stepside version with extended cab and five speed. I use it to tow my motorcycle trailer. If you’re going to stick adults in the back they better be tiny people.

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  11. roger stephens

    Had a 97 just like it other than color. Gave it to my daughter in 2013 due to me losing my left leg. Had to get an automatic.Other than oil changes,spark plugs,tires spent nothing. Hell, the battery lasted 13 years. Great trucks!!

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  12. Robert Atkinson, Jr.

    A nice, clean, well maintained example. The four cylinder is a bit of an odd choice, since this one looks like it has 4wd. The V6 might be a better choice with 4wd, but the four cylinder might be O.K., it’s hard to say. Being a 2.3L four, those who desire more power could swap in a 2.3L Turbo from a T-Bird Super Coupe or a Mustang SVO. Other choices could be the optional six cylinder, a small block V8, or an Ecoboost four. This one is pretty nice, almost too nice to mess with, so if you’re of that mindset, just drive it and enjoy it! To each his own.

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    • Charlie Patterson

      I wish I had the money. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I had an 87 Ranger 4wd, 5 speed and after a malfunction with some emissions stuff crapping out, one it was fixed under warranty, it was a great truck. I put over 100,000 miles on it before selling it and buying a van.

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  13. HoA Howard A Member

    Again, I know I may upset some with my foreign car blues schtick, but if you personally saw what foreign cars did to our economy, you may feel the same way too. I can’t dismiss what good vehicles they were/are, but they decimated our automotive economy, when, by golly, there was nothing wrong with these, and this is a beaut. We needed to build and sell our own products then, and for the life of me, I just can’t understand the logic of buying a foreign car, when the auto industry was so important to us. Rangers were great trucks, even S10/Sonomas had great luck with, but I can’t help take after my old man in that regard, you want the real comments, just talk to the fine folks of Louisville where the Ranger was made, how they felt. They’ll tell you,,now working for Amazon driving a Toyota.

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  14. Robert J Gazsi

    I have 98 ranger 3.0 6 cylinder automatic with 190,000 miles on it no rust the only thing I really did to it was put all new sensors on other than that no problems with the truck

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  15. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    The Ranger has an interesting history over the past couple decades.

    It had developed the reputation as a simple but tough little bugger. Around 2010, about the time it was reaching the end of its (long) production cycle, it was still selling but volumes had dropped off substantially. The plans for a replacement were a point of contention within Ford, specifically as to whether a new Ranger would cannibalize sales of the more profitable F-150. So a program for a new Ranger did not move forward.

    A few years thereafter GM came out with their updated mid-size Colorado and Canyon pickups. They were well-received and sold well, and (importantly) did not seem to have cannibalized sales of the full-size GM pickups. Ford took notice….

    …. which resulted in a mild re-work of the T6 international Ranger, for use in the US market. It has been a fair seller. I don’t know the corporate “sense” if it is cannibalizing F-150 sales, but I doubt it.

    But the T6 isn’t really in the spirit of the original Ranger. It’s bigger, and fancier, and more expensive. Which brings us to….

    The Maverick. Yes I know it is not a Ranger follow-on, being a unibody front wheel drive platform. But there are similarities: compact, simple, can be fancied up, small bed can handle basic hauling needs, and (perhaps) most importantly… inexpensive. Two years into its production run demand is still outstripping supply.

    So, I think this helps explain why nice used Rangers (like this one) command healthy prices. A friend just sold his basic 14 year old Ranger in good condition with 100k miles for more than the asking price of this example.

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  16. Troy

    Ford said a decline in sales for why they quit building the little ranger trucks the big F150 and other full size 4 door trucks were out selling them. I remember going to a ford dealer in around 2013 and shopping for a new truck and the sales guy being shocked that I didn’t want a 4 door crew cab. I wound up buying a 93 F150 instead and I still have it. This new Ranger truck is built in cooperation with Volkswagen I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

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  17. David Nelson

    We have a red 98 4dr club cab (now antique in VA) that has never had an issue except AC! 4.0 v6 like a v8!!

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  18. Nelson C

    I guess our parents knew what was after all. To so many people this is the perfect truck. It truly sad that we cannot make a marketing case for this configuration. Ask yourself would you line up for a new one? It’s going to be bigger, heavier, more powerful, packed with safety and tech and, of course, more expensive by default.

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  19. John Elbers II

    I had a 1997 Ranger with same body style but the 3.0 6 cylinder and auto. It was slow, but man was it versatile and bullet proof. Love that truck. Only thing holding this truck back, in my opinion, is the four cylinder which is underpowered. Good looking though.

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  20. Don

    My daily is a 2001 Ranger XLT Extended 5 speed, only option is AC (still works) and CD/Cassette. 3.0 V6. It has 190,000 on it. I still get 23 MPG I get approached about once per week from random people wanting to buy it. It looks as good and is as reliable as when I bought it 20 years ago.

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  21. John

    My smart-aleck brother-in-law bought one new in 1995. He said he was going to keep it till its wheels fell off. It still has its wheels – and well over 200K miles. It’s had one new tailgate, a couple of clutches and one respray. I think it will be around after my brother-in-law has been recalled by his maker. Somebody is going to get a good little truck here.

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  22. Hollywood Collier

    I had a used car lot in Kentucky for 12 years. This add has a few red flags for me. The words are in broken English like overseas scammers. The mileage in the add is wrong. I havent called because i have a truck. These trucks are bulletproof. I sold a bunch of them. I would bet this is a fake add. If someone needs to know. Call the phone number. I bet nobody answers. Just letting people know that dont know. I Love Barnfinds. I read it everyday. Thanks.

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  23. Hollywood Collier

    I forgot one more. Who do you know that says will maintain new tires?? What does that even mean? Buyer beware alert!!!

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  24. Steven Bickley

    Still have a 98 that I bought new. Has been through 2 teenage sons and is now being driven by my 16 yr old daughter. Has 210, 000
    Miles with your normal wear and tear repairs.
    Can’t complain.

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  25. R. Lee Parks

    I’m still driving my 95 XLT, 2.3L, 5 spd manual with 150k miles. Bought it used in 97 for $10k and 22k miles. The oil seals have started to leak and the clearcoat has failed in the last year (it’s spent most of its life outside), but I will drive it until it dies or I do. There’s no rust and the interior is in great shape. Even if its engine blows, I’ll put a new one in it. Cheaper than a new truck and impossible to replace especially to get a 6 foot bed and one without a back seat. One of the great unsung Ford trucks of all time. It does what trucks were meant to do – haul stuff. At $6900, the Ranger presented is a steal.

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  26. MLM

    I have 2001 Edge (Extended cab)and that was my dream truck the same color as this one and I will not sell it. One of the best vehicles I have ever owned. There’s a ’04 model for sale where I deliver at a real good price(and I want that one too)!These are some good trucks.

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  27. Azul

    I bought a ’98 4 door, 5 sp, 4 cly, new for just over $10,000. Drove it as a commuter for 12 years, 237,000 miles, and replaced the alternator (+ tires, batteries.) nothing else, most economical ride ever! I would still have it, were it not for a 1 ton traveling at 70 mph killing it, dead.

    Jump on it.

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  28. Jack Gray

    The Ranger I had wasn’t this “new”, it was a ’90 XLT Super Crew that I did buy new with the small V-6 and a 5 speed stick. Drove that thing everywhere, leaving an ’89 Olds Cutlass in the driveway most of the time. Took on a couple trips from my Florida home to South Jersey AND to East Tennessee. The Tennessee trips could be a little invigorating going up the hills North Carolina on I-26 when with that little “6” I’d have to downshift all the way to 2nd gear to get to the top. Hated to see it go, but in 2002 traded it for a new F-150 which I still have with 259,000 miles on the oddo.

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  29. BobW

    Had a 93 2wd 2.3L 5 speed. Slow is an understatement. Came with 225/70r14 tires, weird size that became hard to find, so I upgraded to later model steelies and 235/75r15s. Had to downshift to pass semis on the interstate because the air wash coming off the trucks was too much to overcome. Had to swap a 4.11 rear in it to overcome the taller tires.

    But, it was reliable as they come, made it to 300k and burned no oil when I sold it for what I paid for it. Those 2.3s wore like iron.

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  30. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Hmmm… this Ranger is still for sale, is this a real listing? At that price, it should have been sold two weeks ago.

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