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8,500 Miles & $6,950! 1980 Chevrolet Chevette


Your new daily driver is this sweet 1980 Chevrolet Chevette. It’s in Indianapolis, Indiana on Craigslist and not only is it 99% perfect and 99% original, it’s priced right at $6,950! Wait, what?..


I don’t care what the vehicle is: a 1937 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic, a 1949 Jaguar XK-120, or a 1980 Chevy Chevette, if it’s in perfect, original condition, it’s a winner to me. It’s all about the memories for me, not about the flash or about showing off or one-upping anyone else. This car is most likely not on anyone’s master wish list, including mine, but I’m glad that there are still perfect examples like this one out there.


This car has 8,500 original miles on it and it’s all-original, other than the battery, right down to the 1980 BF Goodrich Lifesaver tires. The original owner never drove it if there was a hint of moisture in the air and only used it to go to flea markets and yard sales, which I’m sure the hatchback came in handy for.


You knew that it would be an automatic, but look at those time-warp patchwork seats! This car has ice-cold AC which will come in handy with all of that black vinyl. The spare tire and compartment look like they’re brand new because they basically are.


This is Chevy’s, no wait, this is Isuzu’s (yes) 1.6L G161Z single-overhead-cam, inline-four with 70 hp and 82 lb-ft of torque. This engine reportedly purrs like the proverbial kitten. If I had a 3,000-vehicle collection like Mr. LeMay did when he started his museums in Tacoma I would want this car to be in my collection. Would any of you have room in your collection for this Chevette?


  1. Bingo

    Pro street it!

    Put in a shortened Ford 9″ and a 671 blown small block Chevy and drive it like a rental.

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    • Steven A Hunter

      Man,I’m a sucker for the odd balls,I have a 75 matador station wagon, 69 fiat 850 sedan,and a 92 infiniti M30 convertible. If I had this chevy,they would start fitting me for a straight jacket,I’m in.

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      • Billy

        My best friends folks bought one of these new in the 70s. He taught me how to drive a stick in it. I still drive a stick today, only one in my family that can, ands its all because of that “lowly” little Chevy. I have had many sweet cars over the years, but that little Chevette still makes me smile to think about her. Great memories of that car. Yeah, if it was a 4 speed, and if I had the room, I would seriously think about bidding.

  2. JoeR

    For $3K and 12,000 miles, I would probably opt for the slightly larger 1980 Chevy Citation you listed here earlier in the year:

    However, this one is a ‘vette, and I think the red with black vinyl makes it look faster….

  3. Scot Douglas

    About the only ‘Vette I can afford!

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Scot. Me too. But if you had a Vette like this you’d really stand out in the crowd.

  4. Mark

    All I can say is WHY?

    • Mark S

      You nailed it.

  5. JCW Jr. Member

    I like the unusual so if I had the disposable income would buy it.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    My co-worker’s son bought one of these for a college runabout. He finished college over ten years ago, married and is a successful accountant. Last I heard it was rolling over 160k miles, and that was some time ago. He has no intention of selling it.

  7. Howard A Member

    The Chevette was a good car. Too bad, it lived in the shadows( and downfalls) of the Vega, but it really was no Vega. This car had roots from all over. Isuzu, Opel ( that steering wheel is right out of a Manta) and changed many opinions about a small car from GM. This was America’s “econobox”, and it worked well. Personally, I don’t believe the mileage claim, as usual, the engine just looks too cruddy, usually the last thing done in presenting a so-called “low mileage” car. Interiors and exterior’s can be spiffed up, but an engine is much harder to do. I think grandma did more than flea markets, but still, a great chance to own one of America’s answer’s to the Asian car invasion. We all know how THAT worked out. Cool find.

    • Anthony

      Why would anybody lie about having a low mileage CHEVETTE!

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Anthony, it seems today, people are fascinated by alleged low mileage claims, regardless of the make or model, and to some degree, they are right. And, they want to make money on said claims. While I think this car wasn’t used a lot, cars come through here with low miles that you could eat off the air cleaner. Underside shots would tell even more. And the mystery is, it could be low mileage, we just don’t know for sure.

  8. Derek F

    I too love these time warp cars, however good or bad. Compare the percentage of 1980 Corvettes still alive versus 1980 Chevettes and you realize that no one preserved cars such as this and thus how unusual they’ve become. I get way more thumbs up in my Pinto than you’d expect.

  9. David

    The vinyl in those front seats is way too loose for this to be a low mileage car. We had some of these Chevettes at the rental car place where I worked while going to school in LA. Customers sometimes brought them back early, mostly because they would not climb the “Grapevine”, interstate 5, north out of LA with more than 1 person. Several were even towed because they could not reach the next ramp. The rental agency finally started renting them as “in LA” only cars.

    • Stiffler4444

      I thought the same thing immediately about the seats.

    • Kmoe

      Intresting observation. I guess it’s a miracle that my dad drove his Chevete from Portland, over the Cascades (twice), the Rockies (twice), and back with my mom, myself, and my brother, and three weeks of luggage on a summer trip. It also took us on many a forest service road and mountian-top over the years. In-town car only…lol.

  10. scd

    Fond memories of my buddy and I driving back to college after Thanksgiving break in his chevette – Him (225 lbs, me 190?) chevette heading into a head wind on the flats of central Illinois…..flat out we couldn’t make more than 40 – 45 mph…..

    A lot of bad decisions in my automotive life, but that might have been one of the more terrifying rides….

  11. Joe Royce

    I have owned many of these chevettes. The problem they have is the shock towers rusting out . And this one’s on it’s way , look closely behind the battery and breather hose and you can see the hole starting . And the drivers side by the fender and firewall.

  12. John

    I’m willing to bet it didn’t cost $6950 brand new!

  13. Rustytech Member

    What a bargain compared to the $14k Datsun from last night. Not too sure about the mileage claim, but this is a nice little car. I Vaughn and sold many of these years ago and A/C was a rare option, it must have had a serious impact on performance, and I don’t mean enhancement.

  14. David J David J

    That is cool! I’d add it to my collection, for sure!

    I like this 427 Chevette with stock exterior/interior, as well. Gotta love the fake tailpipe!


    Wait, I had this exact car back in 1993 but it was a manual. It had enough power but it was a basic transportation special made to get you from point a to point work car. Mine was dented a little and had 90,000 miles on it but it was an ok car with Spartan comfort.
    I worked at a Chevy dealership when these were new and I don’t ever remember seeing those type of seat covers, way to nice for a Chevette, anyway it’s a $500 car and always be a $500 car. They are not many left for a reason, they were disposable cars. You want to pay 7grand for it then I have some cars to sell you.

  16. Brad

    Wasn’t there a Prince song ….. “Little Red Chevette” ?? ;) it was my first car. Mine was standard/ blue and the driver’s side door was rotting away at the bottom. I still remember someone making a comment when I was at a stoplight. The wounds run deep!!! Haha

  17. Mark S

    I say you line a bunch of them up in a row if you can find any, then you build a big ramp. And finally you attempt to jump them with a D8 catapiller. You record the event and post it on you tube you’ll get a million hits. What a $h!tbox these were.

  18. Clinton

    In my high school auto class a friend of mine had at least 2 of these. I remember helping swap a manual trans into his automatic. We also cut the hood and made a scoop on it. It was pretty funny looking when we stuffed half the students in class in there too.

  19. Old man

    In the collector car world BJ. R&S, Amelia Island, even Mecum without mileage verification or documentation. Your vehicle is sold with the mileage exempt. If you can’t prove it legally you cannot state it! That’s why you often see believed to be 28xxx miles.

  20. Chevettedudes

    In 1991 and 1992 me and my buddies all drove Chevettes. We raced them, off roaded them, ralleyed them and thoroughly enjoyed them. We considered them bulletproof but they would take a beating off road. Busted oil pans and gas tanks were common. Parts were easy to source and the automatics always won the quarter mile races. Good Times!

  21. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

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