88 Genuine Miles: 1987 Buick Grand National GNX

While humans retain the ability to buy, sell, swap, collect, hoard, or store objects, there will always be items that surface that are different, rare, or in exceptional condition. We’ve seen plenty of examples of this in the automotive world, with people buying cars and storing them away in the hope that they are a sound future investment. Sometimes they get it right, while at other times they get it wrong. The owner of this GNX rolled the dice when they bought it and put it straight into storage in the belief that it would become a future classic. They have now decided to cash-in on their investment, and have listed the Buick for sale here on eBay.

The seller only supplies three photos with the ad, which is really frustrating. What we do know is that the car has covered a genuine 88 miles since new and that it even still has the sticker on the window. The heart of the beast is that turbocharged 3.8L V6 engine, which is spotless. The car is also fitted with power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, cruise control, power locks, power windows, and power seats. The car also still sits on its original Goodyear Gatorback tires, and the owner also has a NOS spare set of these tires that he bought brand new, and that has been preserved by being stored properly.

The GNX is a car that has certainly proven to be a sound long-term investment, and it is doubtful whether there is another one in existence with this sort of mileage on the clock. That fact alone really raises the question of what you would do with the car. Even if it has been stored in ideal conditions, there is sure to be work required before the car could be returned to the road, but would you do that?

Part of this car’s inherent value lies is in that double-digit mileage, and every mile driven would potentially reduce the value. To me, this is a car that was made to be driven, but I suspect that this won’t be the fate of this car. These have held their value to the point where the BIN price for this one of $139,900 is quite realistic. Would you buy this GNX and drive it, or is it destined to spend the rest of its life in a museum?


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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    To drive the car is to cut the value in half (or more), unfortunately.
    So even if I had the spare $ without raiding the retirement funds, I’d not be a buyer, preferring to enjoy a car on the road, instead having it sit in a climate-controlled car-cathedral.

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    • TimS

      Preach on. Couldn’t agree more. These things were built to be driven. Plus it’s not like nobody saved one. This seller missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fun and memories.

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    • RayT Member

      With you 100%. If a car can’t be driven, what’s the point of owning it? A scale model or even a nice framed photograph would be the same, and would cost a whole lot less….

      Plus, of course, I’d expect a 31 year-old car to have some issues, whether driven or not. Engine, transmission and brake soft parts would surely need replacing. Wouldn’t surprise me if window/door seals were getting toward the end of their useful lives. All those things would matter to me.

      This is absolutely NOT a complaint aimed at the BF crew, but these kinds of “bargains” (especially six-figure museum queens) irritate the daylights out of me. One low/no-mile Buick GNX (or any other “future collectible” bought and stashed for eventual resale is enough.

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      • The Walrus

        You’d be surprised how well something holds up out of the direct sunlight and temperature swings… those are what cause the rot. If it’s been stored in a normal attached garage (doesn’t even have to be heated, but that helps too, although desert type heat could be a problem… find cars from the North West or Mid Atlantic) with a concrete floor and not a detached barn with a dirt floor, the rubber and other items you mention are probably just like new.

        I own several sub 20K miles cars from this era that were stored as I describe and I can assure you there are no issues with the rubber anywhere… and it’s all OE. Some things you find on a low mileage car like this were lost in the first 6 months and nobody remembers. Small assembly tags and markings that are lost forever.

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    • steve

      The car is worth SOMETHING “BUT NOT” 139 grand…..JUST ISN’T

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  2. Keith

    I’ve seen this car making rounds on other various selling venues exchanging hands & each seller trying to make more money than the last. Way too much $$$ considering what is offered in newer faster cars that are way superior to this Buick.

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    • Tony

      Not a bad point, but “newer and faster” isn’t the best way to make it.

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  3. cold340t

    I’ll take the driver GNX(real) that I see weekly near my work over this one any day. After sitting for so long it would destroy it’s total value like others have posted here say. Not to mention the dried up bushings etc. that would need attention before driving. Drain the fluids and leave static…What a shame though.

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    • Bill Smith

      I have 5 in storage in my collection with only 15 miles no dealer prep have been offered 200k each but as u see I still have them plus many more in my over 400 car collection at my warehouse here.

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      • W9BAG

        You have 400 cars ? Really ?

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      If the gentlemen vision to keep the car as an investment, dont you all think the car still had proper maintence? If the car is in a climate controlled garage, one would know the rubber and soft parts are in great shape, EX: Ford or Chevy , Dodge car museums.
      Seems like a lot of people pissing and moaning over something they can’t afford, instead of appreciating a piece of automotive history.
      Merry Christmas.😁

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  4. Mark

    Great car but these “finds” are becoming boring. In 20 years are we expected to be shocked when ultra low mileage Demons start to appear?
    Anything produced in low numbers and bought as an investment for the sole purpose of flipping it for killer profit is great. More power to those who can do it. But let’s be real….these cars will simply trade hands among the few who share the same intent. They will forever more be trailer queens.

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  5. flmikey

    Looking at the pictures, I see he has another GNX sitting right next to it…he must of bought one to drive and enjoy, and one to preserve…which is exactly what we all would have done if we had the means back then…I don’t fault him at all for not driving it…now some lucky person will be able to drive and enjoy it…

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  6. James

    How does anyone rationalize this as a valuable investment, especially when the owners didn’t even get to enjoy it. If he’d dropped his $30k MSRP in ‘97 into Dow indexed fund he’d have more than double the BIN price of this car. He could buy someone else’s GNX now and still have $150k in change…

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    • Steven Wilson

      James, how could one rationalize older molars fetching 140,000 or the Chevelle on B/J fetching 1,000,000.00? A hobby that once was enjoyed as a father and son project or “daughter” sorry is now a college education depleating fund for a vehicle that cost cost 7,000 new. Granted I dont know what the GNX cost new but one would think even if he doubled money on this investment his insight was a great one.

      • MB

        A GNX cost $29,995 new in 1987. If you bought a GN for $19,000 and took that extra $10,000 and invested in Amazon stock 21 years ago, you would have about $11,000,000 dollars today. The GNX was not a wise investment, but I do love the car.

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  7. Richard Stanford

    While I agree with everyone who says to drive the damn thing…

    They couldn’t have stopped just ONE mile earlier?

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    • Cmarens

      Easy fix. Drive it a mile backwards!

  8. Will Fox

    A 4th century Ming vase on a crystal stand is pretty to look at, but you can’t touch it. So what good is it? Same with this GNX. Paying $140K (BIN price) and simply waxing it as its parked on a cashmere rug is useless. Like everyone is saying, these are meant to be driven. Buy one with miles on it; baby the thing as you like, but be able to drive it! Otherwise you miss the whole point.

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    • Balstic

      A Ming base from the 4th or what ever century it comes from is far different than a 4 wheeled conveyance. The vase’ collectability is based on the quality of workmanship of the artisan nearly 1600 years ago. Whereas a car is just a car, while we all enjoy the looks of them and driving them, that is no where near what that vase is. The quality of the manufacturing process of this or the vast majority of cars is not even close.

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  9. RON S

    Isnt this like the 4th low mileage one. Id rather have a driveable one. Ive owned a few G body cars except one of these. they were all raced and beaten up on in my area. This one belongs in a museum

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  10. MB

    Take my money please! This car deserves to be driven. One of the 10 cars on my bucket list. Only 1/2 there, and judging by the way the stock market is going, I will never see all 10. LOL

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  11. moosie Craig M Bryda

    11 pictures in the Ebay listing. Too many numbers in the price. I’m a firm believer that cars were made to be driven, for as little or as much as you want, don’t turn me loose on a cherry low mileage Black/Black ’67 L88 Roadster.

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  12. Leo

    Tires , have an expiration date on them whether they’re cracked or not, so saving them was a complete waste of time and money I saw a GNX sell at the Mecum Action in Arizona yesterday for under $35k and it was in pristine drivable condition 88 miles ruins the deal for me every seal needs to be changed and the turbo too

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    • Emmanouel Heras

      I am running 18×11 Goodyear military tires gamma goats on a M37, I think they are from the 60s if I am lucky, could be from the 50s, cracked and everything. I rub Vaseline on them to moisturize my babies!

  13. Cmarens

    Easy fix. Drive it a mile backwards!

  14. Fred Alexander

    Listed on eBay at BIN $139K ??
    Question I have is why not take it to a major auction put a reserve on it and let the chips fall = = = if it looks like it won’t fetch the reserve or dream BIN listing he’d have an option to remove the reserve if he felt it was topping out OR leave the reserve on and transport it home,
    Beautiful vehicle but a red seal mechanic and {old} car builder / restorer / owner I know as do most of you reading this that there will be some $$$ spent if one was to decide to drive her.
    If I were wealthy and this was a car I REALLY HAD TO HAVE I’d not drive it – – transport it straight to the Man Cave.
    Is it worth the BIN figure? Maybe .
    Will it sell anywhere for the BIN figure? Maybe (on a long reach)
    Is it a practical purchase at the BIN figure? – – – Maybe

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  15. Karly S

    Id drive it. Break some hearts doing it but im part of the crowd that can stand seeing a car just sit, even as an investment. I feel like cars, any cars, are best enjoyed behind the wheel not as art pieces to be stored away from the eyes of the world.

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  16. Derek

    I will never understand the obsession with power I’ve always wanted gas mileage over power. But I have the 3.8 in my 85 Olds Ciera Convertible and it is a great engine. Pretty peppy and good on gas. It was a great motor probably one of GM’s best in the 80s and the 90s. Many run down 80’s cars but I have found many to be pretty good as daily drivers even today.

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  17. Bigcat

    Sound future investment and BIN of $139,900 is quite realistic?
    Every time I see a car like this stored away forever with no miles or enjoyment of owning it to drive and just to show it off by taking a buddy out to the garage who probably thinks you are nuts makes me think of a buddy of mine who bought a brand new factory ordered 1970 LS5 454 4 Speed Corvette Convertible he ordered it to be delivered in primer so he could have the dealership paint it Black to be different , it had black interior, top, power windows, brakes, steering and even factory air.
    He housed the car in a carpeted heated and air conditioned garage. It was his baby never driven in the rain and after owning the car for 25 years it only had a little less than 300 miles on it which was put on it mainly in the first year or two he owned it.
    Then in the last part of 1995 he and his wife bought a new home with a new special built garage to house his baby in the day of the move he loaded the vette on his trailer and on the way to his new home while sitting in line at a stop light on a downhill grade a cement mixer came down the hill its brakes gave out and destroyed his prized Vette, trailer and truck. So sometimes I wonder why buy something and sit on it when things like this can happen and even your garage could burn down like in the Cali wild fires.

    The worst of it all is that insurance company’s never will pay you what you think it’s worth.

    To me I’d rather spend 140K on one of the new 1000HP Vettes and rip and roll the pavement up while my Ass chews a hole in the seat. But I’d be grinning ear to ear like an old Rat Fink.

    One other thought what’s up with these s $500. Immediate deposits on a 140K items. Funny to me.

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    • Bill Smith

      I have 5 in storage in my collection with only 15 miles no dealer prep have been offered 200k each but as u see I still have them plus many more in my over 400 car collection at my warehouse here.

  18. Arthell64 Member

    If you want a fast car there’s no reason to buy any car built in the 80’s or 90’s. Buy a Hellcat, ZL1 or GT500.

    GNX’s are kind like the 1978 pace car corvette. Everybody that bought them put them in a bag for future investment.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Buy a new pony car, UNLESS you want to carry more than 1 friend. Try putting 2 more friends in the back seat of a modern challenger & see how cranky they will get with the “leg room” back there. Even worse with the 2 other pony cars today.
      However, any car with this ’80s body style with a modern crate engine would be a heck of a lot cheaper than any of the above & just as fun & could be driven a LOT on nice days with few worries. & if you install the 632 cube aluminum head blueprinted $12k 815hp dressed big block from Jegs, look out Hellcat, etc.

  19. Brian Scott

    I just don’t get these things, why the hysteria? Granted, I never owned a turbocharged version, but my non-turbo Cutlass was an absolute dreg. Truly it was an abysmal automobile- horrible steering, brakes, handling, you name it. One of these is simply a faster horrible car. So what. When I sold mine and bought a GTI it was as if the skies had parted and I saw a bright white light. For sure a GN/GNX would crush it in a straight line, but put me on a tightly curved road, and just as certainly I would have pushed one of these into the ditch, stat. Proof? An unmarked squad car came after me one time and she never flipped on her lights, saying she was ‘clocking’ me. I literally disappeared from her into the dark night. Yeah, but of course she had my plate. Guess who won in court though. Yessirrree, I emerged with a speeding ticket. Go read the January, 2019, Car and Driver; I’m still driving a GTI (parks between the Porsche and the 500+ track-prepped Mustang).

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  20. Aaron in Oswego

    Did anyone ever drive these cars? Just kidding, but it seems like every other day there’s a low mileage GNX for sale. Cool car, though. It’s a shame it was never driven like it was intended.

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  21. Del

    Not a desirable car or model.

    At Auction I doubt this would bring 1/2 the asking price.

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    • cmarv

      Del ,
      Price @ auction , check auction records . You are wrong .
      Desirability , that’s a personal thing , I own a Hellcat , a 70 Buick GS and a few more . I desire a GNX , just wish I would have bought one 15 years ago . JMO

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    • Fred Alexander

      Exactly my initial thoughts when I was rambling on in my posting yesterday – – –

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  22. Busyditch

    Back in 2003 my company was renting space from a junkyard in South Plainfield, NJ. The owner’s son and l became friends, and he approached me one day and said he wanted to show me a car a customer had stored in a trailer. It turned out to be the infamous 1985 Z28 IROC with 6 miles on the clock. (You can see the videos on youtube). At that time the owner did not wish to sell, and it wasnt until 2007 that my friends uncle bought the car, who flipped it on Hemmings. What l saw in the trailer was a car with an inch of dust on it, and just about every piece of rubber trim was dry rotted. Now the video of the car on display at its new home is not the same car l saw. Im sure every piece of rubber and seals needed to be replaced. So any car, despite its mileage, cant fight the ravages of time. I happened to run into the original owner a few years ago. I told him his car was famous, and he didnt look too happy.He said he bought the car as an investment and was able to flatbed it from the railyard to the junkyard without any dealer prep. He sold the car to my friends Uncle for just about the sticker price!

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  23. deak stevens

    About$120,00 to much. Got to be insane or filthy rich and don’t care for money to buy this 18 to 20 thousand dollar car.

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  24. the one

    Our son bought his first new car! 2018 Dodge Charger Daytona scat pack 6.2 Hemi 536 HP. 40K! Lucky for him he was raised around fast cars and knows how to drive. My biggest beef? I believe that if you buy a super car it shouldn’t be released to the buyer until they have completed a high speed driving course.
    How about y’all?

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    • W9BAG

      A friend of mine just took delivery of a 2019 Hellcat Red eye, and you can’t use the launch control until the car registers 500 miles, just to give you some time to get used to driving a 700+ hp car. Good idea. As far an the GNX is concerned, they are very comfortable, smooth driving, and quick cars. Personal luxury. A car engineered to be driven on the interstate, not to be worshiped. They’re just not that cool. “Have no other Gods before than Me”, as the Good Book says.

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  25. Del


    Here is your chance. You should be able to get for half of asking.

    As far as me be wrong, I have been wrong before.

    But I am not on this 😉😁

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    Yes all cars are meant to be driven but some are special enough that there should be a couple in museums so people can see what a certain car looked like when new but with inflation a $30,000 GNX would probably cost about the BIN of this car. If someone wants to buy whatever and save it to resell years later that’s there biz. Just my humble opinion.

  27. deak stevens

    For only having 88 miles the engine sure looks like it’s seen 8,000 thousand miles. Look at the master cylinder looks like it came off something that been driven for ten years.

    • JoeNYWF64

      And look on ebay at the pic of the rear end – are the rear bumper rubber or plastic endcaps on the sides supposed to be chalky/faded like that on a 88 mile car, or is it just the camera/sun angle or poor 80’s build quality?
      Speaking of hellcat/demon or even SRT hemi or the other 2 pony cars with independent rears & hi po motors, i wonder how long those SIX! CV joints in the driveline will hold up on repeated “spirited” takeoffs from a standing star, until one or more goes bad or separates!

  28. Matthew

    If I was selling a car for $140k I would have some good photos taken. It blows my mind when people advertise a vehicle with awful photos with a cluttered background even if it’s a $3,000 vehicle let alone a $140k vehicle. It’s not hard to move a vehicle to a picturesque location and take some flattering photos.

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  29. Del

    CMARV has made a good point though.

    The reasons cars like this get high prices is that the whole Auction thing, especially in Arizona , is a scam to milk the rich.

    These Auction companies take a car like this and auction it and if it does not sell ,they buy it back at an inflated price and present it again next year and show some sucker what it sold for last year, and he is all in.

    Like someone said there is a sucker born every minute. And apparently a lot of rich ones.

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  30. Fiete T.

    Mortality. It’s 100% guaranteed- stuff like this are uninteresting to me.

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  31. Chris

    Hmmm. Let me see. should I spend 140K on a Grand National or a lightly used Ferrari 458?

  32. R Blackenberry

    Worth ever cent..wish I had to give. Think about it. If it was a Porsche everyone would not say a word about 100 grand but say an American muscle car that changed everything as far as performance in the 80s and now…Please rethink your comments.

  33. W9BAG

    We’re seeing a glut of these. I mean, they’re coming onto the market in droves. Caveat emptor. They’re not that great of an automobile. Nice, but not all that.

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