8,653 Original Miles: 1964 Ford F-100 4×4 Shortbed

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The fourth generation of Ford’s popular F-Series of trucks is probably my favorites in regards to styling and closing the comfort gap between a truck and a car. Dramatically restyled for 1961, Ford’s 4th-gen F-Series of trucks were noticeably longer, lower, offered more engine and gearbox choices, and were much more car-like in ride and cabin comfort. That’s why Ford positioned their pickups in advertising as “Built Like The Big Trucks With A Big Comfort Bonus.” Here’s a well-preserved 1964 Ford F-100 Shortbed 4×4 Napco Spicer with a 292 Y Block V8 which, the seller says, is one of only 330 produced. He also claims the 8,653 on the odometer are original, but doesn’t mention what documentation backs up that claim. The truck is currently located in Hemet, California and is for sale here on craigslist for $29,999. There are plenty of photos supplied as well as a video. Thank you again MattR for sending us another great tip. 

The current owner is selling off his car collection and says he purchased this ’64 F-100 4×4 in 2016. It’s been garage kept, service, maintained, and driven less than 500 miles over the past six years. There’s no history or background given, so we’re not sure what the pickup truck was up to from 1964 to 2016. The two-tone Holly Green and Wimbledon White paint shines well and I’m not spotting any dents a major scratches. The bed, glass, trim, bumpers, grille, tires, and dog dish wheel covers look very good as well. The seller says the F-100 “has some rust spots here and there but nothing major.” The fuel tank has been serviced as well as the brakes, and as the seller says, “too much more to list.”

The interior of this ’64 F-100 is attractive and shows how light-duty trucks were getting less utilitarian and more car-like by the mid-60’s. Ford’s advertising asked, “Do you need big-truck toughness in your pickup , but want the riding smoothness of a car?” and went on to compare the F-100’s strong, quiet and roomy cab to “the smartness of a station wagon, with the good visibility and comfortable seating you want in a truck.” The beige cloth and vinyl bench seat looks comfortable and comes with color-coordinated seat belts. The gauges, dash, instrument panel, and floors look good as well.

For ’64, a new 262 cubic-inch inline six joined the 233 cubic-inch inline six and what you see here, a 292 cubic-inch V8 that generated 160 horsepower when new. It’s paired with a floor-shifted manual transmission. The seller didn’t supply a recent photo of the engine bay, this is what it looked like when purchased six years ago. With less than 500 miles added though, it probably still looks like this. “Runs excellent” are the only words the seller uses to describe how the power plant runs. I can’t recall ever seeing one of these ’64 4×4 shortbeds before. Their stance and length and height make for interesting and rather cool proportions. I like this one. What do you think?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Nice truck. The owner does not claim “original miles”; all it says is what the odometer reads. The truck has had work, done to the preferences of the previous owner(s). For example, the two-tone style I don’t think is original and the seat upholstery is much nicer than new. Nothing wrong with these and other changes, just noting them.

    I bet the truck rides and drives very “trucky.”

    I’ve never heard of 233 and 262 Ford straight sixes?

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    • Todd Zuercher

      I haven’t either. Perhaps they were referring to the 240 and the 223?

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      • Yblocker

        The 223 was gone by 64, and 64 was the last year for the 262, it was replaced by the 240 and 300 in 65.

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    • Geebee

      We had a couple of ’59 Ford pickups with 223 sixes.
      Maybe a typo?
      And the 262? I don’t know.

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      • David A Sanford

        262 was the “big truck” version of the Ford in-line six, for medium duty trucks. Superseded in 1965 by the 300.

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    • BoatmanMember

      223 and 262 I6 for ’64 according to Wiki.

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      • 1964F100

        Yes, both the 223 and 262 I-6 engines were available in 1964. That was the final year for both engines, and the 262 was only offered in F-series light duty trucks in 1964. “Yblocker” above is incorrect.

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      • Yblocker

        Yup, I was incorrect about the 223

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    • SpoonBill

      What is the difference between miles and original miles?

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      • Yblocker

        It means the miles showing on the odometer are original, and that it hasn’t rolled over.

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    A nice truck for sure but I’m thinking it’s been restored, and it’s been around the clock once. The exterior looks fantastic, though why you would go with the spray on bed liner on a truck with only 8,653 miles doesn’t seem right. It’s nice under the hood but with so few claimed miles on it, where is the original air cleaner? The cab is also very nice but there is a lot of wear to the dash and the worn paint on the shifter tells me it’s not a low-mileage truck. It takes a lot of shifting to wear the paint off a stick. The link the seller supplies shows 120 photos with plenty of details but none of the underside which may show more evidence of high mileage. At any rate, it is a nice truck but I’m going with restored, mostly well done but with high mileage and perhaps it’s a little pricey.

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  3. Yblocker

    Nice looking truck, although not crazy about the colors, good ole red and white, or turquoise and white, would be more period correct. The aftermarket 4X4 conversion is kind of unusual. And why in the name of heaven would someone dress up a 292, and not replace that crossover pipe with a nice dual exhaust system.

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    • Rick

      Then again, that’s the easiest crossover to replace. No need to go to a muffler shop or repair garage. It can be changed right at home.

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  4. Rainer Beran

    Id gladly pay the price for this truck,especially this old but with the low miles. How much for a new Truck?? this is way classy

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  5. dogwater

    One of the best trucks ever made nice.

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