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7,000 Rivets: 1965 Iso Grifo A3/C

1965 Iso Rivolta

There’s something about exotic cars – especially historic ones – that make us feel as if they are invincible, that they can never be damaged or destroyed. The only cars removed from existence are lowly econoboxes, we tell ourselves, and magnificent vehicles like this Iso Grifo A3C here on eBay are safe from destruction. This example looks to have been crashed and burned, however, and needs everything – but that’s not deterring bidders in the least, as the auction is currently up to $200,000!


Everywhere you look, there are blistered surfaces. The seller includes a photo presumably of this car when new, but it’s a long way from the days of its glorious flanks shimmering in the sun. These competition-ready Grifos featured Chevy V8 power surrounded by a riveted lightweight aluminum body that helped the car thrive in endurance racing events.

Iso A3C

The photos are simply awful in this listing, especially for a car commanding such big bucks. This picture is what I assume to be rotten interior seating surfaces caused by the unfortunate fire/burn that sidelined this exceedingly rare race car. We know nothing about its history, but I’ll bet it’s fascinating. The famous Bizzarrini brand manufactured the Iso Rivolta and Grifo, and was the brainchild of a former Alfa Romeo and Ferrari engineer. These cars had racing in their blood, to say the least.


You’ll notice the seller makes reference to “7,000 rivets” in the listing. This has to do with the car portrayed as being 1 of 3 surviving alloy bodied cars, drilled together with a purported 7,000 rivets. Based on the bidding activity, I am guessing there is little doubt that this is one of those three original cars, and that the example here is either known by the community or simply so rare nobody’s questioning its authenticity. What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo MH

    Unsold for $200. Looks like a pile of junk to me. Throw it in the garbage and forget about it.

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    • Avatar photo Josh Staff

      It appears a deal for it must have been made offline. In pristine restored condition, this car will be worth huge amounts of money (think well over $1 million) and could even have some important racing history! Two of these raced in the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans. I doubt this one was one of them, but most of these cars saw racing action of some type. It clearly isn’t a pile of junk one would just throw away and forget, but a car that deserves to be restored and put on display for the world to see!

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  2. Avatar photo mark

    Am I the only one that is constantly puzzled by the way sellers portray these cars for sale? Is it to much to ask sellers actually move the vehicle outside so a decent picture of it can be shown?

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    • Avatar photo Mark S

      Mark your not alone we’re in the digital age now and multiple pictures are easily captured, there is no reason for what you see here except disception or laziness. I would way out of my league with this car, one can smell a scammer on this a mile away.

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  3. Avatar photo tom z

    Phone is located in Belgium, He will only answer phone calls, in other words does not want anything in writing, sketchy photos…. this smells like a scam if there ever was one, run away!

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    • Avatar photo Brakeservo

      The fact he wants phone calls only does not indicate a scam – I really wish I could disable the email feature on eBay when I list cars – time wasters email, scammers text but serious buyers call. I’m always suspicious of seller’s who won’t let me call and when selling I don’t want to waste my time on guys who only email and don’t care enough to call.

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      • Avatar photo randy

        I do not have a phone, any phone. There are always exceptions to the rule.
        I hate it when sellers don’t take emails. How hard is it to answer an email?

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      • Avatar photo Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        Have been a serious buyer for thirty plus years. E-mail has been a boon to me as most people weren’t always near a phone before cellular service. the time difference between buyer and seller not a big deal if on this continent but overseas another story altogether.

        Can’t tell you the number of missed calls, unanswered messages left, family members unable to write a message down, etc.

        Plus no, doubt about what my question is as long as they have the ability to read.

        Unless of course the seller wants no written record of my questions or his answers in case of a dispute that might go legal!

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  4. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    The Iso Grifo was a great looking car but I don’t see too much that looks good in this auction because it’s a fishing expedition. Assuming there is a car to sell, it’s obvious the seller would like to sell it to someone who will engage him to restore the car, with “weekly upgrade photos of the restoration”. Trouble is, with an attitude like the one expressed in the listing, handing over your wallet for that kind of restoration doesn’t always work well, especially with a No. American buyer, and with the work done on another continent.

    And the weird feedback, most of it from the same buyer for the exact same kind of item bought 7 times for the same price each time, with the same feedback each time, doesn’t help me to feel warm and fuzzy.

    But the auction has already been ended because the car is no longer available, so maybe the seller has hooked a big one.

    There’s not much information on the car that’s for sale, but what’s there doesn’t look good, since if the photos are to be believed the car might be toast…literally. Crashed and burned? Does it still have the special Chevy engine with the exotic crossover Weber carb setup?

    The seller doesn’t say. He also doesn’t say which of the 3 alloy-bodied, 7000 rivet cars this one is, and there’s no VIN or any other information to suggest that you wouldn’t be wasting your time if you phoned overseas. The teaser photo of an orange car conveys no information.

    The seller says “This Iso A3C is the car to drive to win”. Maybe, if anyone could be sure there is a genuine A3C there and that the aluminium body hasn’t melted.

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  5. Avatar photo randy

    One thing for sure, anyone with that kind of money to spend on a car like this can afford to lose it (the money). Also, anyone with that kind of money to spend can afford a flight to go look at it in person.

    I say good luck to all involved. Remember Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

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  6. Avatar photo OMGLOLWTF

    Just remember the ebay ID for future reference. He is notorious for coming up with “barn finds” which get shot down by the people “In The Know”. Several more riveted cars were produced and this is NOT one of them. BTW; paint does not age naturally this way. Caveat Emptor!!!

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    • Avatar photo OhU8one2

      He who don’t look,sometimes get took! Just like me,too much Brady Bunch after school. I love it…….

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  7. Avatar photo Dale W

    The seller is well known in exotic car circles and not necessarily in a good way. His eBay listings are bid to ridiculously high numbers then all bids are cancelled and the auction is pulled. Questions of ownership and history always seem to arise. Buyer beware, as always. Check out an Abarth that popped up recently on the “other” site for some entertaining reading.

    The A3/C is the predecessor to the Bizzarrini 5300 and a very cool car.

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  8. Avatar photo Kristof Van Langenhoven

    The telephone number is not correct for the Brussels,Belgium area : it should start with +32 2. There is/was a big car restorer in the location Woluwe Saint Lambert, but I do not believe it is this guy.

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    • Avatar photo Kristof Van Langenhoven

      The seller is registered with Ebay France not Belgium. Hence the 33 country code.

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  9. Avatar photo brakeservo

    re Randy: Anyone who can’t afford a phone can’t afford to buy a fun car. I don’t want to make things “too easy” – if a guy won’t put some effort into contacting me, he ain’t gonna buy no matter how good the deal! Long before the internet and email I learned – never ever take a collect call when you advertise a car and never agree to drive it to the ‘prospect’ either – if they can’t be bothered to pay for the call or make an effort to come see it, they aren’t going to buy in any event!

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    • Avatar photo randy

      No one said anything about accepting collect calls, or expecting a delivery. I have not had a phone for years, but have managed to buy a car or two. Typing is more effort than pushing a few buttons and BS’ing on the phone. You are coming off as “snobbish” or too hoity toity to be bothered by mere peasants. I have also sold a few items on Craigslist even though I cannot be contacted via phone service. Open your mind, and try a little better fellowship with your fellow world travelers.

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  10. Avatar photo OMGLOLWTF

    He can afford any car he wants; is French; lives in Monaco and has his tentacles in many countries. France and Belgium got too hot, he now moved to Italy to promote his business. Read Ferrarichat and see his many (banned) ID’s there.

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  11. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)

    That blistered paint on the LF fender is reminiscent of several coats of paint which have been softened by a chemical stripper.

    Strange listing, stranger lister. Move along, nothing worth seeing here.

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