7-Up Special: 1990 Mustang Convertible

Sometimes things just don’t work out at first, but you can turn lemons into citrus flavored drinks if you try hard.  In 1990, Ford worked with the soft drink company that was bottling 7 Up on a promotional deal where 30 special edition Mustangs would be given away. When this deal fell through, Ford ordered more to be produced, and they were sold through Ford dealers.  All of the cars were convertibles painted what could be called 7 Up green.  Of the 4,103 built, 1,360 were equipped with manual transmissions, while the other 2,743 were produced with automatic transmissions.  All of them came equipped with Ford’s legendary 5.0 liter V-8.  If you missed your chance in 1990, you can still buy this very clean 7 Up Mustang found on craigslist in Kodak, Tennessee for a reasonable $7900.

Two things are constants in the Fox body Mustang world.  The first is that prices are climbing, especially for clean examples that haven’t been beaten to death by speed demons.  The second is that there are very few examples left that have been left stock and are in good condition.  These cars were popular for drag racing because of their light weight and the insane amounts of power that you could get out of the 5.0 liter Ford V-8 engines that many of them came with.  Of the three body styles, the notchback coupes are almost impossible to find in great condition.  They weighed a few hundred pounds less than the hatchbacks, and were cheaper to buy.  Good hatchbacks are tough to find as well, but they were the most popular body style by far so this helps to bring up the number of quality cars still available.  Finally, there are a number of good convertibles left.  Open body cars don’t make good drag racing cars, so many of these were left alone to age gracefully.

This particular 7 Up Mustang seems to be in spectacularly good shape for its age.  While the owner doesn’t tell us the mileage, the exterior condition points to fairly low miles and spending nearly all of its time in a garage.  I cannot find any rips or blemishes in the convertible top in the pictures, and the paint seems to be without blemish.  The 15 inch Mustang GT aluminum wheels look great, and the 7 Up cars were the only LX Mustangs to come from the factory with GT wheels.  In all, the whole package just looks right.

Inside, these cars were all outfitted with white leather.  While white leather looks awesome when a car is new, it is not a covering that will look fresh years later if you use a car as it is intended.  Overall, the owner has done a good job keeping this one clean.  There are some areas that need some more scrubbing or dyeing, but for a 27 year old car it looks great.

When you look at this car as a whole it is pretty impressive.  These Mustangs have a fairly interesting back story, and the combination of color, body style, interior, and wheels comes off perfectly.  While I would like to see more pictures of the engine, undercarriage, and trunk, my guess is everything is in great condition in those areas as well.  Also, knowing the mileage would sure be nice.  This car seems to be a great way to satisfy your Fox body itch, and would look nice in anyone’s garage.

I’ve got to say, I don’t mind the green paint for once!

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  1. Chris Kennedy

    Very interesting story. I could see something like that… especially if it was a Coke a Cola promo…..I was hoping to see something that resembled a 7-up logo…perhaps embroidered into the head rest, enamled emblems perhaps? I am questioning the validity of this one.

    • jcnspots

      The official tie-in never came to be, and Ford decided to just go ahead and produce the cars anyhow, for sale as a special edition.

  2. Suttree

    First product promotion I’ve seen that doesn’t plug the product.

    • jcnspots

      The official product promotion fell through and never happened.

  3. JimmyJ

    I had the exact car it was fun😄
    Top is supposed to be white it looks tan in the pictures
    Top and interior impossible to keep clean
    Sounds like a good deal I sold mine about 5 yrs ago for $5500


    Nice car. You couldn’t buy a jumker and make it this nice or the money.

  5. ccrvtt

    Very nice Fox-body. I always liked the LX better than the GT because I never cared for the cladding on the GT. And I liked this color combination. Don’t really know what it’s worth, but for the right person it’s going to be a great buy.


    I came from the school where the GT was (and is) always king. The LX guys would always say theirs were lighter and would run a micro second faster. Didn’t matter to me because it was always about looks.What ? I’ll add a cold air intake, H pipe and under drives and make up for it.

    • SanityFactor

      Cold air intake was standard on both gt and lx 5.0. It feeds through the right fenderwell down..

      • SanityFactor

        C R’s car

  7. Joe

    Miles don’t matter?????

  8. American_Badaz

    There are 2 7-ups local to me here in central VA.
    I had a 1992 summer edition (red, with white top, leather, and pearl white wheels). Unfortunately nothing mechanically special about any of these, but all of the “feature cars” were properly dressed.

  9. olddavid

    This is the perfect intro car for a budding gearhead. Cheap go-fast parts. Easy access to wrench on and simple construction. As you can see all over the web, they can be made into corner carvers or 10 second 1320 cars. The price is a little on the high side – in my opinion – but not out of bounds, either. I see it has been listed for a month, so its either sold and he didn’t de-list it, or it needs a new price with different pics and pitch.

  10. RichS
  11. Eric

    I own one of these bad boys. It was actually on this website a year before I bought it! Haggerty insured it for $8,000, which gives a ballpark valuation. Mine just turned 33 thousand miles and is a 5-speed however. In my opinion, a pristine Fox body is the ideal car to start car collecting with as little a budget as possible and still have potential for a big upside. Every mile I put on it is like a trip to a therapist a spa and a time machine all rolled into one. It’s hard not to put some fat aftermarket wheels on it but I know in my heart leaving it completely stock is the way to go.

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