Numbers Matching 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe

This second generation Stingray, available here on eBay in Cincinnati, Ohio, is described by its seller as a numbers matching “project”. In the ad, the seller provides… more»

Lean Muscle: 1969 Chevrolet Nova Coupe

In terms of sales, the ’69 Nova continued to be a bit of a stumble for Chevy.  The muscle car era was at its height, and although… more»

Wankel-Powered: 1965 NSU Spider

The NSU Spider, produced in Germany from 1964-1967, owns the distinction of being the first production car powered by the famous Wankel rotary engine.  With only 2,375… more»

Closer Look Needed: 1979 Jeep CJ-7 Golden Eagle

From 1977-1983 Jeep offered the Golden Eagle trim package for the CJ-7 (this package was also offered for the Cherokee and J-10 pick-up truck from ’76-’83).  The… more»

Straightening Out The Curves: 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe

Ford introduced a slightly less curvy Fairlane in 1965, the last year of the fourth generation (1962-1965) lineup.  The most noticeable design changes included straighter body lines,… more»

1 of 700 Made: 1980 HM Freeway

Please excuse my ignorance but when I first came across this three-wheeled oddity listed for sale here on Craigslist in China, Maine I assumed it was some… more»

Field Find: 1930 Ford Model A

“1930 Model A – so I’ve been told – I have no idea myself” is how the seller lists this Ford sedan here on eBay.  The seller’s opening… more»

Goin’ Postal: 1976 Jeep DJ-5D

Tucked away somewhere in the woods of Vermont is this retired old postal Jeep.  Erroneously advertised here on Craigslist as a “CJ,” the seller lists the Jeep as… more»

One Owner 1991 Toyota 4Runner

Older model 4Runners are near and dear to the hearts of many Toyota buffs largely because they were built on the same platform as the Hilux/Pick-up and,… more»

Tranquility On Wheels: 1972 Ford Thunderbird

Robin’s egg blue is a soothing color said to elicit feelings of calmness and tranquility.  The next time you visit the dentist, take a look around at the… more»

Treasure Trove Of Jeep Parts… And More!

A huge thanks to Barnfinds reader AMXBrian for providing the tip on this awesome collection of Jeep Cherokee, Wagoneer, and J10 truck parts.  Located in Chaparral, New Mexico and… more»

Fade to Black: Plum Crazy 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

Last week Adam Clarke published a write-up here on Barn Finds featuring a rare 1970 Charger recently found in Pennsylvania.  Still wearing its original “go mango” orange paint,… more»

Professor’s Pony: 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

At the time of this writing bidding for this ’68 GT Fastback, available here on eBay, is at $25,400.  The seller’s reserve price hasn’t been met but… more»

1 Of 5 Left: 1934 Lincoln Model K Custom By LeBaron, Inc.

Intrigue, excitement, desire, joy – those are some of the emotions a true barn find photo should elicit.  A good photo makes you wish you were there… more»

Hollywood Cachet: 1965 Ford F100

FADE IN: EXT. OUTBUILDING – DAY. In the Nevada desert, a classic blue Ford truck rests amidst a collection of antique radiator shells in a weathered metal-sided barn. … more»

Not Bad From Afar: 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner

I can’t wait for the Barn Finds faithful to weigh-in with comments on this first generation Roadrunner!  Listed at $4,700, this B-body classic is available here on… more»

1972 Dodge Power Wagon Tow Truck With 7K Miles!

Is it an insult to refer to arguably the most rugged-looking pickup truck ever designed as a “cream puff?”  With a hair over 7,000 original miles and… more»

Carport Queen: 1984 Dodge Rampage

Although Dodge Rampage sightings are pretty rare Barnfinds writers have managed to feature quite a few of these relics over the past couple of years which is a bit… more»

Rare Bird: 1979 Jeep J10 Golden Eagle

Some of my fondest high school memories involve cruising around in my buddy’s 1979 Jeep Cherokee Golden Eagle, although at 8 miles per gallon we spent half… more»

“No, It Doesn’t Float!” 1971 Citroen Mehari

When I stumbled upon this 1971 Citroen Mehari, advertised here on Craigslist, my initial reaction was What the heck is that?  Devoted Barnfinds readers may remember a write-up Scotty Gilbertson did… more»

Great Or Not-So-Great? 1985 Gatsby Cabriolet

I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to appreciating neoclassic cars like this 1985 Gatsby Cabriolet offered for sale here on Craigslist and located in… more»

Two For One: A Pair of Jeepster Commandos

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you that’s a CJ-5 front end on the dark green Commando on the right.  The seller discloses this fact in… more»

Crumbling Cali: 1969 Buick Skylark GS California

The seller of this ’69 Gran Sport (GS) points out that it “has rust in the common places.”  And according to him “common places” merely refer to… more»

Civic Renaissance: 1984 Honda CRX DX

Aesthetically I’ve always considered the Honda CRX to be ahead of its time.  By no means am I claiming to be a fan of the car’s Kammback… more»