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62K Original Miles: 1993 Acura Integra

If you have spent any time looking for an early 90s sport compact car, you will have undoubtedly found that there are shockingly few left. Whether they have succumbed to rust or been run into the ground by younger drivers, this is no longer a car you just roll down to the local used car lot to grab as a cheap and cheerful roller. This second-generation 1993 Acura Integra isn’t the red-hot GS-R model (good luck finding one of those) but it does have only 62K miles and features the preferred 5-speed gearbox. Find it here on craigslist for $14,500.

Yes, that’s a lot of coin for a non-GS-R Integra. But again, trying to find one of these in anything resembling survivor condition is near impossible. This is also one of the last reminders of the golden age of Honda and Acura products. Have you seen the new Integra? I hope so because Acura engineers sure didn’t remember the old one. The new four-door replacement for classic Integras like these is a major disappointment and honestly works in this seller’s favor if there are any die-hard Acura fans out there who were hoping to rekindle some of the magic. The gauge cluster confirms that there’s just a very low 61,458 miles is on the clock.

One of the greatest features of an 80s-90s Honda or Acura product is the bucket seats. Both Honda and Toyota made awesome bucket seats for the longest time, with perfect bolstering and support. It was like getting a Recaro-style seat in an economy car. The Integra’s interior is in excellent condition with a classic three-spoke steering wheel and controls that fall readily to hand. The seatbelt is throwing me for a loop: I don’t recall these cars having automatic seatbelts, but it sure looks like it has one on the driver’s side in this photo. No word on whether the factory air conditioning still works.

One of the biggest obstacles to owning one these late 80s/early 90s Honda Motor Co. products is the prevalence of rust. Japanese sheetmetal has always been fragile, and while it has improved significantly over the years, it’s still not uncommon to find an Integra or Civic from the snow belt that has completely trashed fenders and rotten undersides. This Integra has clearly escaped this fate and looks phenomenal underneath. The seller doesn’t provide much detail on the history of this survivor-grade Integra, but it’s pretty clear it was under the care of some very caring caretakers. Find a better one! Thanks to Barn Finds reader Matt H. for the find.


  1. Avatar photo Terrry

    Someone’s been playing tic-tac-toe with the odo. It’s easy to do on these. The numbers don’t line up. They will never mis-align unless someone’s been running the speedo cable with a drill, backwards.

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  2. Avatar photo Sebastian X1/9

    You could drive this daily for the rest of your life. Good price given the market.

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  3. Avatar photo joenywf64

    If those are non yellowing glass covered headlites, it’s a big bonus.
    Could be the last year for an ALL blue interior car!
    Is that a new cat converter & muffler under there? Not necessarily a bad thing.
    Looking at the rear seat “legroom”, i still can’t figure out how the smaller rear drive Pinto could have a lot more leg room for the back seat. I sat back there in plenty of them.

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  4. Avatar photo Troy

    Something is fishy and its before Carfax and auto check so get it inspected

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    • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

      What do you mean it is before Carfax and Auto Check? You can use either service with any car 1981 or newer.

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  5. Avatar photo S

    Yes – they came with automatic seat belts. This is a car I forgot about. You don’t see them at all anymore. A friend in college had one of these brand new. It was also a stick shift. At the time it seemed so futuristic compared to the cars I was used to driving. One memory in particular stands out – my friend put the transmission in neutral, forgot to set the parking brake, and started to walk away when the car began rolling! Luckily it didn’t hit another car before it stopped.

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  6. Avatar photo Emel

    I looked at Acura’s when they first hit the scene, not long before this year.
    There was also the Acura Vigor, which caught my attention more so than the Integra. They all seemed like pretty quality built cars. Ending up buying a 1992 Madza 929….which was a head turner with it’s restyling in 1992.

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  7. Avatar photo B Wallace

    I had a Black 91 with a 5 speed and that is the way to go fun, zippy, dead on tight steering and very nimble, you could get into any tight parking spot plus it was very reliable. I once borrowed one with an AT and it was a bit of a slug and was nowhere near as fun as a 5 speed.

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  8. Avatar photo djkenny

    Is that a base RS or LS mid level? They did not take photos of the door cards. RS is manual. The door handles suggest RS.

    I considered one in 92 when seeking a hot hatch under 15k. Ended up being much more enticed with the VW GTI 16v (real Recaro seats, too). Still have one.

    14 grand is A LOT. I’d settle for something safer, more modern, or just keep eyes open for one with some miles under $5000.

    Hard to know on those miles, too.

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