73,000 Mile Survivor: 1965 Mercury Marauder Hardtop


1965 was the last year for this generation Mercury Montclair Marauder hardtop (say that three times fast!) but it went out with a bang, with plenty of style and substance! This original car has only 73,000 miles and actually looks the part. It’s located in South Haven, Michigan and is listed for sale here on eBay, where the opening bid is $6,000.


Isn’t this a gorgeous emblem? The Marauder was a departure from the formal, and even reverse slant rear windows seen on most Mercury cars made in the few years before this car. I believe it was to improve aerodynamics for NASCAR racing, but I think it really improved the looks as well. The Ford equivalent was the Galaxie 500 XL, and many pieces were shared between the cars. As far as the paint goes, it’s original, but has been buffed through in places on the hood.


image courtesy autopaper.com

Here’s an advertisement where Mercury was comparing their two roof styles. I sure prefer the looks of the Marauder versus the Breezeway (no offence meant to Breezeway lovers).


While there are “two 2-inch tears in the driver’s seat” according to the listing, which I think I can see on the very far left of the seat, the interior as a whole looks spectacular! Just look at that dashboard and facia! I’d sure try to repair what’s there on the seat! I miss colored interiors on cars–everything is tan, black, or gray now.


Underhood, we have what is presumably the original 390 V8 with a two-barrel carburetor. It sure does look nice for it to be original! Yet, it doesn’t look restored, just well taken care of. The seller tells us that it “runs good” as well. I don’t know about you, but other than trying to arrest or fix or do something with the two tears in the seat, I’d cherish this car as it is!



  1. Fred W.

    I have doubts as to mileage claims on many of the cars posted, but this is one of the exceptions. Looks like it really could be a 73K mile car. And the price is right!

  2. Mike

    Doesn’t look like it came out of a barn but really nice car. Missing the link to eBay.

  3. Trent Poole

    A Real American Beauty !

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Dan, that’s twice in two days you’ve helped me with links. I was so enamored by this car last night that I must have been daydreaming…

  4. Luki

    Lower it 3 inches. Tuck and roll the interior. Paint it bright red. Drop in a crated 427.

    Just kidding. Survivor class candidate !!! Love it.

    • Rick

      Glad you said “Just Kidding”. Too many of these fine old cars are being turned into pimp mobiles by people with too much money and not enough appreciation for the beauty of the original. BTW, a ’65 like this one was my first car.

  5. Bob

    Were the valve covers and air cleaner originally painted this color? Looks like someone painted them to match the exterior.

    • Mike Stands


  6. JW454

    I like this one. Those FE design engines were known to be serious gas guzzlers but, it’s not like you’d be driving it everyday. I like the style much better than the breezeway version. Very classy with a sporty feel.

    • Rocco Member

      I agree, the hardtop does look better than the sedan version.

      • jackthemailman

        Well, duh….

  7. Rock On Member

    I think that David sums it up best!

  8. Ralph Terhune

    1965 was not the last year of this generation of Mercury. 1966 was. Ford carried over this design through 1966 and redesigned the full size Mercury for 1967. I have a 1966 Mercury Montclair with 73K miles.

    • Rocco Member

      Does your Merc. have the 410ci eng.? I heard that ’66-’67 full sized Mercs. had the 410ci eng.(2yrs. only) with the 428 crank in a 390 block, or something like that. Makes a lot of torque.

      Like 1
      • Roger

        I remember when I was a kid my dad talking about a 67 Merc he had with a 390 with 427 heads on it from them factory or something like that. Sounds do kinda like what you’re talking about.

      • Mike Stands

        Correct, it was a 390 block and 428 crank making 410 cubic inches.

      • Mike Stands

        Oops, I forgot to mention that the 410 was not offered in the S-55. The S-55 I have found was available with the 428.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Ralph, I should have been more specific–it was the last year of this generation of Marauder–it was called the S-55 for the next year.

  9. Roselandpete

    $6k sounds about right to me.

  10. Mike

    I always Loved this style of body. Nice ride and I think it is right on with the price!!
    I can see it going to around 10k in my opinion!!!!

  11. angliagt

    These are great looking cars – but HUGE.
    I looked at one as a driver,back around my high school days.
    After driving it,I passed on it.

  12. Russ

    My first car was a 65 Montclair Breezeway roof 4 door. It was 7 years old and cost me $210. 78,000 miles, I bought it from my folks. They’d been offered $200 for it on a trade in for a Chevy wagon. Incredible. I beat that poor Montclair like any 16 year old would.

    Two observations: The name “Montclair Marauder” just doesn’t work. It’s like a Navy Seal with a parasol. And IMO the 64 Marauder was a much, much more suitable body style for a sporty 2 door hardtop. The 65 was just too formal. Like a high performance church.

    • Mike Stands

      And in 1964 you could get a 2 door hardtop breezeway as well as ’63.

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