Original Paint: 1975 Ford Bronco With 8k Miles?

It seems like Bronco prices just keep climbing, but they will eventually have to top out. Right? Or will the bubble just keep growing? This ’75 Bronco, up for auction here on eBay, is keeping the bubble from bursting with bidding already to $18,000 and 3 days to go in the sale. Perhaps this one is bid so highly because of the claimed mileage? After spending most of its life in Las Vegas, this Bronco is currently located in Campbell, California.

Body rust is evident but the seller claims it isn’t cancerous.  The floors are slightly affected, according to the seller, but the fenders, rockers, doorposts, and tailgate are reported to be solid.  The fact that the truck has spent its entire life in an arid climate is encouraging and for a capable body man/woman, repairing the rust on this truck doesn’t appear too daunting.  On the other hand, maybe the person who ultimately decides to shell out nearly $20K for this thing simply loves the look of rusted Wind Blue paint?

The look of faded paint and surface rust (i.e. the p-word) on an old vehicle is endearing to many and, as has been discussed in previous posts, more than just a fad these days.  Be that as it may is there anyone who’s a fan of the p-word on the interior of a classic truck like this Bronco?  Things look a bit rough from the viewpoint of this photo.  The seller admits there are cracks and tears in the original floormat, but doesn’t mention whether there are any leaks in the windows or hardtop.  There are numerous stains under and behind the rear seat, however, which could be cause for concern.  Given the condition of the interior, I am surprised the seat covers show no rips or tears.  They look to be in surprisingly nice condition minus some stains here and there.

The original 302 V-8 is reported to run well.  Aside from a missing air cleaner, there are no known mechanical issues.  Mileage is listed at 8,578 with no mention as to whether it’s believed to be accurate or rolled over.  The seller believes the transmission, transfer case, and driveshafts were all rebuilt or replaced prior to his ownership.  The 3-speed column shift has been converted to a Hurst floor shifter.  The seller reports zero oil leaks but ends his statement with a question mark which is confusing.  Are there zero oil leaks?  Or is he saying he believes there to be zero oil leaks, but isn’t 100% sure?  Alright, enough with the scrutiny and conjecture!  It’s probably just a punctuation error!  Will bidding for this Bronco go any higher?  The classic Bronco bubble is going to burst eventually and once it does there will be a lot of owners left contemplating “Did I pay too much for this thing?”



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  1. sir mike

    How much already???

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Jay, you talk about the bubble bursting, it may have already busted. The seller added the ordeals of ebay, 3 count em 3 high bidders retracted their bids. The second bidder seems po’ed that he was outbid, and refused to take the car or offer another bid. I have been thru this selling a few cars. If anyone thinks selling on ebay is easy, think again. And I have heard that many bidders get po’ed if somebody bids higher. It is an auction, after all. I never sold or bought anything really expensive on ebay. Seller seems honest. Good luck and be careful out there.

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    • Jay B Staff

      Holy Cow, Gaspumpchas! The price is actually dropping!

  3. Keith

    Wow! Another over priced old Ford bronco. Kind of like the old Mopars, multi window VW vans, and old rusty Porsches. All are over priced junk. Wow!

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    • charles Flowers

      Well “Junk” is a little strong of a word to use. I get and mostly agree with where you are coming from.

      But, the law of supply and demand dictate, always…

  4. chris

    I would not post this due to the impossible mileage claim. possibly a very rough 108k ? Wow. Seller quote ( yes sir, In eight thousand miles we had to have a major overhaul of the transfer case, painted the drive shafts red, managed to have quite a few collisions, allowed our low miles family heirloom to sit outside so it could rust out, managed to scratch up the interior to look like a parts hauler, decided to replace the shifter , recovered the seats with very cheap vinyl. It was mostly used by my grandmother for church on Sundays ., oh ya , when she took it in for service they lost the air cleaner.. seen any purple cows lately ?

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    • Dave

      All the stuff they did to it could have been due to flood damage too.

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Chris makes some good points. Also- the fact that it has a floor shift conversion, the socket on the column shifter may have worn out from excessive use, but if it was used a lot on a farm it could have worn out from that. Just a thought. Good luck to the new owner!!!

  6. Max

    I’d bet the mileage is closer to 208,000. At least.

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  7. IkeyHeyman

    Does anybody really believe these crazy low-mileage claims anymore? As Pop used to say, “Back it up or pack it up!”

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  8. Andyp

    Obviously this truck has more than 8,000 original miles. Seller should have added that to his comments. He really doesn’t claim those low miles, it’s probably what the odometer currently reads. I’ve met the seller a couple times, he’s a real guy and he does know Broncos. Maybe I’ll try and send him a note to update his ad.

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  9. theGasHole

    It is pretty crazy about these low mileage vehicles popping up all over the place. Are there really that many sub-10,000 vehicles over 40 years old laying around? It’s good to question any low miles claimed. But could it be that the “old car hobby” bubble is bursting, and people who have been holding these low mile cars & trucks are selling now before prices nose dive?
    In reality, I personally wouldn’t want a vehicle like this with 8,000 miles on it. It’s one thing if a vehicle has been in a climate controlled and well cared for environment and has 8,000 miles on it. Quite another to get one in this condition….everything suspension-wise will have to be replaced, shocks, tires, gaskets, etc. etc. etc. it’s a never-ending list. I prefer my old cars and trucks to have about 60k-80k miles on them.

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  10. TimM

    There’s definitely more then 8000 miles worth of wear on the tailgate and bed floor!! Why do you have to lie??? The oil has only been changed once or twice since new!! Yet grandma brings it in for service!!! It looks good under the hood and being the owner of two broncos myself it’s something I wouldn’t mind owning!! I really can’t understand why grandma put the shifter on the floor either!! I did it on mine when the shift linkage got worn and the linkage would jam!!! If it’s a true 8000 mile truck it sure is some really rough miles!! That in itself would make me not bid on it!!!!

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  11. Bob McK Member

    It is so sad that sellers are not always honest. Hopefully most buyers are not foolish enough to believe this ad.

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  12. cidevco

    As an owner of a true documented 1968 Bronco with a little over 10,000 original miles and climbing, Because I drive my vehicles and enjoy them.

    I concur with the seller this is NOT an 8,XXX mile vehicle. The only issue I have with the sellers pictures is that the Black California License plate as shown was long gone by 1975 and was replaced with a Blue California License plate for the year 1975 . Now I know he is trying to sell this Bronco but with its history as stated there should be a White Reflective License plate with 7 alpha numeric numbering on that plate to be properly titled in California currently.

    Im not the DMV but these are the facts.

    GLWS to the seller nice restoration Bronco.

  13. Charles Weaver

    This ain’t no 8,500 mile truck! Unless! It was roughest 8,500 miles in history, in Michigan.

  14. chrlsful

    even tho I got oneadez I like the ’55 wagon better…
    take a look…

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