6k Miles 1986 Corvette Convertible Survivor

Of all the generations of Corvettes, C4s have long been the least sought after by collectors. While they aren’t the fastest generation, they are actually quite fun to drive! And with the values of earlier cars on a steady climb upward, C4s are set to go up as well. At this point, most people want ZR1s and Callaway B2Ks, but this ’86 could actually be a killer buy if you want a great driver or a car to hold onto as an investment. You can find this low mileage Corvette convertible here on eBay in Manheim, Pennsylvania with a current bid of $5,800.

If you are going to buy a Corvette from this generation, 1986 is a good year to look for. It was the first year for a convertible Vette since 1975 and it featured some nice improvements over earlier C4s. As you can see, this car is one of the 7,315 convertibles built and was optioned with the power adjustable sport seats in saddle leather. The top was optioned to match the interior and looks great paired with the black paint.

Power is provided by a fuel injected 350 V8 that is rated at 230 horsepower. It isn’t blistering power, but there are performance upgrade options out there that could help get that to a more respectable number. Of course, if you plan on buying it as an investment, you will want to leave the engine bone stock. This car features the 4+3 transmission, which is a 4 speed manual with an automatic overdrive unit that sort of turns it into a 7 speed. A regular 4 speed would be preferable from a simplicity standpoint, but this setup does improve fuel mileage.

This really is a well optioned car, with just about every comfort and convenience option that was available. Given the low mileage, it will likely end up being preserved in a climate controlled collection and that’s probably where it should end up. That isn’t to say there isn’t a part of me that would want to drive the heck out of it! It will definitely be interesting to see what ends up happening with it. So would you drive this Corvette like you stole it or keep it tucked safely away until values go crazy?


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  1. Craig

    Love it, and if I bought it I’d drive it as much as possible.

    • Mike

      Sorry, with an average mileage of 190 a year, you are only allowed to drive it to one car show a year and then it’s back in the garage.

    • moosie Craig M. Bryda

      I’d drive it til the wheels fell off. Put em back on and drive it some more. To my mind there are no undesirable Corvettes,,,, especially if they are convertibles.

  2. James Casey

    I have an 88 Corvette convertible with a 4+3 manual. I have 5 other classic cars, and this car is definitely one one of my favorites to drive. These are way under rated and are destined to eventually come alive with value. They are great driving cars that were any ahead of their time.

    • JohnD

      James…how do you like the 4+3? I don’t really know anything about it but I recall reading a bad review somewhere in the recent past. Glad you enjoy yours…I’m considering a C4 because they seem like a great bang for the buck! And I’m a ragtop man!

  3. Pa Tina

    And these cars look amazing with the optional hardtop. I am going to guess this car was pretty rare with the 4+3 transmission and a bargain at $10,000. My 2nd guess is this will go a lot higher before it is sold. And it’s a Pace Car

  4. Patrick

    A friend let me take his Red 86 Corvette convertible from New Jersey to State College PA for a November meeting. Had a blast driving it up to PSU. Meeting went fine. Come out of meeting and there’s six to eight inches of snow on the car. Auduble security system goes haywire and I am under the hood in disconnecting every wire possible that might turn off the obnoxious security alarm. Fun times….
    Snuck back into the Nittany Lion Inn very quietly….stayed for two extra nights until snow was practically gone.

  5. Alan Brase

    Truly a bargain at twice the price. If you kept it 15 more years, it will need some repairs, but I bet it would be cheaper to drive than a 2016 over the years. Plus you have a little left in the bank.

  6. ROAR

    These ARE world class cars and have far more performance than 98% of the owners will ever exploit, Once again, cars are do drive, sports cars are to drive sportingly. There are many investments you can keep in your home and enjoy that don’t require the storage and maintenance of a car, go back a day or so about new-old bikes and how they rot away over time!

  7. danny ruble

    Heck, you could drive in nice weather, and if you kept the miles down, still worthwhile investment in ten years with 20k on it. Think how long it takes to put a thousand miles on a bike.. same deal. And the price is only about twice what an average machine would be.

  8. Superdessucke

    Probably won’t even break into the five figures. These are definitely budget blasters if you like them. I personally think they look very ’80s. They are to the ’80s what the AMC Pacer is to the ’70s. You might as well go ahead and stick a Nina Blackwood lookalike in the passenger seat and Poison’s “Look What the Cat Dragged In” in the cassette player when driving to complete the package. But some might consider that a good thing!

    • grant

      Personally, I always kept a few Poison tapes in the car. Chicks dig Poison….

    • Pa Tina

      Current bid $10,000. Predictions are hard to make, especially about the future.

      • Superdessucke

        Wooo! 10.5k now, you’re right. We just need some extra plutonium for the 1.21 jigawatts we’ll need to see where it goes.

        Sorry, couldn’t help it!

    • Pa Tina

      $11,300 with one day left. Sorry. I couldn’t help it.

  9. Tom

    I had a 89 coupe. I would buy it and drive! These are great driving cars! I wonder if he would do a trade on a 1966 Nova SS!


      Pretty sure your 66 Nova SS is worth double or triple this Vette. Are you West coast?

  10. irocrobb

    Just like the f body Camaro and Firebird from the same era, a bargain and good drivers.Think what this car cost new.What a shame.

  11. Todd

    what is the piece of rusty metal hanging down by the air dam?

  12. Dave

    I’ve not jumped in and commented on another listing before but something is amiss here (I may well be wrong) but a) the front on photo shows something really foul going on with the lower deflector – looks like it’s damaged, aged, etc.; b) the wear on the seat bolsters and weather strip/molding around the front A pillars does not support the 5k mileage claim and the odometer. My 68 GTO has 59k and has less wear in these places. I also am a little suspect about such a limited set of photos. If you have a 5k original vette and you’re in the car auction capital of the East (manheim), throw it on a lift and show us the underside. I hope I am incorrect.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member


  13. ruxvette

    5938.8 miles…on a bumpy rutted dirt road. Looks like the last wash was also the first wash. $8600 and still on reserve.
    Best to look for an ’89 with the 6 speed manual.

  14. Derek F

    Personally I believe the mileage claims- practically new looking Goodyear Gatorbacks that haven’t been available for 20+ years and those interiors don’t age particularly well- this one still looks good.
    Yes, the chin spoiler is dirty, but if you’ve ever tried to clean one you’d understand…. The Doug Nash 4+3 is interesting and I prefer it to the slushbox ( though the auto is faster 0-60, but who cares… )

  15. Michael

    They are affordable and fun to drive. I love my 94 6-speed.


    Love my 89 ragtop. Mine is an automatic but still a blast. As far as wear on the bolsters… you “fall in, and crawl out” of C4’s. I will be surprised if they ever bring big money. If it ever happens, it will be the week after I sell mine, which won’t be soon

  17. Rick Glesner

    To me this looks like a low threshold of pain starting point for an NCRS car. Yup I enjoy concourse silliness. Also really like the look of the C4. But money and time…sigh.

  18. edward roach

    Nice car. C4s, I have had 3 , and I keep finding nice low mile ones. A nice car for the money. High performance was starting a coming back with the c4.

  19. Steven D Visek

    Shame it is missing the front license plate cover. Many of us live in the majority of the states that don’t require a front plate.

    My brother bought a 1987 Z-51 Corvette new in 1987. Ride and handling was a cross between an F-16 and a dump truck.

    • edward roach

      84s are a rough ride, but each year after they got better. But they cornered like a slot car.

    • Pa Tina

      1987 Z-51 was a marshmallow compared to the 1984 Z-51. 87 spring rates are about half of what the 84’s were based on all the complaints GM got. Half of the 84’s ordered had the Z-51 option. Most folks had no idea what they were ordering.

      • Steven D Visek

        Never rode in an ’84. Based on your comment, I’m glad. Can’t imagine how bad it would be given the filling-rattling ride of my brother’s ’87.

  20. Big Rob Mia

    The Nash 4+3 was TERRIBLE..I have been building transmissions since 2 years before they came out and I did a TON of these..Getting parts was always an issue..Doug Nash was a small specialialty. trans company and GM gave them a huge contract for these and they filed bancruptcy over it

  21. 86 Vette Convertible

    Got an 86 Convertible. Find one with 40-70K and you’ll have a better car, it won’t have dry seals, expired tires etc on it. Those tires will be replaced, possible seals, all the fluids, possible brakes lines etc. Only BFG’s are available today and they only are available every so often each year.

    I like mine but I’ve worked to eliminate many of those limitations. Mine has a Tremec 5 speed so it’s a ball to drive along with having added the Banski suspension kit to it.

    PS the listed one is overpriced IMO with or without the mileage noted.

  22. DonC

    So sorry, but I have to agree with “least sought after”…why?….because this was a horrendous decade for the illustrious Corvette. As a prior owner of a 71 convertible, believe me, I love the model, but the 80s were plastic. Look at the interior. I love what they’ve done lately. Now before you flame back at me, the beauty of this country is that if you love this car, hey! Buy it! Rock On!

    • edward roach

      I have a 70 convertible 4 speed, small block love this car too. Looking for a decent c2 driver.

  23. Pete

    Thhe drivers seat has seen more than 6k miles I’ll bet. And so has the footwell carpet and pedal rubbers.


    Beautiful car but the 4+3 would turn me off. I love the C4 looks and own a 47k ’94 that’s a head turner. Beautiful, fast and fun and it didn’t break the bank to buy.

  25. Pa Tina

    Disagree. My 84 4+3 has 77K miles with no transmission issues. I must be lucky.

  26. edward roach

    A good candidate for NCRS.

  27. Pa Tina

    Sold at $11,500. IMO, a good deal for buyer and seller.

  28. moosie Craig M. Bryda

    I’d venture a guess that the buyer is happier then the seller but WTF do I know ?

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