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7.5L + 5-Speed Combo: 1995 Ford F350 XLT

One of the hottest segments of the modern day collector vehicle hobby are early to mid-90s Ford trucks, ideally equipped with heavy-duty options like diesel engines and dually rear axles. Known for their impressive reliability and low overall cost of maintenance, buying a survivor like this 1995 Ford F350 XLT listed here on eBay may make more sense than forking over $65,000 for a new rig. This one has the elusive combination of a 460 V8 and a manual transmission, too.

Bidding is always going to be strong on trucks like these, but you’re actually getting a bit of a discount courtesy of the gas engine. Bidding currently sits at just under $13,000, and I’m sure this truck will easily clear $15,000 when all is said and done. The plethora of options visible in this photo is impressive, from the dually axle to the painted bed cap and the four full crew cab doors to the massive towing mirrors. The original purchaser of this truck wanted a workhorse, and they got it. The seller notes the Ford has dual fuel tanks and a heavy-duty transmission.

Even with that in mind, the F350 clearly hasn’t been abused. The interior is in absolutely outstanding condition, looking like it belongs to a vehicle with far lower mileage. That being said, let’s talk about the mileage, as this rig shows just under 65,000 original miles, which means you’re essentially buying a truck that is barely broken in. If this were equipped with a Power Stroke, bidding would be absolutely bonkers right now. Even so, your costs of ownership are going to be quite low in a truck like this. The seller notes the A/C was recently recharged.

The cherry red paint is in excellent condition as well, and the cleanliness extends to under the hood. The presentation on this F350 is excellent, as someone clearly detailed the engine compartment before it was listed for sale. The seller notes that this Ford belonged to one elderly owner before he acquired it, and that the longtime owner used it for farm duty in Florida. Recent repairs include a new battery, alternator, brakes, and tires. The background and the awesome spec sheet for this F-Series pickup makes it a home run for whomever buys it, and I’m just a bit jealous of the next owner already.


  1. HoA Howard A Member

    A simple writeup could say, “the biggest badaxx pickup on the planet”, and that would just about cover it. I’ve always wondered, in a country that does NOT have the moniker, “bigger must be better”, do they have monster sized pickups too, to do seemingly mundane tasks? THIS was the market the fools at IH missed out on. Nice goin’, still, clearly a market for these in my area,,where the front gate is like 10 minutes from the house, and Fido is waiting for the bag of dog food it’s hauling, I don’t know, all this tells me is how out of whack everything automotive is today. You really need that truck? The only thing missing is the belching of diesel exhaust in your face. I guess so, it’s all you see at a dealer. No question, someone took care of this one, and at a mere fraction of a new one, it does the same thing. It’s just, you can’t show up at Walmart with a 30 year old truck that takes 2 spaces, wasamatteryou?

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    • Derek

      No, we don’t. Or rather, we do – but they manifest themselvelves in the form of crewcab HiLuxes and the likes, which are no longer than the standard one but can’t carry as much stuff. Some a bit wider/taller, but very few.

      These extra-big crewcab pickups always puzzled me. Why not just buy a 7.5 tonner or a LWB van? The pickup bed’s not that big. I couldn’t turn that around in my street.

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      • HoA Howard A Member

        Perhaps I was a bit hasty, as usual, it’s America, and someone literally could need a vehicle like this. The horsey set( yeah, right, too old) or a budget racer,,( any left?), but it seems, the people that want a vehicle like this today, don’t have a problem with the price of a new one. It’s the modern gee-gaws that people want, something this truck lacks. What, no “info” screen? How will we know what’s what? This truck will never see a sheet of drywall. This truck falls in between the cracks. It’s certainly clean and probably reliable enough, but show up to a horsey gathering in a 30 year old truck, just won’t cut it. May as well tow a rusty horse trailer while you’re at it. Some may think I make this stuff up, but I spent a summer in Upstate NY, and saw how the folks east of the Hudson River live.

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      • Jake

        I believe it’s an eight foot bed, that’s as big as it gets.

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  2. Al_Bundy Al_Bundy Member

    What I appreciate about this generation is the simplicity. Still no problem getting parts and they’re pretty easy to diagnose and repair. I picked up a clean short box 1995 with a 300 I-6/5 speed about a year and a half ago I could easily turn a profit on. Won’t even think of it. I couldn’t even sniff a new truck at todays prices and I frankly just love the darn truck !

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  3. Mimo

    A new one would cost you a over 100k easily in Canada.

    To be fair there are luxurious as heck.

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  4. Ian l

    nice combo when a truck was a truck, really miss standard transmissions

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  5. Rodney

    Had a 460. Oof. Dual tanks is not enough. Triple tanks.
    Got about 6-8 MPG. Could not afford to drive it even if it was paid off.

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  6. Troy

    I currently have a 93 F150 with the 5.0 and 8 foot box that’s one of the biggest reasons I keep it, I’m the second owner I only paid $3k for it and I watch them sell on BAT and Cars and bids for around $10k I’ve been tempted to post it but then I would have to find another truck

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  7. Glenn Schwass Member

    I’d prefer the 7.3 but even this might be better that the $100k junk they make now…

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  8. Mike

    In the city near where I live it’s lots of F150s, Silverado 1500s, Tacoma and Tundras. Where I actually live, a little ways out, it’s F250s and 350s, 2500 and 3500 Dodges and chev/GMC. They are used for what they were built for, farm, ag, hauling things, gas or diesel. We use ours to pull our horses, get hay, haul other eqpt. In town they are status symbols, and most don’t go off the concrete and rarely carry anything but the family pomeranian. They are always shiny clean. To me a lot of the whole NEW truck thing is as silly as EVs.
    This particular truck should be used for its intended purpose…it’s a great truck and should be put to work instead of being someone’s macho symbol. I hope it is. Pardon my rant.

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  9. Rickirick

    Hell I’m retired almost 4 yrs. already fellas. I could buy this land yacht in lieu of paying what rent costs these days. And be able to see some of this great country w/my dog!

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  10. bill tebbutt

    Say what you want, but a one ton truck is the best for hauling a trailer longer than 20′. However, I bought the 1993 turbo diesel version of this truck in 1996 (low miles really nice shape) to tow the race trailer but that truck couldn’t get out of its own way. Moved on to a Cummins powered 1996 one ton 2wd regular cab duallie in 1997. Replaced that with a special order 3/4 ton Cummins/manual Dodge in 2005 which I kept until 2019. Replaced that w a 6 litre gas F250, special order, 2wd – loving it still.

    I do not care what the manufacturer specs say re towing capacity – if you gotta haul real weight, you need the brakes/transmission/chassis/suspension and motor you can get only with the heavier trucks. Someone should use this truck for exactly that purpose, in my view of course


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