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911 Alternative? 1994 Porsche 968

A few years ago, I was searching every classifieds page I could to attempt to snag a Porsche 968. It struck me as a car that was very underappreciated relative to its rarity and highly regarded driving dynamics. Prices began rising faster than I was expecting, with decent examples consistently going into the low $20,000 range. These days, like most cars, prices have stabilized, and this very clean 1994 Porsche 968 listed here on eBay is offered with a reasonable Buy-It-Now of $17,500.

While I still think the 968 is one of the prettiest Porsches ever made, I gradually became less and less enchanted with it as time wore on. The primary reason was because I couldn’t justify the prices sellers were asking when another certain water-cooled model was sitting idly nearby: yes, the 996-chassis Porsche 911. And that’s what I ended up doing, buying a driver-quality 1999 C2 coupe with a limited-slip that has been a treat to own. The 968 will always be on my radar, but never to the point that I’d choose a front-engine, four-cylinder Porsche over a 911.

That’s not arrogance on my part; not at all, as the 968 is supposed to be one of the best drivers the company has produced in the last few decades. It’s still incredibly modern inside, too, making it the sort of sports car you can live with on a daily basis if you wanted to. The leather seats in this example are in excellent condition and the same goes for the dashboard and carpets. The condition is even more impressive when you consider that the mileage is pegged at 153,000.

The beefy 3.0L four-cylinder was one of the largest of its kind when introduced, and delivers a surprising amount of power despite being down a few cylinders. The seller reports that the must-do maintenance work has been completed, including “….timing belt and idler pulleys, water pump and coolant hose fitting, rotor and cap, plugs and wires, motor mounts, alternator belt and coolant reservoir tank.” These engines don’t like failed timing belts and tensioners, so hopefully, the latter was done at the same time. The Buy-It-Now is reasonable but perhaps you can take it home for slightly less.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    As an original 924 fan I always thought the 968 was a beautiful and fitting way to close out the run. Very nice example here. Still one of the best driving cars out there.

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  2. Johnny Bravo

    Is the 968 an interference motor?

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    • justpaul

      Yes, it is.

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  3. George hoard

    In the 80’s the 944, and 928 were my favorite porsche models, followed by the 911. Imagine my delight when the 968 was released. From the front with the headlights down there was 911 lines, with the headlights up 928. All on a 944.

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  4. justpaul

    Okay….it’s been pulled from Ebay because it’s been “lost or broken”?

    That doesn’t sound good!

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  5. Fran

    I like the 968. Wish I saw it for sale. Scary is the 8 owners. Why?

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  6. PreviousOwner

    Bought a ’94 back in 2004 – tiptronic, cabriolet, 118,000 miles. It’s over 170,000 now and still plastering a grin on my face when it comes out of the garage…which is pretty dang rarely in rainy Oregon. Also gets better mpg than anything else in my stable.

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  7. Frank Barrett Member

    ” I couldn’t justify the prices sellers were asking when another certain water-cooled model was sitting idly nearby: yes, the 996-chassis Porsche 911.”

    Perhaps this was also a factor in sales of the 968 when new.

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  8. Glemon

    I used to want one, but the more I look at them the more I think it looks like a 924/944 that has gotten a little older, out in a few pounds, and not aged very gracefully. I realize it is got the newest and best of everything compared to its predecessors, but still like the original more. This one does look like a decent deal.

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  9. Greg

    Too many miles at 17k nice 968 though.

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  10. mrgreenjeans mrgreenjeans

    The car is extremely well presented and if in reality it is as perfect and as serviced as claimed, the buy it now was a bargain. In the eBay ad it listed all it has had done to it; the 8 previous owners appear to have been extremely diligent in keeping the required maintenance up to near scrupulous standards.

    This model was the absolute pinnacle for the naturally aspirated 944 derivative it was based on. 3.0 liter smoothness and torque, balance, toss-ability, and superb braking and handling were it’s forte. The 968s I have driven have all been well cared for and not winter driven or abused, so to see a comparable example selling for this value in this condition, tells me the owner got a ‘buy it now offer’ and pulled it from the sale. I hope it landed in great hands. Not many were made and fewer still survive in incredible condition such as this beauty shows to be

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