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7-Litres Of V8 Power: 1966 Ford Galaxie

1966 Ford Galaxie 7 Litre

That’s right, listed here on Hemmings and garaged in Spokane, Washington is this 1966 Ford Galaxie 7-Litre with the 345 horsepower Q-code 428FE V8 engine and C6 automatic transmission! Just for ’66, Ford offered the 7-Litre option, which combined performance and comfort into one rare package. While the paint on this one is looking a bit rough, this seems like a lot of car and horsepower for $7,500!

Ford Galaxie

This Galaxie is a mostly original in the factory Candy Apple Red paint, but the black vinyl top is long gone.

Ford Galaxie 7 Litre

The body appears to be straight, but there is some rust around the rear window, trunk (see below) and frame. A donor frame is included with this purchase.

Screenshot 2015-10-22 at 3.20

Your future rusty trunk? Thankfully there isn’t much junk in this trunk!

Ford Galaxie 7-litre VIN

Here’s the VIN #6J61Q110350 and the odometer is showing 51,986.

7-Litre Ford V8

This is the running 7-litre engine. The factory disc brakes and rear drum brakes have been completely refurbished with new calipers, stainless steel lines, shoes, wheel cylinders and hardware.  The car is sitting on the original 15″ steel wheels, which offer plenty of space for the large Kelsey Hayes four piston calipers.

1966 Ford Galaxie 7-Litre

The red bucket seat interior needs to be refurbished and the wood-grain steering wheel is still present, which is good. This looks like a nice project if you are looking for a ’66 Galaxie.  Is this Galaxie in your future?



  1. Avatar photo Frankie Paige

    Appropriately priced, looks to be complete and great winter project to either clean up the rusted areas and drive it in the spring or do more and ?

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  2. Avatar photo redwagon

    saw only one of these in the flesh in the mid-90s in east lansing. someone was using it as a dd. what caught my attention was the 7 liter badging on the grill. other than that it looked fairly innocuous. i was intrigued by a mid-60s car having a metric measurement on it and i quickly did the rough math i.e. 7 x 60 and came up with just a little north of 420 cubic inches. figured it was the 427 or 428 ford engine. that put a smile on my face. a dark maroon almost purple car (correct color above) w a black vinyl roof and black interior. ive often wondered if it is still on the road somewhere – and how much fuel it has consumed in its lifetime!

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  3. Avatar photo DENIS

    I worked at a Ford Dealership when these came out. Had a 7-Litre XL with a C-6 for a demo, then got a plainer one with a 4 Speed…loved that car. Kinda short-winded, but fun to drive. We were selling a lot of Hi-performance 289 Mustangs/Fairlanes and they were a lot quicker(and lighter), but this big old car was a cruiser.

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  4. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    Yes Redwagon, I too was pretty surprised to see the 7L badging on an American car from the mid-60s. It looks pretty awesome.

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  5. Avatar photo Dirty Dingus McGee

    For inspiration, Jay Leno’s restomodded one;


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  6. Avatar photo edd

    When I was in seventh grade my Science teacher, Mrs. Harrington, drove a red 7 Litre like this one. Back in the sixties a two or three year old car didn’t seem like a big deal to most but to a car lovin’ kid like me it was an eye popper! She drove me home in it once and I was enthralled with that car. Mrs. H’s husband worked at the Ford Stamping plant two blocks from my home and had an “A” Plan or something to get a deal on new Fords. By 1969 he had some new Ford toy and kicked the 7 liter down to Mrs. Harrington. Btw Mrs. H was a beautiful mid twenties woman with a delightful Southern accent. I was twelve and starting to take notice of things beyond nice cars.

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  7. Avatar photo Stang1968

    I see it has a DSO 74. Its possible its been a Spokane car it’s whole life. If not, it’s still a Pacific Northwest car.
    Cool car. These 7-Litres were the cream of the crop.

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  8. Avatar photo Ed P

    I like these full size hot rods. While to heavy to be a true muscle car, this has got to be fun to drive.

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  9. Avatar photo Kevin Harper

    Probably a couple years to new, but you could send it to Holman moody and make a nice jack sears replica and go terrorize the jaguars.

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  10. Avatar photo randy

    He’ll get his money easily, I has a ’66 Galaxie 2dr fastback with a 390, and it was a very fast car. It was not stock though.
    7L cars are highly sought after.

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  11. Avatar photo Sid Member

    Back in the day a guy a few years older than me bought a red one of these with a four speed. About the same time my parents bought a new 66 Chevy Caprice with a 325horse 396 and a three speed automatic.
    After they were both broke in we went head to head one afternoon.
    The big Chevy won every time by about 2 lengths.
    At the end of the third and final run the drum brakes on the Caprice were really getting hot and that was the first time I experienced brake fade.
    Those were the days…..

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  12. Avatar photo Rocco

    They actually made these for 2yrs. ’66-’67. I know because I saw one at a repair shop, and got to check it out.

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    • Avatar photo Miguel

      It was it’s own model only in 1966. In 1967 it was just a Galaxie with a 428.

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  13. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    The 7-Litre was not a trim option, but a separate series between the Galaxie 500 and the LTD. It came factory with a 428 and bucket seats. Too bad someone took this one with a DA (dumb anchor) instead of a genuine transmission! These are beautiful cars, but most especially in Candyapple Red and this is a factory double-red car!

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  14. Avatar photo james

    a guy in high school (1988-89) had a convertible 7 Liter. It was a rocketship for a car that heavy. It,as well as a 67 XL a buddy had would run away from an ex-trooper plymouth another guy had, We where crazy kids. Racing on top end on public roads at 1-2 oclock in the morning. Yeah we where nuts.

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