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’70s Hot Rod: 1927 Ford Model T

1927 Ford Model T Hot Rod

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in the past, but growing up one of my favorite TV shows was the Munsters. I especially loved the episodes that featured their crazy cars! George Barris created some incredible machines for the show and I think the Munster Koach was one of his greatest creations. While this Model T hot rod is not nearly as cool as the Munster Koach, you can definitely see how George’s creation impacted hot rods! If you’d like to have your own period built hot rod to cruise town in, this one is up for grabs here on eBay in Santa Teresa, New Mexico with a BIN of $13,850.

1927 Ford Model T Interior

I’ll be honest, I have no idea if the seller’s asking price is a good deal or not. Given that every hot rod is custom and unique, there is no set price guide to look at. With things like this, it’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it. While I think this is a cool machine, I’m not sure I would spend nearly $14k for it. The fact that it’s a truck body and was built in the ’70s makes it a bit more desirable to me, but I would want to be into it for half that amount. Of course, we all have different tastes and interests, so perhaps $14k seems like a great deal to you!

1927 Ford Model T Engine

As I already mentioned, this rod was built from a Model T truck, which has a killer look to it! I love the bucket style body and the truck bed actually looks functional enough to haul parts or a cooler and some lawn chairs in. The Chevy 350 V8 should offer more than enough power to move it down the road. I would want to check the front and rear suspension out carefully. The seller states the suspension components were chrome plated when it was built, but show their age now. Given how drastically lower it is from original, I would want to check for excessive wear and replace any worn out bits. The upgraded brakes are a nice feature, but this is another area I would want to have a careful look at to make sure everything works and is safe.

1927 Ford Truck Hot Rod

As a kid, I’ve thought it would be amazing to own the Munster Koach. Now that I’m older and slightly more mature, I realize that wouldn’t be practical. For one, the real thing is too important to actually drive and use, but I have a feeling that it wouldn’t make a very good family car either. This hot rod certainly won’t haul the family, but it also won’t cost you huge amounts of money. The seller is willing to hear offers, so you might be able to land it for a reasonable enough price to get it sorted out and have a fun weekend driver! It sure would be fun to take to local car shows. If I got it, I would have to fight the urge to paint it black and make it look like a mini Munster Koach! So would you enjoy having this period hot rod and would you leave it as is?


  1. Avatar photo jeff6599

    When a car is assembled, as you indicate, there are various ways to arrive at a price. A very important parameter is whether it was built with a good sense of proportion. This one wasn’t. Thr front end is too high by roughly 6 in. The rear end is a good 4 in. too high. The windshield should be chopped by about 3-4 in.and redo the top to fit accordingly. Most would say the box is too long out back but when ptoper proportions are achieved, it may be alright. Get the rear tires in the fenders and put a matching style wheel on front with a 135 or 145 tire. THEN go from there. Surprisingly, the headlamp location isn’t bad; so many are.

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    • Avatar photo Steve

      Jeff6599: exactly my thoughts when I opened the ad.

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  2. Avatar photo Mark S

    This old hot rod looks like it’s in rough shape but at least it’s a good starting point to rebuild a period hot rod. I’d have to say that the this truck will have to come completely apart and be restored from the ground up. That said the price is way to high at14K. The most that I’d pay for this is about $4500.00 because you are going to need at least 20k to bring this back.

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  3. Avatar photo Donnie

    I’m sour it was just fine the way it was built / the way the owner wanted it to be

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  4. Avatar photo Rick

    That’s more 50s or 60s than 70s

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  5. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    As far as I’m concerned, George Barris can….

    Never mind. Just remember the 1955 Lincoln Futura in your prayers!

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    • Avatar photo Mark S

      I have to agree with you about Barris he took a prototype car and turned it into a TV car.

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      • Avatar photo Tyler

        Did Barris ever actually ever create anything? Or just take credit for other people’s work like that other fraud Thomas Edison…

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  6. Avatar photo Mike

    George Barris had his hands in the develop and making of every thing created under his name. I toured his shop some years back and actually got to meet him, and talk to him. He was a very easy person to talk to and my 15 minute tour around his shop/museum turned into nearly 4 hours. They did a feature on his with American Pickers last year I think, and he was the same way with me and my family as he was in front to the cameras for that show. I saw pictures of him working on some of the creations, and yes he was doing the work right allow side of his staff.

    For this T-Bucket I would clean it up and cruise in it. Take time to repair the necessary items that might need to be repaired, and let her go. But the downside to this my Wife says no more until I sell some. Bummer!!!

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  7. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Only a face someone like Barris could love.

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  8. Avatar photo Clint

    I actually kind of like it. I’d chunk the Chevy running gear and build a proper small block Ford and drive the daylights out of it.

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  9. Avatar photo jeff6599

    All you guys actually like the front end riding high, and the grossly different wheels and the rear rubber hanging out like that? I’d be embarrassed that someone would actually think that I/ME/ MYSELF did it that way. But you would spend money to change engine and transmission brands and actually say that to people? woot woot

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  10. Avatar photo Bill James

    First off,nobody said George built this car // What he said is that George inspired builders to build in his style. Second, this was built in the 70’s and this was THE style [n that era. As for the tires go,that was 40 plus yrs ago and how many owners ago. Could it be that they were changed because the org.ones rotted out or maybe because the OWNER wanted them.Myself,I would drive it the way it is and make the changes I wanted when I wanted. I LIKE IT//////

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  11. Avatar photo BMW/Tundra guy

    I too believe in order to do this justice, bring it down to the frame and then back up. I believe that these are pretty basic simple machines. The knowledge base to redo one would not of the Rocket Scientist’s level. Meaning the average DYI’er with tools, garage, and patience, could do a lot on their own. Keeping costs down. I agree with some of jeff6599’s changes but would also go a little bit further. Dump the auto and put a stick in it. Take all the chrome and have it blacked out. And do a color change to something that will not put you to sleep but would contrast well with all the blacked out components. (I personally dislike chrome immensely, I go to great lengths on my personal vehicles, to rid them of chrome as tastefully as possible)

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