64 Miles From New: 1984 Pontiac Fiero Pace Car

Although this was a case of window dressing on an otherwise ordinary Fiero, the Pace Car variants are still seen fairly infrequently compared to other GM products that had their doors covered in special letters and logos. The Fiero seen here on a lift is a touch more special, with just 64 miles from new. Find it here on eBay and located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with bidding opening at $24K. 

That may seem like a heady number (and it is) but how many of these special edition Fieros are left with the plastic on the seats and less than 100 miles? Sure, you can find Corvette Pace Cars all day long with 300 miles or less, but not so much with the Fiero. Plus, this one has the desirable manual transmission and clearly belongs to an enthusiast. The red / gray combo cloth interior still looks sharp today, and the car still wears wax crayon marks in the windows.

As an added bonus, this Fiero will come with the trick induction system the actual hotted-up cars that lead the field at Indy came with. The family that has listed the car on behalf of the original owner notes that this individual bought two Pace Cars – one to drive and one to preserve. This time-capsule example was simply driven around the block to keep the fluids moving but otherwise unused; today, a stuck pop-up headlight is the only mechanical issue.

The Fiero that consumers could buy didn’t come with any performance enhancements, as is often the case with Pace Cars. In the case of this car, I don’t think I’d mind – it’s likely one of the best out there, and since you’re not going to drive the doors off of it, who cares? The opening bid is ambitious, but I don’t think it’s too far off from what the final sale price should be; high teens, low 20s seems reasonable given the high state of preservation. Do you agree?


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  1. Rick

    Nothing worse than a fake scoop. IF it were functional, I might see that starting price as a final sales price, otherwise it’s just another Fiero that needs everything at this point.

  2. edh

    I like Fieros but this guy is on crack with that price.

  3. Mike B

    The snorkel seems dubious as a performance enhancer without the air intake routed to it. More likely a source of drag. My guess is that it acts as an engine sound speaker when you vent the sunroof so it sounds racier.

    • Rick

      From what I’ve found the scoops were there entirely to encase the pace lights during the race. They weren’t “hooked up” either. Later “enhancements” used the scoop as a heat extractor, not an air intake… which was counterproductive at road speeds….

  4. Billy

    Laugh all you want, these Iron Duke cars were pretty nice with a stick. Very comfortable, nice commuters and great for cross country trips.

  5. 68custom

    For a lot less you could have a v6!

  6. Pat G

    I had 4, 6, & built a V8 Fiero GT. The V6 & V8 were poor mans sport car ! Lots of fun, LOTS OF TICKETS!

  7. Jeffro

    Keep moving…nothing to see here!

  8. GXP

    Looks like Cape Cod weather did a number on the engine bay.
    Not worth $24k.

  9. Jerry

    I worked on one of these cars before. They had a recall on the engine. one of the compression rings was too thin. Most of the cars were repaired back in the eighties. The Pace car I worked on wasn’t repaired because it wasn’t driven much. The car had less than 2000 Miles.

  10. Muchmaligned1

    I’ve every variation except this one. Still, no way this Indy fetches 24k.

  11. Coventrycat

    Way out of warranty when the engine implodes. I wouldn’t want to drive it more than 500 miles. The best Fiero is one that’s parked. I loved my new 84, even while it was falling apart, though. Crazy love.

  12. VictorAnderson

    From what I’ve seen the value of these stupid “Indy pace car” versions of the fiero doesn’t increase over the value of a regular one – which isn’t shocking because it’s just a few decals and a worthless scoop – there isn’t a single tweak to the performance or handling of the car at all compared to the stock ones. This is an early 4 cylinder model with a carburetor and the sucky suspension – so it’s the least desirable of all the fieros out there. The ones you want (if you must have a fiero) is the 6 cylinder 5 speed ‘Formula” ones – which they made only in 1988. The suspensions on those are different than all the other ones. Even so, the Toyota MR2 is a much much better car. This guy wants at least $24,000 for this car. I don’t think it’s worth anywhere near that or even half that much.

    • Scott Staff

      Air cleaner says EFI…..no carb here

    • carsofchaos

      It’s not just stickers, it’s also Pace Car exclusive interior. The least desirable model would be an 84 2m4.
      Correct on the 1988 Formula, they have Lotus suspension and it makes a huge difference. I had an 86 SE and an 88 Formula and it is a world of difference.

  13. Superdessucke

    Someone is about to get a valuable and expensive lesson on what and what not to invest in. How much would they have now had they invested the original price in a mutual fund in 1984?

    • TriPowerVette

      +Superdessucke – …and driven… what? Bus passes? If someone hadn’t bought food or paid rent, then invested that money in gold or silver… THINK McFly, THINK!

      • Gearheadengineering


        I’m not following you on this. Someone bought this car new and then stored it. So they were driving something else.

        I think superd’s example works here.

        – John

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      • TriPowerVette

        +Gearheadengineering – You are correct, sir. I stand stupid.
        +Superdessucke – I apologize. My logic was inexcusably flawed.
        As Curley Joe of the Stooges once said: “I’m tryin’ ta t’ink, but nuttin’ happens.”

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  14. Miguel

    Doesn’t everybody know that the best place to sell a no mile car like this is at one of the big classic car auctions?

    It makes me wonder why that wasn’t the first place they went with this car, other than the fact that they are getting told it won’t pull the money there.

  15. Reid Hall

    If this was a pace car Camaro ,l could see something of value, but it is not. These cars carry a very bad reputation, but we do have a non dealer prep car ,and good storage, and very low miles,personally l think this is the one to have. I will say this 24k way to high for me, and maybe the next person. This will require the right person, to buy the car.This is worth what someone will pay for the car.

  16. JackT

    The lack of bids ends this story, so moving on…

  17. Miguel

    This is probably the only Fiero in the country that doesn’t have wear on the left side seat bolster.

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