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753 Original Miles: 1975 Corvette Convertible

This is no magic trick like Bill Bixby as “The Magician” with his white Corvette. Instead, this amazing example of a survivor truly has covered only 753 miles in its lifetime. Never registered or titled this NOS 1975 Corvette is definitely a dream come true. There aren’t many opportunities to own a brand new 43-year-old car. With inflation and collector value, the seller is asking $69,900.00. Check out this amazing find here on eBay out of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Thanks to reader Darrun for this remarkable survivor!

The bright shiny and clean 350 cube V8 shows like new with no corrosion in sight. Even the rubber around the air cleaner housing appears soft and supple. There is no evident chipping or fading paint, and there is no evidence of any leaky fluids or oil/dirt buildup. To make this time warp even sweeter, the 350 V8 is backed up by a 4-speed gearbox!

Inside you will likely find that 1975 new car smell. The interior appears without fault other than some minor wrinkles on the seats. The leather still appears quite supple with no evidence of cracking or damage. The interior plastics are sharp and bright with no dirt, dust, or any discoloration.

Bright and clean, the exterior shows like new with no evidence of scratches, touch ups, cracks, or discoloration. Even the license plate area is clean with no dirt or license plate wear. The factory hardtop is a sweet feature to this Corvette as well. Though part of me still wonders how a stick shift Corvette could go through life without being registered or titled? Someone had far more patience than I, as I would have gladly driven this car any and everywhere. Is this low mile Corvette your dream come true?


  1. RoughDiamond

    Wow! This ’75 Vette drop top is absolutely stunning, but not $69,900.00 stunning in my book. No big block was available as an option in ’75 and with the standard engine making 165 HP or only 15 HP more than the ’53 Blue Flame six, the ’75 was all show and no go.

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    • Tom Member

      They should have driven it !!!!

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  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I was getting ready to head to Kenosha for this smoking hot deal, then it hit me. No A/C. No deal.

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  3. SWells679

    How does this happen?
    Man: “Honey have you seen my dad’s old golf clubs?
    Wife: “They’re probably in the garage. [mutters: like everything else].”
    Man: Peeling back an old comforter after carefully stepping over a tricycle – “Oh, wait, here they are…oh look…here’s that Corvette I bought back in the ’70s.”

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  4. Classic Steel

    Nice to see a no hp car with 20 ponies more than the 1959 235 str8 six

    I guess this investment was better than Microsoft stocks 🙃😮😏 or an old used 68 Shelby KR

    Why buy a car and never drive??? Other than the few on it..

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  5. Darrun

    As nice as this car is, the money would have yielded a much better return in most any investment, even if someone would actually pay the asking price.

    It is cool to see any old car this well preserved though. I’m curious as to how hard it would be to get something like this titled? It’s surely not still owned by the original dealer, and after they passed it on, would it not have to been titled?

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  6. Duane

    Only a few things wrong with this deal. It’s a 75 Vette not a 65. It’s a white
    Vette, the least desirable color. It’s $50,000 overpriced. Other than that, it’s a wonderful buy.

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  7. Bongo

    15000 thousand dollar car at best. 1975 0-60 in a hour. Its white has no air and it can’t out run a Honda civic. The owner must have good stuff in that pipe.

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    • Alan

      You’re thinking is exactly my sentiment. Aerosmiths “Dream On” also came out that year LOL!

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  8. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    Funny no one mentioned this was the last Corvette convertible until they offered them again in 1986, as the Indy Pace Car replicas. That’s probably why it was parked as a future collectible, along with a butt load of 1976 Eldorado convertibles, the last GM convertibles. I like convertibles, but prefer my Vette ragtop to be a 99 C5 model, much more affordable at $10,500 and 107,000 miles.

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    • On and On On and On Member

      Your mind is deep. Why pay $70,000 for a $15,000 car when you can have more for less. You think like I do. C5s are so far ahead of this model, even considering it’s age status as collectible. Good for you Chuck F 55chevy

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  9. Boss351

    No A/C? Its not a big block either for that price. It’s waaay overpriced IMO.

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  10. Brett Stock

    There is a brand new 1982 Corvette collector edition here in Minnesota that I just saw 2 weekends ago at a private show. It has also never been titled. It has just 79 miles, and it still has the plastic over the seats. It wasn’t for sale, but the Corvette museum tried buying it anyhow about 3-4 years ago after that sink hole sucked up a bunch of their cars. But they were unsuccessful in their attempt to buy it. I don’t know how much they offered, but I’m sure it was a lot.

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  11. DayDreamBeliever Alan (Michigan)

    I have a ’75 I’ll sell for $5K. Not so pretty, but with a hopped up motor, it’ll run rings around this one!

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  12. Chris

    I’m not saying 70,000 ain’t a lot of money for this car but it is a nice one and ya gotta admit if it was one of y’all s car u can’t tell me that u wouldn’t want some ridiculous price for especially in today’s market!!! And as for out running a Honda Civic not a problem and your also going to get a lot more appreciation for that than any Honda

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  13. Duane

    I tried to buy a 1990 Vette from an acquaintance last year. It was a base model, was white as well and only had 6000 miles on the odometer. I offered him $8000 for the car and apparently insulted him. He was asking $24000. Needless to say, he still has the car.

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    • Superdessucke

      That was actually a pretty fair price you offered for a C4. Only those with delivery mileage might broach the five figures.

      I know C3s are worth a little more but this is one of the least desirable years. And if you put any mileage on it, it’s going to lose its value in giant chunks.

      I’m not a price expert on these but I can’t see it worth being anywhere near 70 grand. My gut tells me low twenties maybe?

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      • Tom Member

        Bottom line is that back in 75 they thought this car would appreciate and it didn’t. It was a gamble when they did it in 75 and it did not pay off. Had they did in 1971 or earlier WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY….

        Well said above, you put ANY more miles on this and get it over 1000 miles and the value will drop like a rock.

        It is nice and not used. Where will you find another one….That is where you MIGHT get some money for it. Very little performance, like none.. It is white. No power. Enduro bumper car….who knows. Probably worth more than low 20’s just becasue……to a collector.. Again, car can’t be driven without huge value drop. My opinion but not worth ANY WHERE NEAR 70K. Maybe $40K to the right person/collector?

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  14. Marko

    License plate on The Magician was “Spirit1”

    I call dibs on a modern vanity plate.
    now I need the jet plane with the rear loading ramp to fly the car around like Bixby did.

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  15. Ian McLennan

    Too nice to drive, poor investment on the owner’s part, same money in the stock market would have done far better.
    Sad to see.

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  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    The seller is swinging for the fences for sure, same as there Land Rover for $85K. BHCC has a 1975 for $18,750.00 with 9 K on it. Chuck F 55chevy has it figured out. 5 fun rigs for the price of this. I did not know so many people dislike white Corvettes, my 1972 is Classic White, but I enjoy it. The sad thing here is with the 4 speed and rag top it would have been a fun car. Being from a private collection, I have to wonder what there DD was?

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  17. JC

    1975 was the most forgettable year for Corvettes… my sons 2012 VW Beetle 2.5 has more HP…

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  18. PRA4SNW

    In one picture, you can see another white C3 parked right next to it.
    He must think he has a stable of investment cars.

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  19. Alan

    This thing is the LEAST desirable Corvette of them all. Only, as in the ‘only’ good thing is it has a 160mph speedometer. The 1st year with a catalytic hp husher converter. The ’74-79’s were dogs. I have 208hp in my ’67 F100 pickup with a 2bbl 352 Interceptor engine. I’d smoke this one lol! Not sure what the poster been smoking when he listed this at that price. “IF” a ’73, then yeah, a possibility of getting $50k, but that was also the highest production year among the ’68-’73 models where they went with a rubber nose & chrome rear bumpers, just getting rid of extra parts for the following years fr & rr rubber bumpers. Too many people think they are sitting on chests of gold when in fact, very few pre-’73 corvettes are worth much over $50k. My dads friend bought a new ’63 split window & drove to Indy 500 that year. Got there, sold out. So being in construction in CT., he hired a crane to hoist him up over the grand stands for the best view over everyone else! Recall my dad asking how it drove, as they both owned ’73-’75 Lincoln marks back then, he said I recall ‘like crossing the ocean in a canoe’ lol. I had a ’70 conv in marlboro maroon. Had a 350/350 M-22 option. Only other option was deluxe int. No power anything. No heater core, no radio. I bought in ’81 w/ 52k miles & sold when left for ID in end of ’99 for $7k w/o the wheels as had new true spokes & Michelins I put on my ’85 eldo. Then in ’92 traded my ’82 Harley Sturgis for a ’78 silver ann vette. That was a dog. So this guy thinking $69k, would be VERY disappointed if he dropped it off at Mecum or Barret & see the highest bid would be $26k if that. To someone that thinks he’s getting something great as a collectible. I’ll pass ty.

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    • PRA4SNW

      If it were a coupe, I would agree with the least desirable comment. But, ’75 was the last convertible year for many years. That bumps it up a few notches, in desirability and value.

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      • Peter Stout

        I don’t see how being the last year of a convertible really gives it any more value than any other C3 convertible. I’d take a ’74 big block convertible over a ’75 convertible any day. Heck, I’d take even a ’74 base model convertible because it doesn’t have the catalytic converter.

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  20. william boardman

    Saw a clean refinished 1974 Corvette today about to be listed for sale…for 14,000. Automatic. Fresh paint in a new color, nice interior. Told the older gentleman “About right, should sell quick. You just don’t SEE these around.” Virginia.

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  21. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    No surpise here. Condition:New
    Ended: Sep 28, 2018 , 8:48AM
    Price:US $69,900.00

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  22. JoeNYWF64

    Take a look at the heater hose clamps – some are GM tower style – other are aftermarket. Lower radiator hose clamp is aftermarket too. Hmmh.
    I would love to see how today’s motors would perform fitted with the terribly type restrictive converter on this vette.
    I guess this was originally a Calif car, since it also has an air pump on there?
    That’s not helping matters either. Even less hp.
    You can’t really drive this thing at ALL, unless u don’t mind takin a hit in the wallet.
    Then u gotta change all the rubber items & fluids.
    Wonder what the rear axle ratio is – changin that & upgrading the exhaust would help a lot.
    I see the 2 black knobs on the dash for the astro ventilation.

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    • PRA4SNW

      Agreed, you can’t drive this or modify it in any way, it’s really a museum piece at this point. Unless you paid way less for it and then you are essentially driving a brand new C3 convertible, which would be kind of cool.

      I didn’t know that they continued with Astro Ventilation in ’75, but you can see the vents on the rear deck. My ’70 had it but the vacuum lines to the rear vents had been removed and crimped closed. I looked it up, and 75 was the final year for it and if your 75 has the Astro Ventilation script on the side windows, you have a rare car. This one does not have it.

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  23. christopher

    ho much do you want for it

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  24. JoeNYWF64

    I thought the cat converter in ’75 was supposed to DO AWAY with air pumps.
    Ignition shielding is still necessary with std HEI in ’75?
    Comparing the blue flame motor with the ’75 vette one above does not take into account gross vs net hp. The blue flame is more like 110 hp net.
    & oddly even in California, you can take off the converter & air pump & go to true dual exhaust, adding maybe 35 hp.
    CARB slipped up by 1 model year on the cutoff date for req’d inspection.

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