69k Original Miles: 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

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In 1990, this 1966 Chevelle SS 396 underwent a repaint in its original Regal Red. At the same time, the engine was removed and underwent a full rebuild. Since that time, the Chevelle has only covered around 5,000 miles, so that engine is barely run in. Now the time has come for it to clock some more miles as it moves from its current home to that of a new owner. Located in Penngrove, California, you will find this SS396 listed for sale here on eBay.

With the repaint having been completed close to 30-years-ago, you could be forgiven if you expected the Chevelle to start to look at least a little bit tired, but it doesn’t look that way to me. The paint, and the external trim and chrome, all seem to be in really nice condition. The owner claims that the Chevelle has covered a mere 69,000 original miles, and while he appears to hold some pretty significant documentation for the car, he doesn’t mention whether it actually confirms that claim. Not only does the car come with its original Protect-O-Plate, but it even has the original loan documentation from when the car was purchased new.

The Chevelle is a full, numbers-matching SS 396, and that engine is the 360hp version, not the 325. Bolted to it is the original M20 transmission, while power is then fed to the road via a Posi rear end. The owner says that the majority of the components under the hood are original, right down to the radiator. I have been looking at both engine photos supplied by the seller, and I’ve twisted my head at all sorts of angles, and it looks to me like the car may be fitted with aftermarket headers, but I’m really not 100% sure. Otherwise, it does look very original and clean in there.

The presentation of the interior is excellent, with only some minor stretching of the material on the driver’s seat to note. The owner says that it looks to be mostly original, which I do find to be a slightly curious comment. I’m not sure how long he has owned the car for, but I’m surprised that with a car as desirable as the SS 396 is, he is unsure about this. Still, there are stranger things to worry about I guess. Anyway, the black interior and Regal Red paint make for a pretty stunning combination.

This SS 396 is a fantastic looking car and looks to be close to original. I like the fact that it is a numbers-matching car, and I really love the whole idea of having 360hp under my right foot. I have no doubt that this is a car that will find a new home fairly quickly because the BIN price of $38,000 does seem to be very competitive.

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  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Of course the exhaust is aftermarket. To my knowledge no GM cars were delivered in that era with tubular headers, they all had cast iron manifolds. I am not aware of even any of the COPO cars having pipes like that.

    Some of the hot-rodding dealerships, like Nickey, or Baldwin may have been doing dealer-installs, but out of the assembly lines came exhaust manifolds.

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  2. Bob

    Why would you rebuild a motor with 69,000 miles????? Something fishy here!

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    • Fred W

      It’s fishy in a little old lady car. Not quite as fishy in a car known for redlining the tach and burnouts.

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      • slickb

        And who would dream of driving a ss 396 Chevelle like that

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    • TomMember

      There a lot of good reasons. With low miles perhaps is sat for a long time and someone went the extra mile. Perhaps the person who rebuilt it can rebuild engines easily themselves.

      What matters is that the engine is date code correct, original to the car and in great condition today.

      Don’t be too hard on classic muscle cars. They were built to be driven … and I mean – smoke the tires driven. Not surprising a motor would get rebuilt, if not blown completely.

      In 1985 I bought a 67 400 Firebird convertible, a beautiful car, 42K miles on it with a different engine in it along with the original engine with a cracked block from the original Pontiac dealer where the car was invoiced from the dealer owners personal collection. They broke the original motor racing it before it was 5 years old. White car, he painted it red, put a Pontiac 455 in it and the wife drove it. Then it sat in a garage with 7 GTO convertibles for about 10 years until he sold them all.
      Just saying.

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  3. Den

    I can’t get past the hub caps ! Please remove them !

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      IIRC, those hubcaps were oem. Good looking car and I’m sure it will get some good money for it.

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  4. mike

    WOW What a nice car

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    LOve those hubcaps! all original and clean. 2nd day with the headers and rebuilt engine assures its not tired. 69,000 miles was approaching the end of service life back then if ran hard. Why so cheap?

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  6. Gaspumpchas

    Think Adam is right, the 38 large might be competitive for a beautiful 66 Like this one, 4 speed to boot. Good luck to the new owner…38k or not, I’d be tempted to smoke the hides often!!


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  7. Keith

    This car is a driver quality car where one could use and race. For 38k this car should be in a pristine show quality condition. Current condition its worth about 20k give or take. I will say that this is a nice car and has the right options.

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    • Scott

      A Real SS, 360hp car, 4 speed with owner history is worth the money all day. $20k gets you a non-SS car with a 283 or 327 but that is it. Value of these is in line with asking IMHO. $20k barely buys a stripped down non-badge car these days so not quite sure why you think your numbers are supportable. This is exactly what you get for $38k, if you want Show Quality, you are closer to $50k.
      I respectfully disagree, try to find one with original motor that has not been beat to bag….no easy.

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      • TomMember

        Scott, thanks for you reply you are spot on. Not sure where Keith lives.

        Flmikey – your reply below is great. Some of you guys might not like the hub caps BUT they did appear on the super rare Z16 which was the 1st thing I thought of when I saw this car. This car is right on the money. It has every good thing going for it. I would auction it, 38K might be too low.

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      • Keith

        Won’t get 38k for it, 20k tops. Just my opinion…..

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      • Scott

        Auction ended….I bet it did not go for $20k….just sayin……
        If you can find another SS BB 4sp one owner car for $20k please let me know, I will buy it.

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  8. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

    Beautiful car with a desirable big block and four speed. I have to agree with Den, those wheel covers look awful. Some period correct Magnums or Rally wheels would look more suited to this classic muscle car. Even painted rims with poverty hubcaps would look better and give it a more “sleeper” look. Still, a nice car that should bring the ask.

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  9. TortMember

    The hubcaps take away from the appearance and don’t remember those on the Chevelle’s but maybe it’s due to my memory. Honduras maroon, black or Catalina blue would have been my choice in color but I could surely live with the red on this very nice car.

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  10. flmikey

    The person who ordered this car new wanted all go and no show…no power steering or brakes! BTW, those hubcaps did come on the ’66 Chevelle…and first appeared on the 1965 Z-16….

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  11. notinuse

    The wheel covers look good. Hub caps cover the hub, not the wheel.

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  12. Stevie G

    Very sharp car. I am not sure about the value, this isn’t a car I would normally follow the values on, but I am the type that if I saw it & had the funds, I would buy it. Yeah, I know…too impulsive. That’s why I am broke lol.
    My grandparents had a neighbor that had a 1966 Malibu 4 door hardtop in this red with a black vinyl top, full wheel covers (not these, but ai like these too). Theirs was a factory air car with a 327, powerglide, power steering, brakes and windows. In the late 1980’s, shortly after ai got my license, it was for sale. 1 owner car, clean (rare for a Milwaukee car), just a nice car. Missed out by a day! Very sad day for me! I always liked the unusual versions of the common car. This ol’ granny car did it for me. Oh well…..

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  13. Miguel

    This must be a beast to drive with no power steering or brakes.

    For the record I love the hub caps.

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  14. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Those wheel covers are pretty much identical in style to an option for the ’65 and ’66 Corvair Corsa. I have a set that was on my car for half a year in the late 70’s, when I was in CA. The difference? They are 13″. The Chevelle’s are 14″. Thought it might be a stealthy way to run larger wheels on the ‘Vair.

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  15. Mike

    Those where stock hub caps on my 68 SS 396 chevelle.

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  16. Troy s

    Red with those wheels covers first thing that popped in my mind was Z16, which was maybe the best of all the big block Chevelle’s, super rare and very expensive, even then.
    These look so much better with mags on them, maybe jacked up a bit, rumbling at the traffic light with a lopey idle,…dump the clutch and roaring off the line hard power shifting into second and letting that 396 wind out..into third….fourth… straight into orbit. Yeah, 69000 miles would be quite a stretch for such an engine from back then.

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  17. Bing

    Price range on these cars are all about options.. big block, 4 speed, no’s. Matching, vg condition. Priced very fairly and gone this morning.
    Yes, you can find this car and year in the 20’s, plan on a small block, auto, etc.
    I’d say this one was well bought.

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  18. Tooyoung4heyday Tooyoung4heydayMember

    My favorite year chevelle, although I prefer it in maroon. But look, three pedals! Isn’t it great?!? Priced just right for this less popular year, as most prefer ’69-70. Yes, they appear to be headers. Only chevy I know to come with headers was Z/28 but that was optional and they came in the trunk. Nice car, wish I had the money to bid.

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  19. bog

    Ah, the good old days ! An Army OCS buddy of mine bought a brand new ’67 Chevelle with this combo. His was medium metallic blue and it was stunning, even to a mostly Ford and foreign sports car guy like me. I often wonder what happened to him and that car. And yes, he did some massive burn-outs with it !

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