$6,500 Shop Truck: 1967 Chevrolet C-10

Thanks to Barn Finds fan, Pat L., for finding this super cool 1967 Chevrolet C-10! This low-slung beauty is on Craigslist with an asking price of $6,500. 1967 was the first year for the second-generation Chevy pickup series and this one looks like it would be a great daily-driver, which is exactly what the current owner has used it for during the last two years. It’s located in beautiful Tampa, Florida, where I should be right now.

That’s one long box! Most C-10 and C-20 pickups were built with a coil spring trailing arm rear suspension and I’m guessing that these have been cut to lower the truck. It looks cool in my opinion but for folks that would want to actually use this for hauling things heavier than holiday decorations, you may want to check underneath to see what’s been done down there. This pickup has the “large rear window” and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not since 1967 was the only year of a small-rear-window? Usually a one-year-only feature is more valuable and desirable.

There’s no mention of rust but being on the Gulf of Mexico coast, vehicles in Tampa can have that trouble. That’s the beauty of having that belt line where it is on this truck, you can keep fixing and keep fixing and keep fixing (hopefully not that often) any rust issues down there without messing up the cool-blue paint job above. And, it does look like there’s been some work done on the white portion. The wheels and white walls look great on this truck, in my opinion.

The interior looks super clean and bonus, you can see a third-pedal there! The seller mentions that it has been treated to “newer carpet and seat cover as well as dash pad and covered door panels.” This truck has the “original inline 6 with a Muncie 4 speed on the floor with hurst shifter.” There is no mention of the engine size but I’m assuming that it’s the base 250 cubic-inch inline-six that would have had around 155 hp. This could be a great parts hauler or shop truck, or just a daily commuter. Just don’t plan on using it for any heavy-duty.. duties. I guess you wouldn’t haul a ton of firewood with a 1/2-ton pickup anyway, or would you? I really like the lowered look, the wheels, the engine/transmission combo, and the paint scheme here. Does anyone else see a decent shop truck or commuter here or do you need a more heavy-duty hauler?


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  1. Howard A Member

    Double post, but I’ll comment on Scotty’s version. A good truck, set up correctly ( not that stupid “granny gear” 1st or some 396 motor), but again, noting fancy here folks. We just threw these away, and nowww, look at the price. Is it worth it? Obviously, to me, of course not, these were $300 trucks back int he day, and a brand new one cost half this. Still, with the frustration today with modern vehicles, these are becoming very popular, in part, because they’re simple, but there can’t be many left like this, so I guess this is the price you pay for something we threw away. Unbelievable. Price aside, a great find. You won’t find them like this in the mid-west. More like this. http://i49.tinypic.com/dyx3li.jpg

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  2. Mike

    Love it. The four speed is a bonus as is the big back window.

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  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like this truck but dropping an LWB doesn’t do them proper justice. I would undo the suspension and get it back up where it belongs. Having a Muncie 4 spd. behind the stock six is kind of silly; the three speed would serve the purpose just fine. That’s my opinion and I have no doubt that there are some who would do it up differently. And that’s OK too…

  4. Dave Wright

    I use my “granny gear” a lot and I am sure with the little 250 It would used even more. I guess Howard has never pulled a boat out of a steep launch ramp. I too would restore the suspension to original. Nice little pickup.

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    • Howard A Member

      Oh Dave, almost hit the thumbs down.( hmm, I guess that would come in handy) I was a trucker for over 35 years, so don’t tell me about pulling heavy loads in a low gear. ( sorry, getting a little frustrated with this site) I know you don’t know me, but I’ve backed up more miles than most of you have driven forward, and operated every kind of equipment with a motor you can think of,,,,,ugh, perhaps it’s time to move on,,,,

      • Dave Wright

        I have followed you for a long time….I know that you were in the trucking industry, as was/am I. I was surprised by you saying that you thought the “granny gear was stupid” I have had a truck on a slope it would not pull in the lowest gear…..no fun….and it was a set of Joints on a 2 lane road that couldn’t be backed down. My most common use for it is pulling a boat or piece of equipment out of one of the very steep boat ramps we have here in the west. I have retrieved many trucks and trailers out of launch ramps that either the operator didn’t know how to operate his equipment or the equipment was ill suited for the task. I am on the speed dial for the Sheriffs offices in the counties I operate in. Boaters get real upset when there is a sunk vehicle in the launch ramp they need to use to retrieve there boat.

      • Howard A Member

        Pfft, stuck boat? Try getting a D8 dozer out of mud up to the tops of the tracks. Here I go again, reiterating what I said. The granny gear is stupid IN THIS TRUCK. I wouldn’t pull a 40 foot cabin cruiser with this. It would just be a fun truck to row through the gears. 99% of the people that have “granny gears” never use them. I’m not going to try and “out knowledge you”, as you are a sharp guy, but I know what I’m talking about. Oh, btw, we don’t have a lot of boats around here.

      • Dave Wright

        On the 20% grades we have on many boat ramps here, you will use the granny gear with a row boat……….

      • Howard A Member

        Ok, little nap, fresh coffee brewing, I apologize Dave. ( and BF’s folks) When it’s 3 below 0, kinda hard to be cheerful. I really think you are a cool guy, I’d love to meet you someday. Are you in Cal.? My kids live in L.A., and I may be going out there this winter. Winter is,,,shall we say, challenging around here, and I’ve spent my entire working life getting cold diesel’s going. I’m glad that’s over. No email addresses here though. This is one site I wouldn’t trust. Take care, and I don’t mean to belittle your steep boat ramps and crabby business people that can’t get their boat out. I guess it’s all relative. Have a safe holiday, my friend.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi guys. In the chinook region a lot of these pickups were on farms. A 3-spd. was about as useful as a case of dysentery although a lot of trucks were sold with them. Crossing a freshly plowed field with a loaded slip tank (150gal.) in the back showed a lot of owners the errors of their ways. 1st gear on a 3spd. was way too fast; Granny on a 4spd. was on the slow side but it got you across in one piece. I always had 4spds. in my pickups (till my ’79 GMC) and even though I seldom used Granny, I was glad I had it. Dave, even on the prairie I pulled a lot of stalled/incapable/incompetent vehicles out of boat ramps at the lake, and I was glad I had a 4spd. And Howard, I’ve dealt with cold diesels (and hot tempers–including my own) for 45 years. I know the drill but I think this next year is going to be the end of the line. I think I’ll see how well I can do writing about it.

      • Dave Wright

        The most fun on this site is learning from experianced people. Anyone can do a google search and repeat the information. I love learning from old grey haired guys (like me) that have been there. I live at a ranch I own in Idaho where my family is from but have lived and worked all over the world. We still work a lot in California, Oregon and Washington with my marine salvage business and my wife’s engineering practice. I am addicted to buying and selling equipment and do that all over the world. I buy cars and trucks these days that I like to keep. I have so much body and paint work to do, that I have bought a 4400 square foot shop and set a young talented body man up in business. It was cheaper to buy the shop than pay retail…………I take no offense to anything that goes on here, it is all in good fun….I make many decisions every day in my business and can make more wrong ones than most people just by the number I do. There are many cars here I have no interest in or much knowledge about…..I avoid those whitch is probably a mistake….I might learn something. The world sometimes feels big and sometimes small, the interesting thing is the difference in enviorments we all come from that shape us. Today, I am excited my brother is getting my new (old) Maserati driving, getting the 2 T28’s I just bought shipped from the east and getting the Grumman annualled, ready for its flight to the west coast. It will be a good day. Geomechs ……..good luck with your writing career…I have a huge library of transportation related books. People that do things always have the best stories.

      • Dave Wright

        So Howard………come out and stay at the ranch on your way to or from California…..we have lots of room and stuff to do……we might even run down the Idaho Barn Finds guys…….see if they are flesh or a silicone chip!!!!

      • Howard A Member

        Thanks Dave, I promised a good friend I’d stop by the Montana border when I get out that way. ( if I can twist his arm to retire) Why not? Thanks for being a good sport, just a crabby old trucker here that bumped his head too many times on the roof of that R model Mack. :)

  5. Allan

    My son just bought one of these. A ’67 big window long bed that has been lowered (incorrectly, by cutting the coil springs), has had a reworked 350ci installed and a four speed. It was about half the price of this one, but needs a fair amount of work done to it. Should be a fun summer weekend cruiser, once ready.

    • Dave Wright

      We are doing a 67 small window short wide bed. It is a pretty fancy little C10, ps, pb, ac. It is totally straight and rust free. Missing the engine but everything else is there, good idaho title…….400.00……it has great old mag wheels and glass packs. We are doing a body off, a late small block and a 6 speed. My USCG son will use it as a daily driver. Fun simple truck with great bodies and suspensions. The heaviest thing it will ever haul will be a racing motorcycle.

  6. angliagt

    I’m really getting tired of the “slammed” look
    on pickups (& everything else).I want a truck that’s used like
    a truck.$6500 seems to be the new $1500.
    I kept driving by a ’68/’69 K20 near me,in Black,which,
    to mee,is the best color,when cleaned up.I finally stopped &
    looked at it,& noticed that the bottom rear of the cab had rust holes
    in it.I couldn’t get ahold of the owner,& need to stop thinking about it.

  7. BradL

    @ Howard A & Dave Wright,
    Neither of you will be pulling anything with this truck. The frame would have been notched to get it this low, making it totally useless as a tow vehicle.

    • Dave Wright

      I have a great photo of a buddy of mines T bucket roadster towing his 24 foot fiberglass cruiser………..I need to learn how to reduce the photo size so I can post it.

      • Dave Wright

        Let’s see if this works

  8. Michael Annis

    I have 67 c10 same color and lowered with drop springs mine has a small back window and a 283 v8 with a powerglide this Truck it a deal at that price I already have one and seeing this post makes me want to buy it

  9. Ralph Robichaud

    This generation of GM small trucks has to be the worst as far as build and fit
    Quality. Typically none of the body mouldings line up, box to cab anywhere but dead on. Boxes usually have a list, fender to hood uneven gap, same as hood to grille. Mechanically decent, but shoddy in appearance.. Common rust area top of windshield, under rain gutter, why would that be?
    I do like the treatment given the wheels, and the two tone paint combo is very eye pleasing., but I wouldn’t buy it even at half the asking price.

  10. Arthur

    It is all about location. In the north where these trucks are long gone, that is a fair price. I suppose in areas where they have not rusted away the price may seem high.

  11. Rolf Poncho 455

    It’s a beauty will love to have this truck
    lower suspension looks grate to me I’m
    sure there is a car/truck for every one
    out there low or hi big or small motor
    just love this site

  12. Ottonobedder

    In the ’80’s I had a ’67 short/wide big window with small block and TH. Loved the look then and still do. I see it around town occasionally, but the current owner won’t sell it !

  13. Addiction

    No Granny needed on mine!

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