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911 Barn: 1980 Porsche 911SC Targa

1980 Porsche 911 Targe

This 911 Targa was supposedly discovered in a barn. The seller pulled it apart for restoration, but for some reason decided to not finish. That’s really only the start of this car’s issues. In the processes of pulling it apart the engine was removed and sold, no reason why is given. It was also given the Turbo wide body and slant noise treatments, but the seller states that was done when it was parked 20 years ago. This listing is really quite confusing and lacking on the information front. The car supposedly ran when parked, so again why was the engine removed? The seller seems to own a few other Porsches, so why aren’t they finishing this one? You can find this questionable 911 here on eBay in Duluth, Georgia with an opening bid of $200, but a reserve.

1980 Porsche 911 Targe Project

I’m not sure why, but it is really bothering me that the engine was removed and sold, yet no reason why is given. The seller mentions the idea of installing an LS V8, so was that their plan for it? Personally, it doesn’t sound like a terrible swap, but it would have been smart to have kept the original engine with the car (at least until the swap was complete). I’ve heard V8 powered 911s are quite impressive, with Turbo level power on a smaller budget. The seller got as far as installing 930 front fenders and painting the entire car. They claim to have everything minus the engine and transmission. They also mention that the interior is shot, so add that to the list of things that need to be replaced. This one is going to have to go cheap to be worth picking up, especially if you happen to have a spare 911 or LS engine lying around. So do you think this customized 911 Targe is worth messing with? And if so, which engine would you put in it?


  1. Avatar photo randy

    I worked at a shop in a north Dallas suburb back in 84-85 and one of the owners burned up the engine in a customers 500SL, they robbed the engine out of another customers 500SL and and stuck it in the previously mentioned car. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for the way folks act. All he did was double the problem.

    My favorite 911 is the Targa.

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  2. Avatar photo bcavileer

    My Goodness, the Porsche fever continues. Wish I had kept the pile of rust 356 I sent to the crusher 3.5 decades ago. Oh wait! I still have the title… it must be worth $thousands$$.
    Hope they hit a home run with this flip. I am not the batter on these P.O.S…s.

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  3. Avatar photo Charles

    So someone ruined a perfectly good Porsche.

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    • Avatar photo Horse Radish

      You’ll see more and more of that.
      NOT ONLY are the high dealer prices on new parts extinguishing the hope of many a restoration, but they are also encouraging behavior like this where somebody will dismantle a good car(not good enough for them, but everybody else) just to finance another project or their own greedy lifestyle.

      Luckily I think with my choices of what to buy and WHOM to buy from I have not contributed to any such endeavors and hope I never will….

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  4. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Am I missing something? I dont see a slant nose conversion. The slant nose has popup lights and while this 911 appears to have the wider 930 style front fenders they have a fixed headlight housing. I would be quite happy with a LS dropped in and providing the motivation for this 911 however I am not a Porsche purist. The body looks good from what I can tell so replacing the engine with a Porsche engine would likely be an ok venture so I think it will get completed one way or another but it does make me a little skeptical when a seller has multiple projects of the same model and is selling one off. I cant help but think he is selling off the one least worthy of his time and energy

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    • Avatar photo randy

      It may be a shop, and he’s selling it for a customer, maybe a non paying type. Just a guess.

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  5. Avatar photo MountainMan

    heres a slope nose

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  6. Avatar photo Keith

    More Porsches?……..Uhmmmmmmmmmmm hold on, I’ll be right back……..LOL

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  7. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    I think the explanation for the slant nose puzzle is that the car used to be black with a slant nose front (“When the car was parked it had been converted to Steel Widebody slant nose”). Then the seller’s shop changed the car back to regular 930 turbo fenders and painted it white (“Car was disassembled and we put real 930 front fenders back on car and painted white”).

    All that might be fascinating to the seller, but I think it might be there to distract from the fact that the car doesn’t have an engine or transmission. That, and “Car…..was running when parked 20yrs ago”. Why bother saying that when the car has no engine? Why remove and sell the engine and then start restoring the car? Why take off the slant fenders and put normal fenders on a car that’s a boy racer’s car? And now he thinks the solution is to put a big V8 back there, making the car even less balanced that it was before?

    All this makes about as much sense as the rest of the current vintage Porsche market.

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    • Avatar photo MountainMan

      Very true. I was in some sales training years ago and the GM of the company told us “if you can’t convince the customer, confuse the customer”. Maybe this seller follows this logic

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  8. Avatar photo George

    Why show what it looked like with multiple pictures and then only a couple of what it actually looks like now?

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  9. Avatar photo rancho bella

    Worthless pile. Frankenporsche

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  10. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    IF, big IF, there is anyone who is interested in this vehicle, I live very close and would be more than willing to go take a look and ask any questions that you might have. Just respond with some type of contact information and we will get something set up.

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