Never Left Home: 1964 Ford F250 Pickup


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Yes, it’s another “honest” old pickup truck! This one is a “barn find” 1964 Ford F250 that may well have stayed within an hour or two radius of home after it’s original manufacture and sale. It’s located in Sparta, North Carolina and is listed here on craigslist with an asking price of $4,000 or best offer, and the seller is also open to trades.


F250’s were intended as medium-duty work trucks, and this one looks like no exception to the rule. I happen to prefer the blander colors and “pie plate” center caps on a truck like this, and to be honest some of the smaller dents and dings don’t bother me either. But I wouldn’t use this as a show vehicle–any truck I can afford has to work for a living.


We see some more dings and a missing piece of trim on this side, but again, nothing horrible. I’ve seen miracles done by the paintless dent removal folks, and this is going to be thick, somewhat malleable steel compared to what is used in modern vehicles, so I’m betting a lot of the damage could be worked out. The seller ascertains that the paint is original; if it is I’d hate to just arbitrarily replace it. It looks like you might have to clean up, treat and paint the inside of the bed just for preservation purposes, though.


I’m guessing one or more of you out there can tell me if this is the original upholstery or not; I couldn’t find a picture of one online with this pattern. The wear on the steering wheel reflects many hours in the seat for someone and to me tells a great story.  The seller says they are the fourth owner, if I were to get the truck I’d try to trace down some of the others. That huge shifter is connected to the original four-speed transmission and from there to the “great running” 292 engine. I wish the seller had seen fit to show us under the hood, but I suspect they are telling the truth about this one.


I know Dan Beck Ford didn’t go out of business that long ago because I can remember hearing ads for it on the radio. I looked at the site on Google Maps and found that the old dealership is now a custom car shop and body shop. It would be really cool to take the truck by and get a picture in front of the old building! By the way, this means the truck was originally purchased about an hour down the road from where it is now. Yes, there are some things that aren’t perfect about it, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be perfect for me (or perhaps you). I like the idea of keeping the truck in North Carolina, but it’s not in the cards for me right now. I hope you’d sympathetically improve it if you purchased it; tell us what you’d actually do in the comment section!


Auctions Ending Soon


  1. piper62j

    Back then, the paint for the steering wheel was enamel and the acid from your hands would eat thru it in no time if you worked with your hands for a living..

    This is a great truck and worth investing in.. The front cab to frame mounts had a habit of rotting out along with the lower rear cab corners, but overall,, it’s a good vehicle to drive or show…

    Great find..

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  2. Bill

    I had a 1964 F-100, and an f-250… at least one of them had similar seat upholstery… great trucks. The f-250 was a little more work to drive, but a beautiful truck.

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  3. jim s

    the way i like my trucks, predented and parked by feel, manual transmission, ready to go to work. the mirrors would have to go, better to unbolt them then knock them off while driving. it is in the right price range also. i too wish the seller would posted more photos. great find.

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  4. Rando

    Not too far from me – less than an hour. I remember “back in the day” a LOT of cars had Dan Beck Ford decals on them. Not looking for a truck, don’t have money, etc. Durnit.

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  5. Gary I

    Looks solid and halfway taken care of, $4,000 seems fair. It is a good starting point for a resto or just drive as it is.

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  6. Ed P

    Nice truck. This looks perfect for those weekend trips to Home Depot. If all is as it appears in the pictures, the price seems fair.

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  7. Lee Hartman

    My ’66 Dodge has lived it’s whole life within 20 miles of the dealership where it was sold. I still have the original key tag from Curt & Hal’s Dodge in Caldwell, ID as well as the owner’s manual.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Cool truck, Lee!

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    • jim s

      yes, very nice looking truck and the way i like them. what motor/transmission are you running and power steering or not? thanks for sharing.

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      • Lee Hartman

        It has the 318 poly with the 4 speed. It’s a D200, and although it’s set up for a camper, it’s not an actual Camper Special. No power steering unfortunately.

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      • jim s

        i like the set up you have. thanks.

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