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$700 Santa Fe Blue: 1985 Dodge Omni GLH


There’s been a rash of these turbocharged Dodge Omnis showing up lately, including some on this very site and others we haven’t had a chance to get to. I don’t think there’s a sell off – but maybe the Super Moon is causing people to thin their herd of Shelby-branded Chrysler products? Whatever the cause, you’ll find this $700 Omni GLH here on craigslist in a rare shade of blue.


The seller doesn’t provide much info, other than to note that the body panels were removed for safe travel and that the car will need a complete interior. However, the engine and computers are in great shape – yet the car remains undriveable. Still, for $700, you really can’t expect much, and the fact that this GLH is in California may indicate it’s dry and rot-free. But you will have the infamous Cali back fees to deal with, in addition to getting it running again.


Here’s what one of these Omnis in Sante Fe Blue could look like once restored. What a great color – and rare to see on these often-black GLH cars. The seller curiously says he needs space badly, but then offers up that he’ll trade for other Mopar projects! I doubt he needs the space; he’s just bored. For a project car on the cheap, this Omni GLH looks like a lot of fun. I’d throw out an offer of $500, maybe less if the back fees are significant. And never repaint it black.


  1. BRETT morfitt

    might be my old car- wish I could see interior shots to be sure.

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  2. Billy

    Are you sure this ones a Turbo? Not all of them were. Actually, these are kind’a scary to drive, too much power for the handing.

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    • The Walrus

      I agree it’s hard to discern whether or not this one is a turbo as the pics are bad, and there does not appear to be any badging (stickers) on the rear hatch. I disagree they are scary to drive. Maybe the very first time out in one, you mash the gas and hit max boost while not understanding torque steer, but it is something that is easy to adjust for and these will teach you quickly. They can be quite entertaining when using the understeer in conjunction with boost to push/break loose the front tires while in a turn then let off the throttle just enough pull through the turn.

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      • James

        I believe only the GLH had this wheel design and the 5 lug nut pattern…? The normal Omnis all had 4.

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      • Billy

        Checked the CL ad, its a turbo.

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      • The Walrus

        The ad says it’s a turbo, but you can’t tell from the pics in the ad. The 3rd pic is from a different car (one that was for sale on ebay earlier this year). There’s no pic of the hood or engine, the side skirts which call out turbo are removed, and it does not appear to have call outs on the hatch, either.

        In 1985, all GLH’s, turbo and non-turbo had 5 lug rims (‘pizza’ rims). Early ’84 GLH’s (build dates in ’83) had 4 lug ‘swiss cheese’ wheels and later ’84’s had 4 lug ‘pizza’ rims.

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  3. edh

    This would be a monumental headache.

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  4. boxdin

    Everything in Santa Fe is tan, to be exact one of 18 shades of tan, by law.
    But I do like these cars.

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  5. 67coopers

    edh – that’s funny! I drove a few of these back in the day. I also had the pleasure of driving a GLHS. What a riot for such a POS car.

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  6. Wayne Thomas

    AWD and sleeper this sucker!

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  7. jimf42

    I owned a black one in the late 80s….fun to drive, but those low profile tires were fragile. As were the wheel bearings.

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  8. Thomas Spelino

    I had a 77 omni in yellow with gray black wgite stripes only ran during the day what a headache even bypassed selenoid always carried two sets of keys couldnt shut it off at night it was handy moving dressers etc

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