8,190 Miles: 1983 Ford Mustang GT

This 1983 Ford Mustang convertible is the desirable GT-spec with the manual transmission. Most impressive is its low mileage, clocking in at just 8,190. Outfitted with a range of options that makes it desirable regardless of the mileage, this Mustang comes with extensive documentation and still wears its original TRX tires and wheels. It’s listed here on eBay with bidding over $8,000 and the reserve unmet.

The GT left the factory with a power top and locking rear differential, among other features. While the TRX wheels and tires are expensive and hard to find, their presence speaks to the high level of originality on display here. The Triple Black paint and interior is accented with silver trim, and the cabin features cloth seats. According to the seller, the Marti Report confirms this is one of 42 cars with these options.

The seller notes that all of the plastic trim, center console, gauges, carpets and more appear to be in excellent condition. The central warning system for maintenance items like a blown bulb still works, and the description reads as if the A/C is still functional. The original owner opted for the premium stereo package, which also still functions – but no word if 1983’s standards for “premium” match the current day.

While these were not the powerful Mustangs ever built, a legitimate V8 with a manual transmission was a welcome change from the days of the forgettable Mustang II for many enthusiasts. While a turbocharged mill was also floating around about this time, the 5.0 is still the engine of choice if you’re going to buy an investment-grade “four-eyed” Fox Body Mustang. A reserve of $10K seems reasonable, to me.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Sweet car. Low mileage stock Fox Body Mustangs have been bringing very solid prices in recent years, so will be interesting to see what happens.

    I know of a very similar car which has…. 7 miles. If I would have seen the pics first and not Jeff’s title line with the mileage listed, I would have thought it was the 7 mile car.

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  2. Bear

    Nice looking Mustang 5.0, 4-speed, triple black, convertible.
    “Back in the day” (late 80’s) in San Diego I had a buddy who drove one of these. We had a lot of fun in that car! :-)
    Cheers to the seller for including photos of the engine bay & the underside! (WHY doesn’t everyone do this?!?)
    There is some light rust on the underside suspension components, but nothing that appears to be worrysome. Still, it would be good to check over all of the lower sheetmetal for any “early signs” of rust & treat those areas accordingly.
    Given the past sales history of this seller, I suspect that the reserve is set well-north of $10K. (They sell a collection of very nice cars, but they price them well above the “bargain” price point.) I expect to see healthy bidding, but a result of “reserve not met”. &, to be fair, this is NOT a “bargain basement” Mustang, so expect to pay good money for it IF you are an interested buyer!

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    • Philip Lepel

      Beautiful car. I have an 83 GTTurbo black on black with t canyon red interior.it should be noted that the 2.3liter Lima turbo engine only made 12 less horse power than the 5.0 and was Ford’s first computer controlled manifold fuel injected engine. Predating the V8 by 4years. It made more horsepower per cylinder andWas equal to the Camaro and Firebird V8’s of the same year. My car is 500 of 603.

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  3. Bear

    Gotta say, I do PREFER these early GT Mustangs that came WITHOUT all of the plastic “body kit” add-ons of the later year Fox-body Mustang GTs. Those “louvered” rear GT tail lights & the plastic air dam & side skirts now make those later-year cars look SO dated…. :-(

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  4. irocrobb

    I really like this one and its the first year of the 5 speed,I think. Too bad its black. I know they are gutless by todays standard,but nice body lines in my humble opinion.

  5. Todd Zuercher

    Jeff – this car has a Traction-Lok rear differential, which is Ford’s name for a clutch-type limited slip. It’s not a locked differential.

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  6. Bmac Bmac Member

    Got one just like it w/33k miles. Might be gutless by today standards, but it’s more fun to drive then my 700+ 2016 Hyperstang. “More fun to drive a slow car fast then a fast car slow”.

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    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      I have to agree with Bmac. I have three collector cars, one with 540 hp, one with 300 hp, and one with 85 hp (all Mustangs). The 540 hp car can frankly be more car than I can comfortably handle, and it is absolutely terrifying in the rain. The 85 hp car is too underpowered to drive in modern traffic (plus it is old). The 300 hp car is…. just right.

      To me, modern cars with horsepower which was only a dream not that many years ago are very cool, but it’s hard to find a place and time to utilize their capability.

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  7. Ronnie

    TRX are a big problem , the premium sound system even in those Day didn’t compete with a 100.00 pioneer KP , they were fun to drive they appear after the II’s and they burn tires and make a lot of muscle car noise 😊

  8. Wayne

    I would love to own this one. Already have 2 Black Fox Body’s. ( ’87-5.0, ’84 SVO) but I hate black. Only pretty when shining brightly. They get too hot in the Nevada sun. Two things to remember about this car. It does not have the higher horsepower rated 5 speed (non-“world class” version) so working it hard on a regular basis is not recommended. Also, because of the age. The power valve in the carburetor if not split already, it soon will be. Best just to change it as soon as taking ownership in the car. Less than an hour job ( less than 30 minutes if you have done this before ) It will save you fuel and a cat converter replacement. I STILL WANT IT!

  9. Del

    I am not a Ford fan, but Hagerty says this car is worth at least 22 grand or more.

    I agree.

    Looks like it will not reach reserve

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  10. Arthell64 Member

    Ford didn’t get the tailpipes right on the foxbody until 85. Something about a v8 with duel tailpipes on the same side seems un-American. Most people back in the day fixed this issue. I prefer this stang over a first gen 64-66 stang. Much better driving car and more reliable.

  11. Lindy Waddell

    I had the 5 speed 1983 GT that looked exactly the same. I bought it new with black leather interior and a premium sound system. It was one of the best Mustangs I ever owned and I would love to have it today! The acceleration and sound of the engine was incredible. I was the young girl at the office who all the guys I worked with loved my car!

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