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8 Barrels: 1969 Camaro Project

1969 Camaro Project

No this Camaro isn’t parked next to a collection of old barrels, that’s the number of barrels strapped to the engine! The dual quad carb setup must have made this pony one impressive machine when it was still tearing up the streets. The seller claims the built 327 is putting out 375 horsepower and is running strong! With that much power running through a 4 speed, I imagine it could get a bit wild. It’s currently parked in their horse barn with a Z/28 and another Chevy, this seems like a fitting place for a Camaro! It still needs plenty of work to be a safe and enjoyable driver. If you’re interested in finishing this project though, you can find it here on eBay in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania with bidding at $7,800.

1969 Camaro

While it’s great to have a fully built performance engine, without a solid body, working brakes and decent seats, it isn’t going to be a car your going to want to drive much. I don’t see any serious rust, but I do see lots of small areas that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

1969 Camaro Interior

The interior looks fairly complete, but it’s very dusty and dirty. A good cleaning and some decent photos would really help the seller’s cause here.

1969 Camaro 327 V8

Of course they did provide some nice photos of the engine, because we all know that’s the part you really want to see! That sure looks like a lot of carb for a 327, but if it really has been worked over, it might be able to put them too good use.

While I love the idea of having big block power from a small block, I think the seller would have been wise to have serviced the brakes, shown that the car is safe to drive and given it a really good cleaning. On the other hand, the fact that it’s a bit of a gamble could work out in your benefit. I mean, just listen to how great it sounds in their video! If that doesn’t make you want it, I don’t know what will.


  1. JW

    If you can get it for around 8K I could see some potential, the floor shift opening looks to be a hack job, I think their might be rust under that rear window trim and what’s with the hay or straw between battery & radiator, maybe a farmer’s idea insulation ???

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    • nighttrainx03

      JW I was thinking the same thing about the floor shift and its location. I don’t remember seeing a shifter that far over on the hump before. And like you said it looks like a hack job. More and likely it came with a Colum shift from factory from the way it looks to me. Id say this old girl was road hard and had no mercy.

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  2. Mark P

    Bet this was a 250ci six auto when it rolled off the line. The tell would be if it still had the mono leaf rear springs. No power steering and manual brakes (probably four drums) Looks like an equalizer to the left of the steering wheel. Haven’t seen one of those in years.

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  3. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    dual 390’s is not to much carb for a decent 327 … 500’s would be, tho’

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  4. Blindmarc

    Look how thin the radiator is too.

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  5. Moparman Elliott Member

    But what about the 70 in the back??? I love 69’s, but that peeking from under the cover has me all hot and bothered!!! :-)

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    • JamestownMike

      I agree. I like the 69 Camaro but LOVE the 70 Camaro split bumper!……..especially the Z28!

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  6. Doug Towsley

    Probably WAS a 6 banger originally, Looks like a period hot rod from back in the day. Used to so many running around they were common. then one day they suddenly became rare. Has potential but needs a lot of work, be interesting what it will go for. This truly is a barn find.

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  7. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    There is one thing that bothers me.

    Years ago when in High School, lots of the gear heads in our class bolted on a lot of different intakes, dualies no issue, we even had a couple of triple 4 barrels in the parking lot.

    Out of all of them probably close to 16 or so cars, only two, maybe three had the knowledge and ability to change the cam.

    Most just burned a lot of gas, and little else.

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    • Kent Pearson


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    • Doug Towsley

      We ALL did a lot of dumb stuff when young. Some people learn from it. I try to learn as well from others mistakes. (not always).

      Jeez, remember those cool looking spark plug wires with stainless hose coverings? Holy cow those things were junk!

      Many people overcarb, Very few can make duals work well on the street, and reality is they look cool but you dont see too many on the race track except drags. Not many people either understand how to make the whole package work together but there has been many useful articles in Car Craft, Hot Rod, Super Chevy and others about combos that work well and proven.

      Notice though that SB has Camel Hump heads. I used to run those on my 1968 327 (alleged Corvette Motor) and they worked well. I ran a lot of different cams in that. Maybe, just maybe there is some good parts inside.

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      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        Doug, the best thing I saw was a friend had a 6 cylinder ’67 Mustang Convertible that he put triple 2 barrels on. No mean feat as the intake was cast as part of the head on those. He made flanges and brazen them in with tubing.

        Best part was the progressive linkage that used shaft collars to make them all work together in about 30 seconds.

        People had no clue what was going on with the three carbs coming out of the hood.

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    • Julles

      Do you know how many times I was pushing Van’s 1970 Ram Air III Formula Firebird in my skimpy red disco dress and platform shoes trying to roll start it. My favorite was how when you were driving it, the shifter would just start floating around. Nothing like trying to reconnect your shifter while flying down the interstate.

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      • Doug Towsley

        In the 1980s I would take out dates in my hot rod Nova SS with Muncie and several times had the linkages come loose until i started loctiting the hardware. Several times along side the road replacing bolts and nuts laying under the car. Never happened unless I had a girl in the car. I was im sure such a prize. But that would be a great picture of you in the dress pushing the car. Ahhhh, memories right???

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  8. RandyS

    The shifter position makes me think the trans and/or shifter came from a C3.

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  9. JW454

    The X44 highlighted on the body trim tag indicates this was a no option plain Jane belly button car from the factory.
    However, many of the COPO cars were built using X11 and X44 coded Fisher bodies.

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  10. Dennis

    O-my,….After extensive research on the vin number and the information that was listed, this is a true original V-8 car, and……it’s a COPO car as well, the seller has no ideal on what this car is, I bet towards the end of the auction, the person that does the best research will end up with a gem ! The price of this car, even in this condition is worth over 20K plus. Wow,……I might have to keep my eye on the bidding as well. Did anyone notice the shatter proof bell housing as well, this car back in the 80’s was built with no short cuts, loaded with lots of goodies and the car is not in that bad of condition. Someone is gone to get lucky this weekend !!

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  11. Blindmarc

    Didn’t think that Chevy was still using the 327 in 1969. I do know they had the 302, 307, and 350 in that year.

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  12. Dennis

    If you read the ad, he states the engine is not original, so not sure what your saying about 327 not being used in 1969 ? Either way, research the vin number !!! I think you will be surprised about what this car really is ! A little hint, it’s work two times the bid as it is now at $ 7,800.00, sorry, might be three times !

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  13. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    Hope you sell your car for big bux, Dennis. It does give me an idea, when I get serious about selling one of mine I’m going to black primer the hell out of it, to prevent further rusting.

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  14. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    Seller Dennycorvetty? LOL Dennis, I guess it’s one of those rare 327 375 hp Vette engine COPO cars, how hard is it to post engine numbers?. But there are a lot of people that want 69 Camaros, maybe it will make your reserve.

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  15. Dennis

    Well……..well, …………………Did you catch the selling price ? I would recommend that you spend more time researching cars rather then “trying” to get an edge on what I’m doing, stick with me Chuck, I’ll teach you a few things an educate you !

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    • Doug Towsley

      Well, I hope it goes to a good home, could be a cool project, But moving Fwd, I think most everyone wants to know more about the OTHER Camaro that was in the background.

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  16. Dennis

    It will be for sale shortly, selling one at a time, all the funds are gone into a 56 Chevy delivery project. Also for sale will be a 36 Chevy that sit in a garage for 63 years, was build in the early 80’s with a Mustang II front end, 327 engine (maybe Chuck knows more about it than i do), lol.

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