Perfect Patina: 1971 Porsche 911

Air-Cooled 911s are hot right now and I don’t see any signs of them cooling off. Porsche isn’t ever going to make an air-cooled flat-six again so if you want to experience what made the company what it is… more»

Numbers Matching With Sportomatic: 1968 Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic cars ever conceived. Designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Ferry Porsche’s son, the first 911s arrived in 1964, bearing the badge of brilliant performance. But that wasn’t its only virtue: the… more»

Same Owner for 55 Years! 1965 Porsche 911

                      I was about 10 or so in the mid-1960’s when I saw my first Porsche 911 up close. It stopped me in my tracks and looked just like… more»

Outlaw Build? No Reserve 1976 Porsche 912

This 1976 Porsche 912 is a bit of an undertaking, and I’m a little surprised it’s taken this long for a project-grade car like this to come up for grabs. The reason is that so many 911s and 912s… more»

Nice View From the Engine Bay: 1975 Porsche 911 Project

The iconic Porsche 911 changed the world of sports cars forever. While its predecessor, the 356, was popular in its own right, the 911 offered a more comfortable, powerful ride. In fact, Porsche was all about incremental increases in… more»

Low-Mile, High-Price: 1975 Porsche 911 S Coupe

Can someone please find me a time machine? I want to go back to about 20 years ago, buy up all the Porsche 911s in the world, and sit on them for a few years. If I did this,… more»

Air-Cooled Art Car: 1972 Porsche 911 Targa

I have to admit, I don’t quite know what’s going on here. This 1972 Porsche 911 Targa is described – well, poorly, but it seems as if the seller intended for this car to become an art installation versus… more»

Low Mile Rocket: 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo

I hear you loud and clear: this is hardly a barn find. Unless, of course, you’re so wealthy that your stable of collector cars is housed in a building ironically called “The Barn”. Still, this staggeringly beautiful 1986 911… more»

Ran When Parked: 1973 Porsche 911

Few vehicles are as instantly recognizable as a Porsche 911, due in part to the fact that the styling has remained remarkably similar since the model’s initial launch in 1964. Nearly sixty years later, the recipe remains the same:… more»

Labor of Love Porsche 911-Powered Ford GT40 Replica

Everyone knows the story of Ford and Ferrari at Le Mans, and the Ford GT is one of the most popular passenger cars to ever come out of that race. Porsche, as luck would have it, also has an… more»

Fresh from the shed: 1983 911 SC Targa

Porsche has been a family name in sports car fan circles since Porsche began as a company, with the 356. The 911 was introduced in 1964 and has been in continuous production since, resulting in a truly massive fan… more»

Outlaw Project: Backdated 1976 Porsche 911

Are you good at puzzles? If your skillset includes Porsche restoration, this is probably a fairly easy one. It’s a completely disassembled 1976 Porsche 911 “long hood” project that’s listed here on eBay in Oakwood, Georgia with a $40,000… more»

Passionate Owner Wanted: 1969 Porsche 911

It happens from time-to-time. A person will own a classic car that is their pride and joy, and for one reason or another, the fire in the belly, the passion that fuels their love for their prized and desirable… more»

Barn Fresh: 1973 Porsche 911E Targa

If you haven’t noticed, air-cooled Porsches are hot these days. Some of the hype is… well… just hype, but they are actually really great cars. They were well built, a blast to drive and unique enough to stand out… more»

1976 Porsche 911S Hot Rod

Most enthusiasts love Porsche’s 911 models, especially the classic models. Because of their unfortunate susceptibility to rust, there aren’t too many clean examples left, but this 1976 Porsche 911S that’s available here on eBay is a clean and very… more»

Project Porsche: 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera

When discussing iconic vehicles from the 1980s, it isn’t shocking in the slightest if the Porsche 911 comes up in conversation. These powerful and attractive sports cars are incredibly sought after by collectors, with restored examples fetching big bucks… more»