9,000 Mile Barn Find! 1979 Chevrolet Camaro

This pristine 1979 Chevrolet Camaro is a true barn find. Parked in 1986 after the original owner passed away, it sat on dollies in the barn for thirty years. The car shows just 9,256 miles on the odometer and is in nearly showroom condition. Found here on Hemmings with an asking price of just under $30,000, the car is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The interior of this car is sure to transport you back to the late 70’s. The interior is so clean, you would swear this is a full restoration. There are so few survivor cars like this, that it’s hard to believe it’s a true barn find. The car was featured a year ago here on superchevy.com, the car was also featured in Super Chevy magazine. By putting the pieces together, it seems like it has changed owners at least twice since being removed from the barn.

The car is said to be a real Z28 with the original 350 cid engine backed by an automatic transmission.  There isn’t a lot of information on what it took to get the car back to drivable condition, but the ad does say that the engine and transmission “function like they should” and the car is a “blast to drive.”

There is a quote from the owner in the article on SuperChevy.com that sums up this car well, “This thing is immaculate! It’s a true time capsule that looks like it just came off the production line with original tires and everything.  All the markings from the production line are still present. We found tons of paperwork on the car and it even has the original, custom mini-space spare tire.”  Don’t be surprised if this car ends up in a museum or even with General Motors itself.

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  1. Cattoo

    I’ve always liked the looks of the ‘79 Z28. Even the white ones.

  2. Michael B

    Did anyone research This? Original tires? Not with B F Goodrich radial TA’s.

    • mag195455 Member

      Michael B ! Did you Read the ad? It Says tires were replaced!!!!

    • Kenneth Hultgren

      That what we did in 79 scraped firestones and good years…..bfs were street sticky!!! great for street racing and out running cops

    • Zipy

      Goodyear Steel guard built in California and Uniroyal built in Ohio The BF Are replacements. Well it’s been 39 years lol

  3. Mark S.

    The asking price doesn’t seem out of line to me for something so pristine.
    Other than the automatic, and it being white, I love it.

  4. Rock On

    I have restored a half dozen second generation Camaros. The space saving mini spares are still quite easy to find. The jacks on the other hand always seem to be missing.

  5. Mark

    Looks like right door was painted, missing black paint trim on base. Otherwise mint.

  6. John M.

    Kudos to the seller for taking the time to take up close photos especially those of the interior and the car’s underside that are in the Hemmings ad. Not a scratch on the dash and the underside is clean and dry. I believe that the just under $30,000 asking price for this extremely well preserved time capsule on wheels is fair enough.

  7. Jay E.

    In 1979 I had a Z28 brochure, that featured with exact color combination on the cover, sitting on my table for months. White with the blue and black. It was dazzling and completely out of reach. Amazing to see one so perfect this many years later. Seems like a bargain now in 2018 dollars.

  8. rob

    I owned a black 1979 Z28 from 1985 to 2015. Mine was a factory 4 speed car with almost no options. It was a fun car at the start but the last few years it just sat and finally sold it to a friend. This car does look fantastic and actually I think it is priced fair.

  9. mike

    Now if I were a millionaire… this would be the sort of thing I’d buy, to “try” to relive my youth & put my state of mind back to 1979, when I was 17 y/o.. Rather than a “restored” specimen, buy the unmolested time capsule!
    I drove a ’77 Trans Am for a week back in 1983.
    This car could transport me back to 1983 easily.

  10. Bob

    Sounds high for a second gen

  11. Gregory

    That’s a steal at that price!

  12. Classic Steel

    Sorry not a fan but prob worth the price 👀

    I remember turning one down mid 80s for 400 with big cragars in back and t tops etc. that was decades back I know for 60000 mike car..

    I just felt the plastic emblems and all seemed cheesy

  13. Lawyer George

    The upholstery GM chose to put in it’s cool cars always looked cheesy–even the tri-five group had ugly upholstery in my opinion.

  14. Nrg8

    Choked out V8’s, and color changing interiors were this eras bane. Nice car too much money.

  15. John B

    I worked dealer prep at a Chevy franchise when these were new. Base price was about 6500 dollars. The Saginaw four-speed was more fun, but this setup ran pretty well. I wonder if this car is 3:08 or 3:42. I seem to recall them coming with Goodyear or Firestone tires. Always fun for a teenaged punk to pull indoors to the service area and squeak the tires on the slick floor!

    • Dennis

      John B. back in 1979 I also worked in new car prep at the local Chevy dealer. Power wasn’t big like the old ones but man great handling and riding cars compared to the 60’s and early 70’s Pre 1974’s were like siting on a board with a folded beach towel under your ass. Any of us who love these cars were mostly looking for looks and a nice ride with a little power. It was all good.. LOL

      • Kenneth Hultgren

        Me too beat the hell out of a 78 trans am and a 73 red white and blue GTO blow both up…W Jepsen Chevrolet..and took out a 67 Impala on a test drive and A porche… Good times!!


        I think the ride on my 71 RS is quite comfortable.

  16. Joe

    In the ad, it’s current owner down in Florida says that he hasn’t titled it yet,
    The problem with that is., it is not legal really his to sell.
    Unless the true owner signs, their is no deal,
    I think this might be a problem.

  17. Kenneth Hultgren

    That what we did in 79 scraped firestones and good years…..bfs were street sticky!!! great for street racing and out running cops

  18. David Ulrey

    Joe in most states that do title cars that year as opposed to a bill of sale, the title usually just has to be signed off by the registered owner on the front in front of a notary. In Arizona an open notarized title can potentially go through a few owners and still be registered with no problem. By the term owner I mean the person that has the vehicle in there possession and the signed notarized title. That is common for people that buy cars to sell. They use the term ‘flippers’ here quite often.

  19. Comet

    Is it just me or does anyone else find the quarter panel spot-welds to be sloppy and just way too many. I know that GM’s QC wasn’t job #1 during this era, but it just looks a bit odd. However, that nit pic aside, it appears to be a great car.

  20. Zipy

    Think the price is some what high. I mean it’s mint, but engine compartment needs to redone.

  21. SWells679

    Wow! That interior!
    I forgot about the left-of-the-steering-wheel A/C controls…
    And that steering wheel…fantastic.

    • Joe64NYWF

      Why was that? Heaven help you if you have a cranky passenger who wants to adjust the heat or a/c often. lol
      Very awkward for driver using left hand IMO.
      While the 2nd gen firebird had the HVAV controls where they belonged – on the right side.
      Makes no sense such similar cars would be so different in this respect.

  22. The Chucker

    I had the twin to this (sans T-Top) in 1985 when I was 18. That car, Motley Crue, and Bartles and Jaymes pretty much were the Saturday night trifecta back then. Too many stories….

  23. John Leyshon

    Zipy, the engine compartment is clean as they come ! lol. Badly choked and restricted. More linear footage of vacuum/smog piping than engine displacement. 1979 is what it is. Damn nice car, but yes, i would scrap orginality for chevy orange and some chrome under there !

  24. Zipy

    John Here’s a pic of my 78 Z Engine Compartment. The engine is all stock except for headers and a Holley spread bore and the chrome like you mentioned. I know the 79 is original, but me I don’t like the rust and paint chips etc, but that’s just me.

  25. Harold Wood

    Bought a Matched Pair of these back in the early 80’s Exactly the same stripes and all Sister want one and I drove the other, I didn’t keep mine long I found a Vette I liked better, but used to have Pictures of the Two sitting side by side on the driveway with the garage door open and the Candy apple red stingray convertible in the background I was a muscle car nut but kept them all original Had thousands over my life span but many I just flipped and only owned the a few days some only over night they went so quick.

  26. John Leyshon

    Very nice Zipy ! The passion for it shows. Great workmanship !

    • Zipy

      Thanks John Really Appreciate it.

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