668 Original Miles: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

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Update 8/5/19 – The high bidder backed out so this sweet SVT is back on eBay. How high will it go?

From 7/31/19 – This 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra may very well be one of the lowest mileage cars in existence, with a mere 668 miles on the clock. The seller notes despite this, the Mustang is still run through the gears on occasion and that it hasn’t been sitting in total stagnation – although, it sees very little actual use, not even traveling to local car shows. Find this time capsule Cobra here on eBay where bidding is approaching $60K(!) with no reserve in sight.

Now, I’m all for setting aside a few marquee examples of significant, one-off vehicles, but I’d have a hard time not using a car like this. Anything breathed on by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team, or SVT, is generally a home run, and the Cobra featured a 5.0L (what else?) V8 that delivered 235 b.h.p and 280 lb.-ft. of torque, propelling the car to 60 in 5.9 seconds .

Yes, the same 5.0 that you could find in lowly GT lives under the hood, but with a few Cobra-worthy tweaks. These included GT40 cylinder heads from Ford Racing and larger vented front and rear disc brakes. The exterior was modified by the factory, too, with a Cobra-specific body kit and badging to set it apart from the numerous Fox Bodies still roaming the earth.

The interior is as mint as you’d expect, and the seller mentions it still smells new. The no-frills nature of the Cobra is one of its best features, and the leather buckets show zero signs of weather-related damage. While the Cobras painted black were produced in the greatest quantities, there’s still likely relatively few with mileage as low as this example’s.

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  1. Arthell64

    One of my favorite mustangs. I remember when these could be bought for 15k on used are lots. The mileage and condition is the big factor with the high bid here.

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  2. irocrobb

    I think you could buy a low mileage 2000 Cobra R for this kind of money. Mind you I really like this one but too bad its black.

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  3. Keith

    Like all those GN owners this mustang is destined to be a garage queen, once you start driving it the value plummets. Also at 235 HP todays mustangs offer way more HP with their 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder offerings and for less money!

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    • 36Packard

      You could buy two frankly better cars for 60K. I really do not think it is going to be a good long term investment because soon (esp if the most left wing politicians get into power) there will be no more petrol. Also, much fewer of todays young people lust after cars at all, I do not see how values can hold up. I feel the real use of these cars is to drive them, not sit on them, that is what i would do. And if drive is what you want to do, spend half and get a better car with everything brand new and a WARRANTY TO BOOT. Just makes common sense to me.

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      • Frank

        Plenty of us left wingers will still only let you pry our human-driven classic dead dinosaur burning cars from our cold, dead hands.

        In 30 years there will be so few gas powered cars left they won’t be a major contributor to greenhouse gasses any more.

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      • 36Packard

        Frank, true, but if gasoline is a specialty item, how much will the market bear for cost? Will we be able to afford to drive, even for short periods of time, Will we even be able to drive 20 MPG beasts such as this? How much per gallon will you be willing to fork over in todays dollars to drive? BTW, I dig the car, it is not that, I just feel that the investment upside is non existent, so just enjoy driving now, while we still can.

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      • Brian Scott

        It’s a tough discussion. Guys recently have paid $130k and $35k for a used ’80s/’90s Toyota Supra & Honda CRX, respectively. Our Explorer ST (400 hp/415 lb/ft. tq) could obliterate any of these vehicles in a straight line, 7 passengers & boat in tow even; probs on a road course also. People will always want to capture remnants of their youth, paying handsomely for it. Gasoline is going to be around for another 100 years, especially in light of the U.S. being a net exporter now, plus the impending stampede to electrics. Supply/Demand. My supposed hi-po collector cars, with famed names and associated reputations, for the most part aren’t a performance match to the new GTI I drive that can get 40+ mpg on the highway. Yet I still like the old stuff.

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  4. Skorzeny

    True Keith, but this is a far better looking car. I would rather have this than new.

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  5. PRA4SNW

    Sold for $58,100.

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  6. J

    No thanks

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  7. FrankY

    Just bought a 93 LX convertible 5.0 with factory 3:73 gears. 48k on the Odom but not sure if it’s legit or rolled over. I contacted the dealer where it was bought new in VA. They have it listed in their computer but need to find the actual paperwork in the storage someplace. ( Then they said it may be a privacy issue giving me the paperwork). So we will see. But she runs strong.

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  8. Troy s

    Sure hope it was worth it, Mr. seller, babying and pampering a car like this. She’s meant to be run, not looked at and driven like a Yugo.
    All about the big pay day, huh. Wow, that’s so exciting, send shivers down my spine.
    Okay, you know I thought these used the gt-40 intake and a warmer cam along with the gt-40 heads, actually had a softer ride and was slower through the turns than the new at the time f150 lightning. Chevys new Camaro now had the manual trans behind the strong 350 and Ford needed something to compete,..Walla!

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    • CanuckCarGuy

      According to his listing he has a second one, with slightly higher mileage, that he’ll also be listing.

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  9. James

    So for any mustang people out I would like to have a fox body mustang but what is the right set up for engine and gear ratio the car is pretty but I still have to brag that my 350 89 Silverado smoked a new body stang from the line I need some input

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    • Troy s

      Throttle body 350 Silverado, smokes a new Mustang off the line, hmm, sure the other guys knew they were in a race? Ahahah! Sorry, James, my ’87 TBI 350 half ton was strong off the line too with low rear gears, but not as strong my ’86 5.0 5 speed GT. Mostly all stock too.
      Advice on one of these old Mustangs like the one here….drive it like you hate it, 1st gear is a quick shift to second, power shift it , heavy duty clutch-short throw shifter, Koni’s, get all you can get from the stock engine, better tires, skinnies up front to reduce weight and drag, forget aftermarket shorty headers until it’s been fiddled with. Noisy muffler’s are just that…needs a high volume fuel pump too if you plan to build the motor. 13 degrees advance on timing, lose the air inlet silencer from the passenger fender, different pulleys to free up a few free horses, or if you’re nuts like me lose the air conditioning system altogether and use a short belt. Changing the gears to 3.55 or lower, well, these are hard enough to launch with the 3.08’s!
      Hardest part of running one of these is the first 60 feet. See ya!

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  10. Roseland Pete

    I don’t know what people see in this era Mustangs They strike me as absolutely devoid of any style.

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    • Ken Wittick

      Not to mention the word Cobra on anything that Mustang people thrive on.Its not a Cobra…..A Cobra is an aluminum body 2 seater sports car !!!!!

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      • Troy s

        Could also be one of the tough Failrlanes or Torino’s built from ’69-71 known as the Cobra. I get what you’re saying though. The few times I saw what looked like one I’d go “check out that Cobra!” And everyone’s looking around for a two seat firebreather., instead of a Torino. Dagnammit.

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  11. deak stevens

    When that style mustang came out i did’nt like them then, and still don’t like them.now if it was a mustang from 60’s going for that price i can see and understand. But the the price on this one is just crazy

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  12. W9BAG

    It always presents a conundrum when buying a collectable car with super low mileage. Some would just want to make it a trailer queen, just for bragging rights, and some would want to drive it, perhaps on a limited basis. I prefer the latter. I mean, it’s a car. It’s meant to be driven.

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  13. bog

    The seller had two of these, now sold the lowest mileage (and build #) one, and is selling the second (higher number in sequence built) one with only 7K miles. SVT vehicles are pretty cool regardless of body used. I had a BOSS 351 from new and I understand how much fun ‘Stangs can be. Am wondering what his other 4 vehicles are…maybe more fairly rare Fords/Mustangs. Perhaps we’ll see relatively soon…

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