1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe With Only 812 Miles!

1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe

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The seller of this Monte Carlo claims that it has only covered 812 miles since new! Except for the battery, everything is supposedly original. It’s being offered by a used car dealer and no other proof is given of the mileage, but the window sticker is still in place on the passenger side window. One should always be cautious, but this one might just be legit. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Aero Coupe

Besides the mileage, the thing that makes this SS special is the Aerocoupe body. If you look closely you will notice the sloping rear window and short trunk lid. That sleek rear cut down on drag and helped Chevrolet in their stock car racing efforts. The average driver would probably never go quick enough to notice the difference, but it is nice to know that your Monte Carlo has some race heritage.

Window Sticker

The window sticker isn’t really proof of the car’s providence, but it is fun to look at. Unfortunately, I can’t make out much, but there do appear to be a lot of options on that list. These cars did come pretty well equipped with a 5.0 V8, automatic, sport steering wheel, and tach. It wasn’t a muscle car of old, but this was a respectable cruiser for any NASCAR fan in the eighties.

Monte Carlo Interior

A close inspection of the interior can usually confirm or refute a low mileage claim. There are a few scratches, I can’t find any excess wear that causes me concern. There’s also tape covering the pedals, but I’m guessing that was just done to protect things when moving the car around. I’d want to look at this one over in-person before making a commitment.

812 Miles

It is in good condition, but there’s always a slight possibility that this is just a really well cared for car that has covered 100,812 miles. The seller has provided many photos in their eBay listing here and the provided history report does look promising. I would need more documentation before taking the jump, but a quick call to the seller may clear up some doubts. What do you think?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. jim s

    at $19100 and 54 bids with more the 2 days to go but one of the bidders running this up has zero feedback which always concerns me. this car is way to nice for me, i would want to drive it, maybe even swap in a manual trans. great find.

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    • GMServicePartsOperations

      If You were at bidding ….You would not be posting at Barn Finds. At best, with humility, after winning a bid, You MAY check back with BF….maybe…..

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  2. GMServicePartsOperations

    It was considered “ugly” in it’s day compared to the coupe…There is something to be said for “Public Opinion”. At the dealership level….We called them “AeroPoops”…..they flopped.

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    • dj

      I worked at a dealer too during this time. We had 6 of them on the lot. All maroon just like this one. In 1989, they sent them off to be sold wholesale. And if they didn’t sell, they were to be crushed.
      When they first came out, a woman bought a silver Aerocoupe with column shift and bench seat. I guess it’s pretty raire now.

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  3. grant

    80’s GM product. Pretty, but mechanically dubious. All the value is in the low miles, what a waste. This should have been enjoyed for what it was when it was built.

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  4. Bob

    This car is the real deal. They don’t clean up like this. They have to be kept that way from day 1.

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  5. TomMember

    Well if you always wanted one of these this is your chance. I am always skeptical of most cars listed but I am all in on this one. great job by the seller on great pictures, great detail and super close ups. shows they have nothing to hide. very cool to find a car like this all original, super clean. the real deal. I wish I liked them more! it is my favorite color but my 20K would buy something different. congrats to whoever ends up winning the bid. Nice car.

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  6. JW454

    Once again, we have one of those cars that’s value is in the fact it has such low miles. If you bought it, you could sit and look at it to preserve it, or drive it and ruin it.
    For me, it wouldn’t make sense to own it.
    Very nice car compared to most of it’s breed.

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  7. DirtyHarry

    It certainly looks the real deal. Keep it this way for another 20 years and I bet you beat the stock market with your investment.

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  8. MIkeG

    Nice looking car but I’ll never understand the people who keep cars like this as “collectors”. Maybe in another 20 years or so.

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  9. JW

    Love the black cherry exterior but the burgundy interior NO THANKS it would have looked better in a gray. The car itself not worth having unless you plan on letting it set in your garage, Museum piece IMO.

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    • grant

      My mom had a cavalier this color. I think it was brandywine metallic or something like that. I always liked it.

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  10. Charles

    Very nice! Extreme low mileage premium.

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  11. Woodie Man

    The Eighties were the nadir of American design……..and I thought the Seventies were bad! Waaaay too much velour…..

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    • Geoff S.

      I’m with you Woodie. I am surprised a car of this “caliber” wouldn’t have a sexed up interior to go with the SS and the special body type.

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  12. Roseland Pete

    A Carfax report should help verify mileage. I caught a lying seller who shaved off 100k miles on a Cadillac. Even when I brought it to his attention, he still didn’t correct his ad.

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    • audifan

      Carfax shows 567 miles in 1996.
      No other mileage entry after that.
      Autocheck shows 567 in 1996 and
      747 in 2000.

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  13. James

    There is a Date on the Tires !

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    • William J.

      They are the original tires. Goodyear stopped making Eagle 4’s many years ago.

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      • James

        Then the Thread should look like day 1

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  14. James

    Also, the window sticker looks like hell.

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  15. Van

    I don’t think an 87 corvette or camaro would be a better investment.
    We are talking 1987, this is as good as it got.

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    • James


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  16. racer99

    Just a couple of things bother me — compression on the outboard bottom driver’s seat bolster, the under-hood blanket (color and marks around a couple of the pins where someone tried to pry the pins out), the different color paint inside the cutouts on the bottom of the hood, and the white residue around the radiator cap. I’d have to lay my hands on this thing before bidding because otherwise it looks uber-clean and every bit the low mileage find it’s supposed to be.

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  17. cyclemikey

    Anyone who truly believes that this thing has 100,812 miles on it needs to have his cynicism meter recalibrated. Seriously.

    The car doesn’t really appeal to me, but sheesh, not everything in life is an attempt to pull a fast one.

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    • racer99

      Sorry but before I put down $20K with a seller with ZERO feedback as a seller and with the bids being driven up by bidder with ZERO feedback I’d certainly want to lay my hands on this. The seat thing still bothers me — there is another 10K car on-line like this one where the driver’s seat is perfect where this one has the side bolster squished down like it’s got 50K on it with a fat man sitting in it. There are a couple other things that I can see that don’t make sense but hundreds of spots where it looks dead on. I can’t really point to anything that confirms that the listing is bogus but just enough concerns that for the price I’d make real sure before I plunked my money down. Yea, call me a skeptic.

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      • James

        I call you 100% Correct !

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  18. PKE

    Very nice car if this is what you’re looking for and I believe the mileage. However I think that in addition to the stated battery, the A/C hoses have been replaced.

    The end fittings are probably original but the rubber parts are not. At least I’ve never seen compression bands like those pictured on factory-installed a/c hoses.

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    • racer99

      Yes, the wrench marks on some of the fittings was one of the things that caught my eye.

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  19. stillrunners

    Aero wars…..Ford kinda started it….Dodge jumped in and finally GM get’s in the mix some years later….Smokey’s Chevrolet was a privateer…..

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  20. Ron (Florida)

    I love G-body cars and this is one of my favorites. I actually would want a clean one with higher mileage so that I could enjoy it and not have to treat it like a museum piece. Beautiful car and a great looking color.

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  21. ronniecarlo

    Those miles are legit.I have been owni g them for 30+ years(look at my user name.The numbers on the odometer are even..WOWEEE!!!!?

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  22. Charles

    Pontiac’s answer to this car was the “Can-Am.” I have only seen two of those and they were very “slick” looking!

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    • Van

      Hay Charles, the Cam Am was cool with its Trans Am scoop.
      The Can Am was from 1976 with a “Pontiac” engine.
      The competition for this was the Grand Prix Aero.
      Both were stupid next to the Grand National Regal.
      Buick didn’t have the performance history of either.
      Never made since to me.

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  23. Mike Burnett

    I can see why the car has only done 812 miles. It’s so ugly the owner must have been too embarrassed to take it out of the garage!

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  24. racer99

    OK, I looked again at the pics and I keep seeing more warning flags. First, on the pic for the rear decklid lock why is there no paint on the lock cylinder cover and why is the paint missing on the decklid around the base of the lock cylinder cover (like it was taped for a respray)? Why is the glass scratched (like from sand paper) under the VIN? Hood alignment is off (passenger’s side higher than driver’s side). Tons of surface scratching including lots of scratches under the driver’s door handle and on the plastic taillight lenses, etc. (could just be from really bad clean up as even the painted panel on the dash is scratched). I really wonder about this one as most of it looks like it should. And, BTW, no reviews on the dealership available on-line that I could find.

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    • Van

      99 you have a point.
      I do this on my phone and don’t see that kind of detail.
      With only 812 miles this car should look new.
      Even a dealer demo with 812 miles of abuse would look better.
      Option 1 speedo disconnected after first week?
      OP 2 speedo replaced? my favorite because not necessarily nefarious.
      OP 3. Clock turned back?

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  25. racer99

    BTW it’s on the dealer’s web site at $29K.

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  26. Joseph Conner

    Why must Barnfinds always bash a car or the owner? It’s a dbag move. Clearly this car is true to the everything. Why can’t it be a survivor? Such an asshole move to try and discredit cars.

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    • Van

      Dude, chill.
      Some of us have seen to much.
      Sorry to bring you down.

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  27. ronniecarlo

    Thank you Jesse. I have owned about 30 Monte Carlo’s both SS and non-SS and they all have proven their worth.I worked at GM in Arlington, TX for many,many years where they built most all ’81-’88 Monte Carlo’s.With a full perimeter fram and fantastic weight distribution, plenty of room in the engine bay.These cars,SS,non-SS and yes the RARE Aero-coupe are valuable..People get hung up on the sixties muscle and that’s fine.But I spanked s ’67 RS/SS Camaro when I bought my first new car, an ’85 SS,Why? Because my car hooked up,his just blew the tires away.Not trashing any cars,live them all,but remember GM put big blocks in cars with 7 inch wide steelies….These Gbodies are going to be the next high dollar car.I have six.I’m getting back in early.. Lol.. By the way here is serial number #321 built 10/82.Just for fun

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  28. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    Poor fitting panels were typical for US cars in the ’80s. Both Datsun & Toyota made a big deal about panel gaps that were even all over the car (remember the ball bearing test advert?)

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  29. racer99

    Must not have reached reserve — it’s been relisted.

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  30. racer99

    Relisted car back up to $22,600 with 3 days left.

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  31. ronniecarlo

    I have poured over the photos of this car.I payed special attention on the odometer.Particularly the odometer pics.It is my professional opinion that those miles are true.It is also my professional as well as my personal experience owning North of 30 SS and non-SS Monte Carlo ‘s of the ’81-’88 4th gen.Those numbers are perfectly straight(no roll over here).The over all surfaces also convince me even more.The asking price is right in line with this type of car.I am fortunate to own Six 4th gen MCs,and I am very involved on.many Gbody groups. So my free time is taken up with 4th gen cars.Please no hate mail..LOL

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  32. Wd62vette

    I bought a brand new Burgundy 1987 Monte Carlo Aerocoupe in 1988. Dealer’s could not sell these cars. I paid $13250 out the door. My car had power split bench and no t-tops.
    The quality control on these cars was so bad, that I will not by a GM car to this day. When I sold it in 1999 it had 288 miles. The burgundy interior was noted for fading. Window sticker was glued on so that it was impossible to save. Never regreted selling that car.
    Also had a 1986 1/2 Pontiac 2+2 fastback in 1990 that was a better car, but not by much.

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