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911 Power: 1970 Porsche 914-6


Here is one for those of you who think the 914 is not a real Porsche. The 914 may have been a joint venture with VW, but when Porsche decided they needed something a little more potent, they dropped the flat-six from the 911 into it and raised the price accordingly. The later 914s had as much power, but if you must have a flat-six in your Porsche than this is the one to get. Just remember that the real p-car price applies. Take a look here on eBay where bidding is already above 10k with a day left! Thanks goes to Jim S. for the tip.


  1. Robert J

    I really want one of these – on my short list, But, I am thinking that a V6 conversion 914 might in fact be a better car at of course a better price. The notion of a Kraut mid-engine slot car appeals to me greatly.

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    • rustylink

      Please tell me your joking? Maybe a Miata is more you speed.

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  2. 88R107

    Guess the price surge on P-cars has finally filtered down to the 914. I realize this the 6 which is a different animal than the 4’s but 10,000 and climbing? Yikes!

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    • Horse Radish

      how about $18,300 and room for more….
      Early bidding is nonsense on E-bay as evidenced here.
      High bidder left (much ?) higher bid days before auction end, before even the engine photo was up.
      Will we see this one again ??

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  3. Dolphin Member

    Interesting find. Looks another stalled resto whose slumber is being interrupted by the rise in early Porshe prices having filtered down to the 914 cars, especially the ones that have a flat-6 and were actually assembled by Porsche. Selling prices of $50K and up if in at least #2 condition will do that.

    The good news is that the VIN checks out as a genuine 1970 914-6 number. The bad news is that there is serious rust and neglect, plus the cut wire loom to the engine—a bad sign I think. What other nasty surprises will there be? The big unknown is the engine, which will be as expensive to rebuild as a 911 engine if that’s needed. I hope the wiring loom to the engine wasn’t cut before the last sale to hide a need for a rebuild.

    I hope the buyer knows these cars and that the price doesn’t go much higher than $10K, otherwise a few bad surprises on top of the rust and other things will make this pretty expensive. With so few of these built and sold decades ago they all need to be saved.

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  4. scot

    ~ ho,ho,ho! red and green. already to slap a bow on it and slip it beneath my tree.

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  5. Horse Radish

    The moss on the car speaks volumes for the kind of care this car has gotten over the last 8-10 years.
    IF this seller doesn’t even rinse off the crud off the car for the for sale photos,…….
    The only thing missing is the youtube video with a cricket chirping…..
    Ooh and BTW, has anybody else noticed, that the heart of the 914-6 did got NO attention ?
    Not one photo of the motor, that sets this apart from your average VW-Porsche !
    It may not even be there anymore, since the calipers have disappeared so have probably other vital 914-6 parts.
    Time to get out the check list, before the wallet !!

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    • Catfish Phil

      There is a photo of the six cylinder engine on eBay…

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    • Dolphin Member

      Yep, I noticed no engine pic. He just added an engine pic with about 20 hours to go before the end of the auction.

      I’m not hiring this guy to do anything—no restorations, no sales listings, no nuthin’.

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  6. ConservativesDefeated

    Man thats a crime. Somebody ought to be arrested

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  7. Don Andreina

    Maybe someone can use this to build a Tapiro.


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    • rancho bella

      that is a great looking car…….I wonder what happened to the model……..I be the car looks the same.

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      • rancho bella

        bet……….I bet………..dang it !!!!

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      • Don Andreina

        Yep, it would be interesting to see what the car looks like now. The article says Italdesign took it back after the ‘incident’. She probably looks the same thanks to the wonders of scalpel and silicone.

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  8. Jim-Bob

    Hmm… Methinks it might be time to start stocking up on 924s and 944s. If I wait long enough they’ll turn into a gold mine!

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    • Don Andreina

      You reckon 928s will ever shoot back up in value?

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      • paul

        Hell if they can get 42k for a Corvair at Lambrecht then anything is possible & yes I will be hanging on to my Corvair who knows maybe I can buy an ocean front condo before they slide into the water.

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      • paul

        Oh & for all the effort & $’s that this old p needs I’ll take a 5 year old Boxster & will still have $’s left over, because while you maybe able to pick the thing up on the cheap the fun will start on your checkbook when you pull it into your driveway.

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  9. rancho bella

    The 914 would rust if it was a sunny day. Major areas to look for rust…..trunk
    (front and back), below the battery (they don’t call it the hell hole for nothing), the suspension below the hell hole, the longs, lower corners of the windshield metal surround (body) and in each corner of the front trunk next to the bulk head (under the windshield washer bottle). Nasty business.

    Not a power house and when new, for a few bucks more one could by the 911, most did.

    I would rather have the four that was built properly with carbs.

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  10. Doug M. Member

    Wow!! $17k now! That one picture of the rusty seam up front by the defrost blowers is the one that scares me the most! ….how high will this go??

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  11. jim s

    and there is NO title! as of 9/28 update seller states ” cannot locate paperwork on the car, but will write a bill of sale “. when the listing was first posted it was/is still listed as title clear.

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    • rancho bella

      anyone that buys this just with a bill o’ sale……..is a sap.
      Stolen, salvage title or a host of other problems.
      You would be safer hanging out with Jesse Pinkman…………..

      I understand in some states a title is not issued on older cars…….could that be right?

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  12. Dolphin Member

    Sold for $18,3200.

    Good luck to the buyer, especially on engine/transmission condition & rust repairs.

    I see lots of risk there for a car sold with almost no information available, but people are paying up big for early P cars, so maybe it will work for him if he gets lucky on the engine/transmission & the title problem, and can do a lot of the work himself.

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  13. paul

    $183200 + say another 30 humm close to 50k humm maybe a 4 year old 911

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  14. twwokc

    $18,300. Thats insane.
    Hope the buyer didnt make that decision based on the upward push of 911 prices. They may be very disappointed when the dust settles or should I say rust.

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  15. MikeH

    I was living in Europe when these came out. In Europe, the car was a Porsche only when it had the flat six. With the VW engine, it was called a VW. Only in the states were both models labeled a Porsche. Guess they figured Americans wouldn’t know the difference?

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