Super Find: 1947 Hudson Super Six


This Hudson Super Six was one of the cars rushed into production immediately after the Second World War. Like most, it was based on a pre-war body shell, but the US market was so car-hungry after the war years it didn’t care. This one is said to have been parked since the early 1960’s and originally belonged to the grandfather of a friend of the seller. It’s located in Weston, Missouri and is listed for sale here on eBay where the buy-it-now is $6,900 but you’re invited to make a lower offer. The buy-it-now appears to be in the middle of the retail range for this model, so you may have some wiggle room with the seller.


Don’t you love the lines on this beauty! Wow! Yes, I’m pretty enthusiastic about this one, although apart from the description of it having been parked in a barn (with the keys in it!) since the early 60’s, we don’t know much about the car. The odometer shows 38,000 miles, and there’s at least a little documentation showing that those may be actual miles. The seller claims that all the parts are there, and that anything trimwise that is missing is in the trunk. The seller has done some of the work necessary to put the car back on the road, noting that they removed the wheels, blasted and painted them in addition to installing new tubes and white wall tires. It’s amazing to me how a nice set of wheels and tires can make a car look so much more attractive, and this Super Six is no exception!


That’s an unusual inset in the front grille design, but I noticed during my research on this model that many owners have added driving or fog lights in the recess that really make the front end look great. The seller also tells us that the car’s engine turns very easily and freely by hand, and that there is still oil in the pan! They are including some new parts as well: NOS carburetor, fuel pump, distributor cap, points, plug wires and a 6 volt battery.  I wish they had included a picture of the engine, but if it’s the original one it is a 212 cubic inch inline 6 producing 102 horsepower. On the negative side, we’re told that mice have had their way with the seats and headliner. Given the minimal rust on the outside panels though, I’ll cheerfully trade some upholstery work for trying to source new fenders! Do you like the distinctive look of this Hudson? Let us know!


  1. maserati

    3 that’s a Seller….

  2. Peter L.

    I love the combination of the rusty body and the sparkling whitewalls.

    • Ed P

      Don’t the whitewalls just make the rust pop!

  3. Jim Mc

    What a difference a year makes in terms of styling. You have to be really fond of the pre-war style to not move into a ’48 or later instead. That said, it’s a beaut, at least from the only 3(!) pictures provided. Is it worth $6900? More pics & info would help make that decision.

  4. TLouisJ

    Early in his pre-WW2 military career Dwight D Eisenhower was involved in a large scale cross country military maneuver. He never forgot how difficult that was because of the poor road system. As President he signed a massive highway bill in the mid 50s that eventually created our interstate highway system. Until then, unless you drove on rare cross country trips, you usually just used your car locally. Today I see ads of 10 year old cars that say “Low Miles” referring to ONLY 160,000 miles. Parking your used car in 1960 I’d expect it to have well less than 100,000 miles. I’d think that 138,000 miles would be unlikely.

  5. Joe

    Very nice design. The background story sounds real. Would like to see the extent of the mouse damage to the interior. I hope he did’t trailer it with only the one winch wire holding on the trailer.

  6. John

    Beautiful. Old as me.

  7. bob smith

    A gorgeous motor and well worth saving . I am lucky enough to own a ’46 Commodore over here in the UK. Basically the Commodore is the same car but with a bit more chrome trim outside and on the dashboard. She is a real pleasure to own and drive…. If it’s allowed ?…I’ll post my website address so that you folk can see her :) Cheers ! Bob Smith. UK

    • Jim

      Bob, you’ve got a beautiful Hudson, my hats off to you. I’ve always loved metallic blue like that and it looks great, lot if class! Drive often and enjoy.

  8. Scotty G

    Beautiful car, this is quite a find and is something that I literally have dreams about, as do most other car guys. Dang mice, there’s a million-dollar invention for someone, a foolproof way to keep mice away from vehicles. (other than putting the car in a plastic bubble)

    • Fred SS

      I’ve heard bounce sheets placed in the car works good at keeping mice out.

      • Scotty G

        Thanks for the tip, sir; that’s good info.

    • Jim

      I have the perfect thing for keeping mice from my cars, in fact two of them! One black and one calico cats! The only problem is they bring all the little carcasses to the back door steps like little trophys. I’ve never seen a mouse or had any damage since we got the cats. I leave a window open so they can hop in if they hear one inside the cars, my only problem is my black cat thinks she the roof of my Monte Carlo is her throne.

  9. RON

    Fantastic. As I approach the day I know I cannot keep what I have and maybe one car, this is one I could behappy to find and slowly bring it back just for enjoyment. Such beautiful lines and a rare 2 dr . I lobe old survivors just a little paint work and upholstery or period seat covers and drive it and bask in the memories. nothing better. No pebble Beach needed here for me.

    Like 1

    Has the right patina, just clear coat and go. I wonder how bad those seats really are, if it’s as bad as he says they are that’s a major deduction in price to me. Low retail

  11. Paul B

    Ponderous yet grand looking … and with running boards hidden behind the doors! Superb build quality and excellent engineering will make this a wonderful classic for the person smart enough to snap this one up and get it going again.

  12. Ron

    I am the seller. More photos of engine bay and interior coming this weekend. Thanks for all the comments. I’m a muscle car guy but reluctantly letting this go because it is so dang cool and original.

  13. Robert White

    Nice stuff, I like.


  14. Texas Tea

    I can’t resist, I have to get into chorus with the rest.

    Really only three pictures? What the hell! C’mon man……………….., Neat looking car. How about some pictures rrmusclecar……….

  15. JimmyinTEXAS

    Super Six… Inline 6 under a bonnet long enough for at least Super V12, maybe an inline 12, wouldn’t that be cool.

  16. Woodie Man

    Seller says he ll post more pix this weekend guys….beautiful two tone paint ..I’m partial to the pickup myself

    Like 1
  17. moosie Craig

    Nice car, need more pictures,,,,,,,,,,, nicer trailer !

  18. Marty Member

    I don’t know enough about this one to comment on the financial end of it, but the restored wheels and new wide whites make a very positive statement about the probable future for this car. They really dress it up nice.

  19. Wayne

    The grille and front bumper are seriously out of alignment, making what is a beautiful front end look awful.
    Bob Smith, why did you paint part of the beautiful chrome Commodore hubcaps red? Other than that, it’s a nice looking Commodore Six.

    • bob smith

      Thanks Wayne :) Ah ! the hubcaps !! Being totally honest, to get her rolling I spent all my available spare cash on doing the essential stuff like brakes / steering / wiring etc …Both the back and front bumpers and the hubcaps all need rechroming at some time as soon as I can afford it but chroming is very expensive over here in the UK so it’ll have to wait .. :) She’s been re-upholstered and has had a new headlining and a lot of other new parts which meant she had to help ‘pay her way’…. so she earns her living by doing weddings and I smartened up the tatty caps and bumpers as best I could :) …. Don’t worry …It definitely isn’t permanent ! :)

  20. Jim

    I’m not sure but I think red wheels and red trim on some hubcaps was a cool styling touch guys did in the fifties. I still see fifties and older cars at shows and in old magazines dressed like that. Maybe a few of you slightly older guys could step in and talk about that, back then I was still on the bottle and pooping in a diaper which may be how I wind up! LOL

    • bob smith

      Hey Jim :)
      My wife actually found a couple of pictures of older custom cars with painted hubcaps on the internet so…… we thought we could maybe get away with painting ours too until we can get them rechromed . Incidentally , I see the gorgeous pick up has also got painted hubcaps too !…so at least we’re not the only ones to have done it ! :)

  21. Jim

    I wasn’t criticizing it, just saying it was a popular styling touch guys did and it was affordable, they could do it themselves. It looks good.

  22. Wayne

    The pickup actually has painted wheels with the smaller “super six” dog dish hubcaps, not the nice full Commodore caps like yours.

    • bob smith

      ah I see :) Well I got a busy summer ahead with weddings for her so hopefully by this time next year I’ll have been able to do all the re-chroming and I’ll be able to put a few pictures up of her gleaming :) Hey thanks fellas anyways ! It’s great to let you guys back over where she came from see her…. thanks for your interest :)
      My daughter lives in San Francisco and I caught a grand old car show when I last visited there a few years back but there were no Hudsons were on display though . The fellas I spoke with reckoned they were relatively rare these days so they were quite impressed that I had a fully drivable one in the UK .thanks Bob

  23. Steve Risher

    My father owned a ’47 Hudson Super Six when I was born. I hope it’s still for sale when I win the Powerball.

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