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Looking For Some Love: 1965 Chevrolet Nova SS


“SS”. Super Sport. Magic letters to Chevrolet fans! This 1965 Nova SS appears to be the real thing, but a lot of work will be necessary if you want to return it to stock form. It’s located in Mechanicsville, Virginia and is available here on eBay, where heavy bidding reflects the no-reserve auction.


There were approximately 9100 Nova SS’s produced in 1965, so there weren’t that many of these to begin with and far fewer of them now. Unfortunately, it looks like some clear coat paint is deteriorated here, and the bad spots in the chrome plating on the bumper are evidence of this car being outdoors for a long period of time. The marks where water has drained off the hood/fender interface give it away.


The rear bumper looks a lot better than the front one, but what looks like a few corrosion issues where water has been running off the back window don’t please me. It is nice to see most of the trim intact, though.


While the interior looks pretty decent, it’s not good enough for most restorations and things like the dash top will need complete replacement. You can also see more evidence of clear coat issues as well. As far as I know, you’ll have to strip all the paint to get that fixed, unless you guys know something I don’t (please tell me if you do, I’ve never had any luck feather sanding clear coats).


Unfortunately, the original V8 is long gone, replaced by a non-running 307. There’s also an aluminum case Powerglide in the trunk. The seller has determined that it originally had a Powerglide, although there’s no claim that the transmission that comes with the car is the original one. One of the best things about this car is something I’ve saved for last, as a reward for those of you that read this far: this car comes with replacement quarter skins, door skins, trunk pan, fuel tank w/sending unit, front disc brake set up from “Right Stuff”, aluminum radiator, and a right hand dipstick oil pan. The seller states this is about $2,000 in spare parts. So all of a sudden, that no reserve auction looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Let us know what you think about this car in the comments!


  1. Avatar photo Rick

    That’s a 66.

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    • Avatar photo David C

      You are correct. 66 and 67 share this body style.

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  2. Avatar photo RON

    Wow. Until last few years I have not been in consideration of a 60’s chevy but since I have this is it. I am not an expert on chevy’s but a Nova was my wish and the 65 seems to be a never seen car of the 62-67 Nova’s out there. Don’t know why but it seems to be indicated here with the level of bidding. I would not care for the 307, I would want a 327 or back to a beefed up 283. put it back pretty much original cosmetically. All that said to realize that until I disposed of my other cars like my other all time favorite 58 Impala, I will never be able to own even a project of these 2 cars.. A great find I think wish I could join the bidding.

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    The boxy Nova’s of the mid sixties are quite collectable and in demand. I bet I see 20 of these cars at the Goodguys car show in Des Moines, Ia. every year. Be interesting to see how much this one ends up going for.

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  4. Avatar photo Bill

    Nice find, but it’s a “66, “67 body, not a 65.

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  5. Avatar photo Rocco

    Cool car. One of my favorite Cebbies (with a 4-speed though).

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  6. Avatar photo Mike

    66 or 67 is correct, I have a 66 and there are very few differences between the 2 other than the front grill and front bumpers. Even though most of the parts would interchange, it would be up to the owner to have a correct part on the correct year. I spend 6 years with a 67 grill in mine until I was able to find one from a 66 to put in it. From the grill on this one I would say it is a 66, the “center bar” from a 67 is missing!!!

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    • Avatar photo Ruck

      The easy way to distinguish. 66 from a 67 is to look at the headlight bezels. 66 is stamped while the 67 is fancy chrome.

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    • Avatar photo oldsnut

      Parts interchange from 66 and 67, but there are a lot more differences than you mention. The 66 had single piston master cylinder for the brakes and 67 was the first year for dual master cylinder. The door locks on the 66 are standard to the top of the door like camaro, the 67 are a rotating knob in the middle of the inside door panel. The Front Sheet metal fits both, but the fenders are different as the 67 has a backward slope to the headlight trim ring and thus the fenders bolt in but the fenders are totally different and so the headlight trim rings wont interchange. The trim in the trunk lid is different, the grill is different. The gravel shield and side body moldings are different. All 66 buckets are one year only as they don’t have catches to keep them from flipping forward, but the 67 buckets have side releases because they have latches to keep them from flipping forward.

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  7. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    Ive had a 64SS and a 63SS and These later 60s cars look pretty good I think, However This car shares the really bad front suspension. In Fred Puhns book “How to make your car handle” he outlines why this design (Same as early Mustangs) Is all wrong and a bad design. In Corners the whole front wheels camber over and you have almost nothing for a contact patch.
    There are complete kits that replace the whole front end that correct the problem but not cheap. As long as you dont expect a canyon carver the Disc brake kit included sounds like a really nice Bonus. The stock brakes were terrible, disc in front and drum in back will make it livable. Personally, I like the 68-72 Novas better, Used to have a 72 Rally Nova. Wish i had kept it. (pix attch circa 1982)
    But thanks to this listing i looked at ALL the Novas on eBay. THANKS BF! BTW, Theres a REALLY REALLY Sweet Red w/ Black Yenko tribute Nova from a dealer in Florida on there. For all the work and parts, its one sweet car.

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  8. Avatar photo Norm Wrensch

    Back in the early 70’s I had a 63 SS convertible with a hopped up 283 and a 4 speed. They were a very poor handling animal, but I still wish I would of kept it. It was fast even with that little motor in it.

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    • Avatar photo Doug Towsley

      Nothing wrong at all with the 283. My 64SS with 283 and Muncie 4 speed was a fun little hooligan car. Did not handle worth beans, and brakes were terrible, but it sure was fun. In my 72 Nova I ran all kinds of engines in the 20 years I owned it, but while 454s are fun, Im partial to small blocks and have a soft spot for 283s. In small lightweight cars they are a great motor.

      This 65 Nova did well on Feebay, Something like $11,500? So, as long as the buyer isnt a deadbeat the seller did quite well I think.

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