Showroom Condition! 1989 Ford Escort LX

Many will argue against a Ford Escort being considered a collector car but for those of us that feel an inexplicable fondness for these would be Civic rivals, this classic commuter located in Puyallup, Washington checks all of the… more»

Already A Classic? 1987 Toyota MR2

For the second consecutive year, Hagerty published its Bull Market List of cars that appear to be rapidly increasing in value, the next crop of potential collectibles, if you will.  Included on the list is the first generation (1984-1989)… more»

29 Years In The Barn: 1961 Volvo PV544

This PV544 was bought in 1989 for the seller’s then 13-year old son, driven for a week, then for unspecified reasons, parked in a barn.  Available here on Craigslist for a firm $2,100, it’s located in West Winfield, New… more»

Woodie Wagon: 1980 Chrysler Town And Country

Most of the “woodie” LeBarons featured here on Barnfinds of late have been of the K-car persuasion.  But before the front wheel drive K-car platform was introduced in 1981, the then-struggling Chrysler Corporation offered the LeBaron as a rear wheel… more»

Early Fire Chief’s Ride: 1913 Ford Model T Speedster

Located in Plympton, Massachusetts this 1913 Model T Speedster is a testament to the amazing evolution of the fire department chief’s car.  Nowadays officers at public and even many volunteer fire departments are issued large SUVs or trucks for… more»

Rare Dubs: 1980 Volkswagen Dasher

Known as the Passat (B1) in Europe, Volkswagen Dashers were sold here in the States from 1974-1981.  This well-preserved example is located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California and is available for sale here on Craigslist at the asking price… more»

Rare 1987 Ford Mustang ASC/McLaren Convertible

With a total of just 1,806 cars customized between 1987-1990 (according to, no one would argue the rarity of the ASC/McLaren Mustang in regard to production numbers.  In 1987, only 479 of these Mustangs were produced and 63… more»

Typical Rust? 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

The seller of what’s left of this 1970 Boss 302, available here on eBay mentions it’s been “sitting for decades” and has suffered “typical rust damage.”  Question: what body parts are most prone to rust on a vintage Mustang?  Answer:… more»

DIY Pickup: 2001 Volkswagen Jetta Ute

“He took a perfectly good Jetta…and cut it to pieces.”  That’s the opening to the three-part YouTube series titled DIY UTE that documents a 2001 VW being hacked apart with a Sawzall and transformed into a pickup.  Yes, you read… more»

God Bless John Wayne: 1975 Ford Bronco Half Cab

The marketing appeal of John Wayne cannot be understated and the seller of this ’75 Bronco Half Cab with only 67K original miles, available here on eBay, knows this.  What do a Ford Bronco and John Wayne have in… more»

Less Than 40 Left? 1971 Manic GT

Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers…no one would argue their iconic status especially those produced during the late 1960s and early 1970s. But there are many of us who would love to own a car you just don’t see at the local… more»

“Lost” Van: 1966 Chevrolet G10

Have you seen this van?  The location of this machine is a mystery!  At least that’s the case for someone who’s looking for help finding the van in the above photograph (date unspecified).  A brief ad posted here on… more»

Building Find: Three 2006 Ski-Doo Mini Zs!

Discovered left behind in a recently purchased building and looking like true time capsules is this stash of Mini Z snowmobiles.  Located in northern New Jersey and appearing to “have never been used” these sleds are offered for sale… more»

1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS With 2,387 Miles!?

Does less than 2,500 miles on a 1967 Camaro sound too good to be true?  Well, that just might be the case with this “super rare” RS/SS.  Later in this post, we’ll be sure to investigate the seller’s claim that “this might… more»

Motorized Suitcase: 1982 Honda Motocompo

Here to remind you once more of the weirdness of the 1980s is the Motocompo, a “trunk bike” produced by Honda from ’81-’83.  Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!  That Styx song keeps popping into my head as I peruse pictures of the… more»

1,433 Miles Since New! 1980 Chevrolet Corvette L-82

1,433 miles on a 39-year-old car!  I’m always shocked whenever cars like this pop up for sale and I immediately wonder how did such circumstances come to be?  Did the original owner purchase the car with the intent to… more»