70k Original Miles: 1964 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop

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This 1964 Impala is a lovely looking car that has been garaged for the last 30 years. It is a clean and shining example of a classic, and the overall condition is in keeping with a car that has been cared for, and that has only covered a claimed 70,000 miles. If this is a car that you would like to add to your garage, you will find it located in Roxboro, North Carolina, and listed for sale here on eBay.

The owner is pretty candid about the Impala. The Impala has been fitted with aftermarket wheels, but in his own words, he says that it also comes “with the original wheels. minor dings and original paint.” The dings seem to be quite few and far between, and that original Ember Red paint has a deep and lustrous shine to it, while the glass looks to be in first class condition. The only defect that I can find in the external trim is a mark in the left corner of the garnish trim below the rear bumper. I also don’t see any signs of rust.

The interior of the Impala looks like a very nice place to be, and the condition of the seats is not surprising. The seats have been covered since new, and the owner has only just removed the original plastic from them. The rest of the interior trim looks close to faultless. There are two things that I do notice. It appears that the owner has fitted an FM converter under the dash below the radio, and there also looks to be an 8-track player under the dash below the glove compartment. There are also speakers fitted in both the front kick panels and in the rear parcel tray.

Sorry folks, no engine photos. What we know is that the car is fitted with a 283ci V8 engine and that the transmission is a 3-speed manual with a column shifter. The owner doesn’t give us much more to go on here but judging by the fact that he admits that it only gets driven occasionally now, this is possibly the reason why he has decided to part with it. Maybe he wants the car to go to someone who will drive it more and appreciate it.

This Impala is a car that I really quite like. If I owned it, I would probably ditch those aftermarket wheels and tires, along with the aftermarket items inside the car. It might not be as ultimately desirable as an SS, but it is a nice example with good paint and an exceptional, original interior. I think that this is a car that would stand out in any company, and it doesn’t need aftermarket bling to do that. The owner has set a BIN price of $18,500, with the option to make an offer. This is a really nice old car, and I suspect that it will be going to a new home very soon.

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  1. flmikey

    This one appears to be a beauty AND a bargain…I would do exactly what you said, but keep that aftermarket items inside the car…those items were what we added back in the day…btw, are those the original hubcaps?

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    • Billy007

      Suddenly it is the early 1970s and I am back in high school. There were several of these in our high school lot. My buddy Brian had a 1963, 327 4 speed. Red, and perfect like this, except his had the buckets. I was a Mopar man in those days ((had a RR) but I loved his car. The FM converter and 8 Track bring back memories. We all had the 8 Track players, crummy as they were. Gosh, I wish I was young again, don’t we all? Do you think the kids today will love the cars of their generation like we all did? I know, in reality they were poor handling death traps, but when we were 17, they seemed like a little piece of Heaven.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Hey Billy, had a Quadrophoic 8 track back in the day. Kicked tail! Happy New Year!

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    • Bob

      Yes, they are the original caps for an Impala. SS had the flat spinner cars.

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    • local_sheriff

      Yup, original 64 non-SS hubcaps.You could also get spoked hubcaps as a dealer option.

      This is one darn nice ‘Pala, the 64 definately has one of the 60s definately best-looking interiors, regardless of SS/non-SS.It’s very strange it has the 3spd manual, but a cool feature.Even rarer on an SS.

      I’ve owned a 64 SS Impala since ’96, so I’m always somehow exhilarated each time I spot an unmolested six four , this one truly looks like a great deal and unless you buy it now, there’s a good chance it’s gone next time you visit ebay!

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  2. Steve

    I love an old survivor even more than a freshly restored car. I expected it to have a powerglide when I saw the column shift but so cool that it’s a three speed.

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  3. Lounge

    Wow….. just wow.

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  4. dave brennan

    Freakn lotto just won’t co operate!!

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  5. Skorzeny

    Why would you ditch the best looking wheels you could put on this car? Why? I would lose the column mounted shifter first…

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  6. David Frank David FMember

    Well… 4 out of five to keep this Chevy original is pretty good. We can only hope that the lucky new owner will love the car as much as we do.

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    • Dustin Hatley

      I’m the lucky new owner and I made some upgrades tho the motor and trans but that’s it . I just dive it every chance I get

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  7. mlm

    Umm this is one sweet ’64.This is one well cared for Chevy and yes I would keep it original.Best to the new owner.

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  8. Karlos

    Dang dirty shame the kick panels and rear deck got cut to install speakers, but hey, if you’re going to rock out with that 8-track, you gotta have those woofers and tweeters.

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  9. AZguyMember

    There is money to be made on this car!

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    • Steve

      We don’t need any more flippers.

      What ever happened to buying a car to enjoy for yourself?

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  10. Lemble

    A great car for a low rider. Can’t wait to see it jumping around in a video.

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    • Dusty Rider

      “A great car for a low rider. Can’t wait to see it jumping around in a video.”

      Said no one on this site about a car this nice ever

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    • Steve


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  11. Sir Harley

    How is this a barn find…lol! The term is WAY overused…lol!

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse MortensenStaff

      Did we say it was a “barn find”?

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  12. Sir Harley

    I’ll give you twice as much as it cost when it was new…

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    • John Deebank

      Around $3,800. x 2 = $7,600.

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  13. bob

    The only thing I would do with this car is get rid of the wide whites and mount the narrow whites on the original rims and go back and forth to those and the American Racing mags that are on it! Perfect old school look!! And yes, keep the 3sp. on the column. Very nice car at a great price! Too bad I’m tapped out of garage space!

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  14. Boss351

    I think I like the look with the original wheels and hubcaps better. The hubcaps are original or at least show up in other pictures of a 64 Impala. (No reason to remove the 8 track.) It adds to the period look.

    Wish the seller had more pictures for that asking price. No shots of the passenger side, engine or underside.

    The rear view pic is so iconic IMO. These and the Ford Galaxies were once so common on the road, its nice to see a solid survivor out there even though it isn’t a SS.

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  15. Bigcat

    Adam you suspected right. It’s gone to a new owner for the BIN, price.
    Let’s hope the new owner leaves it alone and keeps it original!! Instead of bagging it and dropping a 502 big block in it.
    Congrats to the new owner you got a winner.

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  16. Patrick Shanahan

    Had one exactly like this one only red on red.283 3 speed. Always loved ’62’-’64 Impalas. If this was a 327 4 spd it would be perfect.

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    • milton mckoy

      Oh yes it would.I love that combo myself.

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  17. Del


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  18. PRA4SNW

    Another one of those auction ended because of an “error”. Someone must have offered him some serious money for it.

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  19. Gary Marczuk

    I say again….How is this called a “Barn Find?” The ad says Garage kept…?

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  20. ctmphrs

    If every car listed on here was an actual barn find,we would see 2 maybe 3 cars a day,.I personally like this way much better.

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  21. Fred Alexander

    I’d firstly remove the Hokey looking drip tin from over the side windows – — looks way outta place.
    Next put the stock wheels and covers on and keep the AR Mags for those times .Gold cI wanted to go old school.
    Never was a fan of cutting holes in panels for speakers Oooops never say never – — did that in my 57 Pontiac Laurentian 2 Dr HT back in 62 – – – – but only then, but did add an equalizer.
    Had that car for 40 years, first as a family car then in 74 the body needed some rust repairs so did that and painted a metallic mid bronze color,the side insert was painted gold added AR Mags, Firestone 500 WW, and in 1975 had the interior upholstered in gold crushed velvet Diamond double tufted design like antique furniture.
    Comfy as hell.
    In 76 I had the trunk done including a removable trunk lid liner in same design as interior, and a removable hood liner again as in the same design. There were just over 1000 hand upholstered buttons in the end.
    If any of the readers were at the Calgary ISCA World Of Wheels car show back then you’d have seen this car.
    Took 2nd place conservitive HT 2 years in a row and second year also took best upholstery.
    A couple of years later I became the first car show chairman for our local ISCA Sanctioned World Of Wheels Show.
    I sold the car (not till I found the right buyer out of some 20 Lookie Lous some making a reasonable offer but getting verbal diarrhea about the plan for my old friend.
    Barry who lives on Vancouver Island BC redid the whole car top to bottom inside and out with totally new modernized interior, updated drive train, had the dual quads I had on it sent to the US for overhaul and detailing etc,
    Similar exterior paint scheme. It is one fine example of resurrecting a vehicle that was a good solid starting point.
    Oh yes, still has the numbers matching engine with some more goodies to compliment the dual quads.
    Ahhh the memories.
    Whoa = = =kinda off the topic sorry bout that – anyway – only vehicle I cut a hole i the rear package tray for a speaker.

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    • Steve

      As they say, “Pictures, or it never happened.” LOL Seriously, though, sounds like a sweet Poncho. Any photos?

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  22. Derek

    Nice example the 64 was not as pretty as the 63 or the 65 but this is one clean car. Most of these were turned into lowriders or beat to death. This one is super clean.

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  23. Steve

    As far as the speaker holes in the kick panels and package tray, personally I would either have them upholstered with some matching color cloth over the speakers, or in the least, remove the grills and paint them to match the interior so they don’t stand out so much. I agree with the comments on the wide whites. They aren’t really “period correct”, IMO. I would also go with some narrow whitewalls.

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  24. Steve

    I still give my brother a hard time for trading off his red/ red 63 Impala SS 327/ PG in 1975 or so. It was mint. My dad gave $400, IIRC. The only flaws were one split in the headliner stitching and a slipping PG. We pulled the trans in our garage and had it rebuilt (growing up, we wouldn’t pay someone to do something we could do, and I still operate this way, in most cases). My brother traded the SS for a 48-53 (I forget the exact year) chevy truck with a V8 conversion. Unfortunately, it still had the straight front axle and drum brakes, and was scary as hell…

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  25. Bodyman68

    Im a fan of all the impala’s 62 more so but this is a nice car . When we were young and puting tunes in our cars, we cut up dashes to make stereos and speakers fit . The rear tray is replaceable as are the kick panels but id leave it alone and enjoy it .

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