80 Original Miles: 1993 Chevy Camaro Pace Car

We often see the Corvette Pace Cars from the late 70s and 80s preserved in bubbles with delivery miles; less commonly seen are the 1993 Chevy Camaros that served in a similar capacity. This example has only 80 miles from new and looks to have been driven home from the dealer and parked. The seller claims it is one of just 100 coupes and he parked in a water-tight container the day he bought it. Find it here on craigslist with a $29K asking price.

As you can see, the plastic protective covers still protect the seats, and the original pace car graphics remain in their original GM boxes. The seller has a variety of memorabilia, if you’re into that sort of thing, commemorating the Camaro’s place at the front of the grid. The seller notes he could be talked into letting some of those items go with the car, and that he’s also interested in trades for a “..67, 68, 69, 70 Camaro Z28, RS/SS or 65, 66, 67, 68 Mustang Fastback of equal value and condition.”

Good luck finding any of those cars in equal condition! The photos are fairly bad for such an interesting specimen, with more pictures of “memorabilia” than the car itself. Here we can see the fairly worthless copies of Autoweek with the Pace Car edition on the cover; some AMT / Ertel models are also up for grabs. The carpets do like like brand new, but we’d like to see more pictures of the front and side of the car for an example like this.

Instead, the seller includes a picture of a picture (and not even a hardtop!) of the actual car. A quick Google search reveals that Barrett-Jackson sold a similar Pace Car with just over 7,000 miles for $14,025 – and that was one of the 125 used during the Indy 500 festival. So where does that put this car’s value? I’d say right around $20K, as it’s not particularly historic at the moment and these were otherwise garden-variety Camaros. Anyone agree/disagree?


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  1. Chuck Cobb

    Container might have “water tight”, but not “dust proof”!!!

  2. Rick

    I hate lazy sellers. If you have to, push the damn thing out of the container and clean it up and then take photos. At this point it’s still a $10K car once you replace literally everything rubber that has to do with the fuel, oil and brake systems.

  3. CoolHluke

    Would be cool Chevrolet for a car museum collection at this point.


    30K ? Must be gold dust coating that thing.

    • jdjonesdr

      People in Hell want ice water too.

  5. Danny Kelley

    To put this car back to a driver condition would take some time and unknown amount of money. Its really not old enough or rare enough to have the value the seller has placed on it. I say put it in an auction with no reserve and let the bidders have at it.

  6. Mark

    Car was $23K new.
    If I were the owner and could swing it, I’d just hang on to it. Start it up an let it run for a while from time to time. Clean it up. Loan it out to a museum for a while. Do something……just don’t let it dry rot away.

  7. Mike

    Typical CL seller. Only two pictures of the car from only one angle and the rest is just magazines and brochures. Do you really want to sell it or not?

  8. dan

    $23,000 in 1993 equals $39,132.74 in 2017

  9. sir mike

    Not even worth what he paid for it new…..sorry

  10. John W Lyons

    Wash it off and drive it. It’s a 10K car either way.

  11. Pa Tina

    Camaros and Firebirds post -1972 have been done to death.Granted, the current Camaros are pretty cool but the generations in between the true performance pony cars and the latest generation are an embarrassment to anyone associated with them. They all belong in a giant sand pit somewhere in Georgia so we don’t have to see these automotive abominations any longer.If you had a mullet and a mustache in 1977, good for you. Now get over it.

    • Mike

      Lots of people would beg to differ with you. It’s your opinion. Lots of us think you’re wrong.

      • Pa Tina

        They (and you) are free to differ with me. That’s what BF is all about. I’m sure the car I think is not interesting is the stuff of other’s dreams. Happy Holidays.

  12. Steve

    He bought the wrong car, he should have bought a 93 Cobra.

    Like 1
  13. irocrobb

    Bad investment for sure. Better to have driven it some and enjoyed it. Maybe in 20 years it might bring 29,000. If you figure in insurance and rent a real bad investment. Makes me think of the investors buying 1978 Corvette anniversary editions and sticking them away. They thought they would be millionaires some day

  14. Denn

    I have this one beat, this 93 from PA only has 8 miles on it. Gets started every three months.

    • Pa Tina

      And the ground effects are amazing! Darn thing sticks to the ceiling!

      • SRT8

        Still upside down in value


        I think the pic was taken in Australia. :)

  15. victor sanchez

    I have a restored 1969 Z/28 ( not a clone ) and this guy would have to give me a handful of these pace cars to make a good or even trade, good luck with that idea but, it is a nice car

    • Pa Tina

      And you would be very sad after making that trade. It is very hard to appreciate what an incredible car the 67-69 Z-28 was unless you have driven one (aggressively!). The sound of that engine at high RPM is amazing. Enjoy!

  16. irocrobb

    There is one on ebay with 2500 miles and a buy it now of 15,900. I would rather have one driven a little compared to this 80 mile example. He is out to lunch…

  17. victor sanchez

    To Pa Tina thanks for that vote of confidence I love the power band my Z/28 has and with those solid lifters and 780 Holley singing their song it is GOOD music

  18. 69 Maro Man

    That and those awful blue/purple corvettes with yellow interiors. Pure automotive vomit..

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