625-Mile Survivor: 1978 Chevrolet C-10

We here at Barn Finds see quite a few low-mileage survivors but rarely do we see a 1978 Chevrolet pickup that looks as if someone drove it through a time-travel portal from 1980 to now. This is one such truck, and it’s up for sale here on eBay in Downingtown, Pennsylvania at a $16,000 bid reserve-not-met and $40,000 Buy-It-Now.

Our Square-Body Squad readers will have already skipped over to the listing – but for those of you still with me here, a quick run-down: The C/K was General Motors’ truck platform from 1959 until about 2000, depending whom you ask. Over that time, variants were assembled in 7 different countries around the world, offered at least five different body configurations, and a whole host of engines, gearboxes, colors, and options.

This particular truck is in fantastic condition, especially the passenger area and exterior. I cannot remember the last time I saw a vintage Chevy truck that clean without quite a few repairs or replacement parts involved. The dash pad and velour seats are mint, there’s barely a dusting of dirt on the floor mats, all of the shiny-business outside looks great, the list of options is pretty long and looks like it was printed yesterday!

One of the few things that we can see keeping it from perfection is the engine compartment.  Specifically, that brake booster/master cylinder combo has surface patina, although the look of the underhood is more consistent with 7 years’ exposure than 40. For what it’s worth, the seller tells us that the mileage is documented, it has been in the same family all this time, it still has the build sheets., and everything is original, save for a few wear items.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this truck. Its documented and seemingly-high level of originality and its well-optioned, well-kept state are highly desirable in the vintage-truck community. Nobody makes trucks like this anymore, and even the modern replacement parts are not quite the same as the originals. I can’t say whether or not the Buy-It-Now is reasonable, but I do know that you’re not likely to find a brand-new full-size Chevrolet truck with the modern-equivalent level of options for that kind of money in 2019. What do YOU think of this truck?


  1. That AMC Guy

    Jim Rockford’s dad Rocky drove the 4×4 GMC version, down to the same paint scheme.


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  2. Steve R

    If it was short bed, it might get the BIN, but it’s not.

    If it checks out, it will live the life of a pampered show car, competing in survivor classes. That’s really all that super low mileage cars and trucks are good for. It doesn’t make sense to drive something like this, these sort of cars just sit there and justify their existence by being conversation pieces. If this has 10,000-15,000 miles, that would be another story. At that point, by all means, drive it.

    Steve R

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    • Steve S

      To Steve r why would it have to be a short bed to get the bin? Plus who in their right mind would want a truck that doesn’t have a long bed. Since the truck has an 8 foot bed you can haul anything you want without needing to get a trailer. Another thing any truck that doesn’t have an 8 foot bed is useless. If I could afford to get this truck I would not let it sit around I would drive it. Except it not a 4×4.

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      • Richard Thomas Daugird

        Because long beds are ugly, short beds are sexy. Need to haul a 4×8 sheet? No problem drop the tailgate. Let grampa drive the longbed on the farm, I’ll use the shorty to pick up girls AND still carry loads in the bed.

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      • Bob McK Member

        Steve, it is nice to see that someone wants a long bed. But many people in the collector world only want the short bed trucks. The collector trucks are not usually used to haul stuff anyway. However, I did use my short bed show truck to move… Everyone thought I was crazy. But I was careful and didn’t scratch it.

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      • Steve S

        There are a lot of people out there that think short bed trucks are uglier than long bed trucks. I have picked up more women in my long bed 4×4 trucks. With a long bed you don’t have to leave the tailgate down if you are hauling anything over 6 foot long and long bed trucks aren’t just for using around farms either. There is stuff you can put in the bed of the truck to protect it from scratches. So you can use it to haul stuff in it

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      • Richard Thomas Daugird

        Don’t need an 8′ bed to haul engines…

      • TheGasHole

        I’ve sold 61 classic trucks in the last 5 years….2 short beds the rest long beds. People do want long beds. What they do with them after they buy them (haul wood or pick up girls) I can’t say.

  3. Tom Inman

    I have a 37,000 mile 1979 Volvo in the warehouse.

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  4. William Shields

    It could be a show truck but to my way of thinking I’d rather spend 40 grand on this as a daily driver than 40 grand on one of those bug eyed 2019’s.

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  5. art

    It is beautiful but that dilemma..$40k to let it sit for another 41 years or $40k and drive it? “You pays your money and takes your choice.”
    Not easy to decide but it is stunning in this body style, these colors and options.
    I cannot stop looking at the pictures.

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  6. Keith

    Why does it have a 1980 C10 grille, if it only has 6– miles? At least they could put the correct grille in it if they are trying to pass it off as a low mile original.

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    • PaulG

      Agree w/ Keith. The first thing I noticed was the 1980 Grill. The ad states this, and the original grill is included with the truck; just seems odd to change it out.
      I purchased a one owner 79 K-20 with 33K original miles. Put a thousand a year on it and it really makes little difference…
      40 large is a bit high for this one, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it make 30+

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  7. glen

    A few wear items?,there shouldn’t too much wear in 625 miles.(The gas I get).I don’t know why they changed the grille, they didn’t use the truck, why customize a mint original?

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    • Karl

      It’s odd to see one of these pickups looking like this, every one of these in my life was a work vehicle and certainly looked the part. I bet my dad owned 3 of these all 4 WD when I was growing up. Great pickups each and every one of them. This one is just plain amazing to me!

  8. Evan

    Who are all these people who can afford to buy vehicles and then not use them??

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    • local_sheriff

      That’s one good question – however I may also add; who the heck alive in 1978 could predict that for 40 years store a C/K; of all vehicles; would be a wise investment? And also resist the temptation to start using it when it was worth zip in the 90s? I’m by no means superstitious but in such cases I’m tempted to believe someone is familiar with crystallomancy?

      Having owned a 77 and 78 C/K I thought I knew my way around these trucks, but can anyone inform me what device is mounted on the left inner fender? None of mine did have it; looks like a speedometer cable going in there…?

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      • Rube Goldberg Member

        Option “K30”, cruise control module.

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      • local_sheriff

        Thanks for letting me know Rube! As both my C/K’s were strippers that’d be a device I could only forget about…!

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  9. Rube Goldberg Member

    Well, there’s certainly no question on the mileage here, who knows what the story is. I’m sure someone bought it and died, and it sat. (not necessarily a good thing) Ultra low mileage stored vehicles have a host of problems that crop up. Brakes, seals, and Q-jets don’t like to sit, I know that from mine. Still, makes me feel great knowing I paid $1,400 bucks ( gotta rub that in) for essentially the same truck that I’m not afraid to throw a pile of wood in, only with 150K, and it still runs great. Up to $22g’s now, ( and slowing down)no way will they get $40, and if they do, guess who’s ’77 GMC short box is going on the block.

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    • doug

      I don’t think this would be a Quadrajet, should be throttle body.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        It’ll be a Q-Jet. FI didn’t come out until ’84 or ’85 and for the first year it was available on the 305 only…

  10. SaabVertGuy

    TBI didn’t start until 1987 on GM pickups. The Quad is correct for this year.

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  11. dyno dan

    there is a time portal, a wormhole of sorts that parallels an alternate universe where these automotive discoveries come from, also known as the rings of Uranus.

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  12. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Stunning truck overall, a real beauty. However, it’s destined to be a trailer queen and as such, as least as far as I’m concerned, it’s only function is as a static display. Can’t use it as a truck should be used, can’t rack up the miles but I suppose you could maybe enjoy sitting in it. Maybe someone will pull the trigger at $40,000, there are lots of folks who have that kind of fun money.

    One plus is that you won’t need a drivers license to own it.

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  13. plwindish

    Great looking truck! I’m wondering why the original owner decided to make a museum piece out of it. I’ve always liked that body style, as I bought a 79 new with the diesel (converted 350 Olds) Truck was great and looked fantastic when I sold it in ’82 with just over 65000 miles. Motor was another story, having injector pump and one cracked head replaced under warranty. It had two cracked heads when I sold it that GM would not warranty. That was the last GM vehicle I ever bought.

  14. Mack

    625 miles on a C-10 pickup. Why? Just why?

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  15. Square Bird

    Classic Industries
    Just my opinion

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  16. bigdoc

    The mileage is extremely questionable on a beautiful truck like this. I am with Mack why? it just doesn’t compute.

  17. W9BAG

    What a wonderful truck ! My next-to-favorite body style, great color combo, and perfectly accessorized. But facing a conundrum of whether to drive it, or make it a trailer queen, and just let it rot with the mechanicals not being used. I would suggest taking it on several short mile cruises 3 or 4 times a year (500 miles or so), using all of the accessories to keep them happy, and enjoy the driving experience. I have an ’85 that I got with 8,024 miles. I put about 1K miles a year on her, and she’s a happy camper.

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  18. triumph1954

    Darn, a really nice truck destined to be bought by rich people with there inherited money for the prestige and snob appeal and then park it in a garage next to a Porsche 911.

    • Bob McK Member

      Someone with $40K to spend on a vehicle is far from rich. Most people I know that would buy this would never own anything other than American Iron.

  19. cidevco

    The pictures to the interior of the bed shows it has been repainted. Look at the screws that hold the exterior handle on. The engine compartment pics has way too much wear on all of the metal and engine parts for 625 miles

    My thought its a repainted truck with a replace Speedometer.

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  20. Ian

    Every time I see one of these I wish that I still had my 86 k10. Or my 76 c15. Either one would be good.

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  21. ifoel

    good truck

  22. James Piontkowski

    Wowie zowie..looks nice..brings me back to the best times of my life..

  23. Richard Thomas Daugird

    I said the same thing about my first car, a nearly identical ’77-“Too bad it’s a long bed”

  24. MB DEAN

    i could see a price close to $40,000 but only if she were a 4×4 and had ice cold ac !!!! otherwise ur way off !!!!!

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    • Richard Thomas Daugird

      What good is a 4X4 you can’t take in the mud???

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  25. alex apinis

    i had a 26.000 mile 53 gmc truck with a newer 4wdrive frame on ebay and couldnt get ten grand out of it. seems like a lot for a 78.

  26. Maynard Reed Jr

    Nice truck but definitely not worth 40,000.00. Needs a big block and fat tires and be driven.

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  27. james boyd

    Everything would leak or break if you started driving this one day a week. BUT on the hauling debate, My wife & I (after my YOU ARE JOKING RIGHT?) moved a queen bed with her 1994 Thunderbird. all things are possible.

  28. PaulG

    Sold for 29,600.
    ? abound…

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