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Long Bed Beauty: 1968 Ford F100 Pickup


While this 1968 Ford F100 truck doesn’t have particularly low mileage at 104,000 miles, it does seem to have been treated well for those miles. It’s located in Indianapolis, Indiana and is up for sale here on eBay, where bidding is low but has not yet met reserve. Thanks to Jim S. for this find!


Nice honest face here, don’t you think? I remember many trucks like this one running around my hometown growing up. I like the white grille and bumper as well. The seller says the paint is an older repaint, but it sure looks sweet. Unfortunately, there is one spot of rust bubbles, but the seller is honest about it and shows it in a closeup picture.


I think the wheel covers are from a later Ford pickup, but I’m guessing someone will know exactly what year and tell us in the comments. It doesn’t look like the cab has dropped any on its mounts, which can happen if there’s rust in the right (wrong) spots. It’s amazing to me that the trim strips actually are aligned well! It would be nice if there were a full-on side picture showing the whole truck so that viewers could appreciate the long bed.


That’s a plain interior, and I’m guessing it’s the lower cushion that has been reupholstered while the backrest is still original. With a three-speed manual transmission you’ll be getting the full vintage experience, that’s for sure. I do like the idea of no door panels to replace, but I’m guessing there’s not a lot of noise reduction in the cab design!


Despite the ad calling this a 360 V8, I’m pretty sure it’s a 390, which would be original for the year. I was surprised to see the air conditioning compressor, although as I would have expected there’s no belt turning it. I don’t see anything under hear that scares me, but the low-resolution pictures aren’t much to go by, either. So I have a question for you; do you like your old pickups short bed, or long bed?


  1. Avatar photo Mitch

    More than likely a 390. Unless it’s been remotored. The hubcaps are from a ’71-’72 Ford LTD or Galaxie.

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  2. Avatar photo Lee Hartman

    There were a lot of 360s in these trucks. Almost no external difference from a 390, if any. This would have been the first year for the 360.

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  3. Avatar photo DRV

    Always a long bed if it’s a truck you want.

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    • Avatar photo Glen

      I see so many short box, 4 doors. I don’t think the local Ford dealer even has a long box in stock, and I don’t live in a city. I have a 2004 F-150 4×4 with 2 doors and a full size box. It will be harder to find used long boxes in the future.

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      • Avatar photo Danno

        I have gone looking for new F150s with an 8 foot box. Although Ford lets you build them on the website, I don’t believe they actually manufacture them. There are precisely zero of them on every lot I’ve looked at, since autumn.
        I’m told you can get by with 6.5′; I’d rather not.

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      • Avatar photo JW

        My neighbors family owns 3 Chevy dealerships and we had a conversation about the 8′ foot box dilemma after buying our 5’5″ quad cab F-150. He said if you want a Chevy with a 8′ box you have to go to their fleet dealership like the contractors do where you can get them but you will only get one with a single cab or extended cab, just like if you want a stripped one with no electric windows / door locks / seats. He stated the common dealerships only sells what the majority of the public demands to make sales. I seen this coming back in the mid 80’s when 4×4’s started becoming popular with the yuppie crowd for everyday use as more and more fancy gadgets started showing up on them and the prices reflected that so trucks became mainstream rather than a farm / off road vehicle which pushed the cost out of the reach of someone wanting one for a work or play second vehicle, now they are used as the primary one with 4 doors and a shorty box.

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  4. Avatar photo JW

    This looks to be one well kept truck and for it’s age 104K is not all that bad. I’m thinking reserve is 5K.

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  5. Avatar photo MeToo

    I love F-100’s. Mine was a 75 I had while living in North Pole Alaska. I bought it in ’77 and drove it for years. Sneer all you like but I thought the 300 6cyl was thhe best damn engine ever made. It started easily in up to 20 below zero. Once I drove out to a gravel bar on the Salcha River to fish. On the way back the engine quit and I got back to shore just bumping the starter.. Loved that truck

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  6. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    In ’68 the trucks equipped with a 390 had a badge on the front fender behind the front wheel well, telling you so. The 360 was the standard V8 so that’s likely what it is. The only difference between the two is the stroke (crank and rods). The bore is the same. Aside from that, I like what I see…

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  7. Avatar photo Josh

    I personally saw this truck for sale at a used car lot in Greenwood, Indiana about three years ago. It sat there for several months and was marked down to as low as $5495 before it finally disappeared. It had an aftermarket under-dash AC unit that was disconnected, the paint was in decent shape, but definitely a repaint, and presented fairly well. To call it a barn find is a little extreme though.

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  8. Avatar photo John P

    Eh.. Hardly a find.. Definitely an old “restoration” on this one..

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  9. Avatar photo Charles

    From the pictures it sure looks clean. I remember these things as good runners, but they can rust out pretty fast if exposed to the elements or road salt.

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  10. Avatar photo Jim

    In ’68 + beginning of ’69 Ford had engine supply issues did to labor strikes. Some ’68 Fairlanes-Torinos got 428’s instead of 390’s some early ’69’s had 390’s instead of 428’s. ALL FE engines came from 2 plants that had issues from the strike and since the 360 was from the same lines it’s not inconceivable that substitutions were made involving them also. Ford was going to deliver the cars and trucks no matter what, they were selling like crazy and didn’t want to stop the gravy train. Imagine if they did that these days with Lemon Law and too many lawyers just waiting for a big company to hiccup!! The 360 was a very torquey engine just like it’s big brother 390 and considering the way the trucks were used I imagine very few people would have known the difference.
    Now onto the difference in bed length, this is as important to people as wheel of color choice. Personally unless I’m building a crew cab truck(next truck) to tow with I go with long bed, I use my trucks no matter how pretty or cool looking. Living in NYC a long bed crew cab is just too much real estate hanging out back for traffic and narrow streets.
    Here’s a thought on the mileage, 104k over a 48yr time is only 2100(?) miles per yr, not much for a pickup, even a farm truck. Unless there’s hidden rust this is a nice truck to start with, if the engine has been treated right it’s got another 100k in her. I’d go with an automatic overdrive trans, it would help the negligible gas mileage. Anyone? Have a good day guys, we finally had nice weather and didn’t go online much this weekend.

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  11. Avatar photo Charles

    An 8 foot bed with a standard cab truck is still not much longer then many large cars or SUV’s. Of course the folks building street rods want the short bed trucks for the style.

    We own a Super Duty crew cab dually 4×4 with an 8 foot bed. That one is like the county song and takes 40 acres to turn around. Of course we haul a Lance 1010 slide in camper and tow a 22 foot sport boat. I think the thing is around 55 feet from front bumper to the outdrive on the boat. Different animal…

    My DD is an F-150 Supercrew with the 6.5 foot bed. With the extra length of the 5 foot box it rides a little better then most, event though it is an FX4 with the 20 inch wheel option. The 6.5 foot bed is fine for hauling small items, however every time I go to Lowe’s and buy lumber it seems too short, maybe because I am used to truck with 8 foot boxes.

    This looks like a nice truck and someone will enjoy it.

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  12. Avatar photo james b.

    Back when these where driven truck and even cars where not driven that much. it wasn’t unusual for a farm truck to sit for days and weeks without being driven. iv’e rode on a MF 235 tractor the half mile to a mile to my buddies barn or the country store. 50,000 miles on this truck would be like 200,000 on my 99 Mountaineer.

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  13. Avatar photo Bob C.

    This is the same truck Charles Bronson drove in Mr Majestyk. Man, did that take a beating!

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  14. Avatar photo Leon

    I bought a 1967 F-1 new. $2400.00 Struggled to make the $92.00 a month payments but in 2 years it was paid off and with only 24,000 miles it was still like brand new. It came with a 352 cu. in. eng. I loved the long bed. I could lay down 4X8 sheets of plywood and still close the gate. Strong old trucks.

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