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70’s Time Capsule: 1977 AMC Pacer

1977 Amc Pacer Front Corner

Before you freak out about us featuring an Pacer, you have to hear the history behind this car. This 1977 AMC Pacer has only covered 13 miles during its lifetime! It may be the lowest mileage Pacers in existence. If you are a Pacer fan or just want an old car that’s like new this one is listed on eBay with a current bid of $10,201.

1977 Amc Pacer Front Corner Before Being Cleaned

Here is how the car looked when it was pulled from the original owner’s garage, where it had been sitting for the last 34 years. The original owner was a little old lady who bought the car when new, drove it home, parked it in her garage, and never drove it again.

1977 Amc Pacer Interior

The interior is as good as new and the seller claims it even smells like a new car. Hopping in this car would be a blast from the ’70s. The pastel blue is a bit much, but it’s in perfect condition. We were a bit skeptical about the mileage of this car until we saw the interior; we don’t have many doubts about that mileage now.

1977 Amc Pacer Underside

With the undercoating still in place, the underside looks just as good as the rest of the car. We haven’t ever seen a car this old that looks this clean without having been restored. It truly is an AMC time capsule. We hope whoever buys it will keep it in its original condition and not put too many miles on it.

1977 Amc Pacer Engine

This car has the 258 inline six mounted to a 3-speed automatic transmission. The 258 only produced 100 hp, but produced about 200 lbs. of torque. The engine looks to be in exceptional condition like the rest of the car and runs great. The seller says when he bought the car all he needed to do was hook up a jump start pack and it started right up. We would change the battery and all the fluids before we would run the engine much.

1977 Amc Pacer Rear Corner

It amazes us to think that someone would buy a car, drive it home, and then never use it again, but it obviously happens. This car looks like it did the day it left the factory and maybe one of the finest AMC survivors we have ever seen. We would be totally in love with this car if it had the 304 V8, but it’s still an amazing find and will make someone a great buy.


  1. Pierrette LeGroulx

    this car is great , but it needs to be driven not a show car only. we have 2 pacer wagons that we drive all the time and we are proud to have them. they are comfortable and people loves to see us on the road. we just love pacers…..thanks

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    • frank

      if you drive it, then there’s nothing special about it anymore, it’s just another Pacer….you would be insane to buy this car and then start driving it.

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  2. Joshua Calloway

    I’ve always liked the wierd/ rare and ugly car models, and the Pacer joined them after the Wayne’s World movie came out(Flames, Bohemian Rhapsody, anyone?). My Mom hated Pacers when they were new, and still does! This one definately deserves lots of love!

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  3. Ted

    Great car! i remember our neighbor bought one back in the 70’s.. 1976 i think. all that glass.. they had a can of spray paint in the car, and it exploded from the heat. Paint went everywhere.. and this was in Vermont !! i can’t imagine the heat in Florida or Texas… esp. since this was way before tinted glass windows. To see these on the road back then was as shocking as if seeing the moon buggy driving down the road. Next was the Ford Taurus when it came out.. about 10yrs later in 1986. It was sooo ugly (for the times). Now all the cars look the same.. can’t tell a Camry from a Lincoln.

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  4. Cass

    I soo want this car. but 10k ouch!

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  5. Kevin

    Yep another piece of crap

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  6. CadeO

    @kevin , now dont be a hater :) odd and interesting is a good thing.

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  7. Tommy Smits

    Hi,Did you sold ypur car already?Otherwise I am interested to buy itThanks and regardsTommy Smitsfrom Holland Europe

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  8. Philana

    I LOVE pacers as I had one as a teenager, and would TOTALLY drive it everywhere! The front bench is def a plus – just like my original…wah on the 10k, which I don’t have!

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    When Chrysler purchased AMC one of the first things that was done was to get rid of old inventory. It started everything 1979 and back was taken to landfills. No one in the AMC hobby saw it coming. No one had the chance to react. Therefore it is almost impossible to restore a Pacer. $10K money isn’t asking much. This is a benchmark and a fantastic find.

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  10. stanley stalvey

    I rode in a car like this one time back in the late 70’s. My impression at that time was this is a “Moon Mobile.” I couldn’t compare it to driving my 70 Chevelle. It had a Corvette 327ci that I installed as my first Chevy car project back in my Navy days. My initiqals are “SS.” hehe..

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    • stanley stalvey

      initials.. “SS” I left them on the pavement everywhere.. haha..

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  11. Richard

    These cars had soooo much space for a family. We had a Pacer wagon and loved it! Good performance and I could haul the family and suitcases all at the same time. It was very reliable!

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  12. Gary

    They cornered like hell, they were so wide for the wheelbase !

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