Amazing Survivor: 9k Mile 1971 Ford Maverick

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With a claimed 9,000 miles on the clock, this 1971 Maverick appears to be in good condition, and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, this unmolested car serves as a reminder of simpler times. The Maverick is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

The external condition of the Maverick looks pretty good, and there’s not a huge amount to gripe about. The back door fit is a little odd, but that looks like it is only a minor adjustment issue. The blue paint looks nice, and the only thing that potentially needs addressing is the condition of the paint on the wheels. It is showing its age and would benefit from a refresh. The owner is a bit sparing on detail, so we just need to interpret what he says and study the pictures pretty carefully. He does say that the Maverick has only covered around 9,000 genuine miles, but doesn’t indicate whether he hold documentary evidence to confirm this.

Here is one area where the owner is incorrect in his description. He describes the engine as being a 250ci V6. Sorry, but that looks like a normal straight-six to me. This is backed by an automatic transmission. We get no real indications from the owner about the mechanical health of the vehicle. What I will say is that with regards to the low mileage claim, for a 48-year-old car, the engine and its surrounds looks clean enough to make the claim at least appear to be conceivable.

The early Mavericks were a real “poverty pack” special, and standard equipment was not lavish. One of the features, or non-features, of the early Mavericks that has always fascinated me, is the lack of a glove compartment. That seems like a rather odd exclusion for an American car in the early 1970s, and Ford chose to fit one to the Maverick, beginning in 1973. The owner states that the upholstery is leather, but that looks like the standard vinyl and cloth combination to me. Regardless of this, the interior presentation is very impressive, with no obvious rips, tears, or stains. The condition of the seat upholstery, carpet, and the lack of wear on the wheel rim all tend to reinforce the low mileage claim.

The Maverick was built by Ford to be nothing more than to be cheap and reliable transport and to compete with imported products from Europe and Asia. It was considered to be a cheap, disposable item, and the vast majority of Mavericks similar to this one ended their days in a crusher. If you don’t believe just how rare this Maverick actually is, try searching for a 4-door Maverick for sale that is in good condition. There just aren’t that many about today. The owner has set a BIN price of $16,000 for the Maverick, with the option to make an offer. It will ultimately come down to a question of whether someone sees that rarity as justifying the asking price.

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    Hear ye’, hear ye’, attention sellers of claimed low mileage cars, THIS is your low mileage car. See any difference from these beaters they claim have low mileage and this? Seller is dreaming on the price, leather seats? Mmm, I don’t think so. While the condition is fantastic, this is probably the least desireable car in America today. Don’t get me wrong, my late ex-MIL had a car just like this. It got her to work in the coldest weather, never failed her, even though it had no back floor and no heat. ( I can still see poor “Ma”, driving her Maverick with mittens and a scarf) Pretty basic car here, the automatic seems to be the only option ( at $320 bucks, it was an expensive option) probably no power steering or brakes, and that could take some getting used to. Looks like they are going for the ultimate flip, too bad they picked the wrong car to do it with. $5g’s tops.

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    • TimS

      Have to agree. It would be a cool car-show ride that nobody would have, but yeah, take the 1 off the front of the price.

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      • Fred W

        I think at a car show, people would walk by, marvel at the condition, then walk away feeling sorry for you for not owning something more desirable.

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      • Fred W

        Why no glove box? Because at the time, Maverick was heavily promoted in print ads for $1995. Let that sink in for a minute – a new car for 2K. Today you can’t get leather upholstery for $2000.

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      • Ralph

        That’s about $12-$13,000 today…..

        You can still find cars for that price, sort of.

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      • dweezilaz

        The package shelf and fixed or pop out windows in two doors were very common in European cars.

        I guess it was Ford’s “Better Idea” to mimic the imports. AMC used a package shelf under the dash with the Hornet and Gremlin.

        Fred W: Then their sympathy would be misplaced. Let them walk off being a snob. It’s not their call.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    I was unaware that Ford also had a 250 I-6. You’d think a better designation would have the the 251, a la the 351. And I also agree, he’s asking very strong money for this stripper.

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    • Larry Ragans

      Yes, I was quite familiar with the Ford 250 cubic inch motor. My 1973 Mustang coupe had a 250 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder with a 1 barrel carburetor and a 3-speed manual transmission. The price was $3,000 brand new. Sitting next to the Mustang on the dealer’s car lot was a Ford Maverick, also with the 250 cubic inch inline 6 cylinder for around $2,200. My Dad tried to talk me into getting the Ford Maverick because it cost less money. However, I had my heart set on a Mustang! People on 10-speed bicycles frequently passed me going up steep hills!

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      • Keith C.

        Larry, this is why 10-speeds passed you…

        Engine: 250 L-6

        Horsepower: 99@3600 RPM

        Torque: 184 ft/lbs @1600 RPM

        Compression ratio: 8.0:1

        Curb weight: 3,000 lbs.

        You do the math.

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    • Miguel

      HAHAHA, you said stripper and the car is in Las Vegas…

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      • Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

        Probably not the only vintage-1971 stripper working there!

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  3. Vegaman Dan

    It is classic rental car fleet material. Impressive it lasted this long unchanged, but that doesn’t mean you want it.

    I have a Twinkie still in its plastic wrapper left in a drawer since 1998. It has not gotten any better, but it is original. Maybe I should try selli g it for thousands.

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    • dweezilaz

      And like this car still on the road and still usable, that Twinkie will still be fresh and edible after 48 years !!!

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    • Nate

      How much for the Twinkie?

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  4. David Rhoces

    $ 1600.00 maybe ?

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  5. Will Fox

    Laugh all you want, but I think this Mav is worth AT LEAST $13K. Just try to find a cleaner one with this low of mileage!! YOU WON’T. We don’t think of these as collector cars by any means–but what a nice daily driver for the summer months!! Hmmm? I’d drive this with pride; And you’d get more lookers than Farrah Faucet in a string bikini!! (well, almost anyway……)

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    • dweezilaz

      Tell it Will. I’d walk across a show field to see this as opposed to another “clone” or “tribute” car.

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    • Ralph

      Call them up and pay the man…….

      Its worth $5000 at best for the curiosity factor.

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    • Miguel

      Will Fox, when you say something like “Just try to find a cleaner one with this low of mileage!!”, that is assuming anybody is looking for one this clean or with this mileage.

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  6. Ben T Spanner

    My SIL had my FIL help her shop for a new car. They came home with a Maverick 4 door and she had 4 kids. Both the kids and the Maverick gave her problems.
    We had a fleet of these. Slow, lots of problems, and poor gas mileage. My friend went to work for a competitor and had a brand new V8 Maverick company car. He goosed to to enter a freeway, the fan shredded the radiator. These were an absolute low point in American cars.

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    • Chuck

      I hade a 72 Grabber with the 302 auto, beat it unmercifully, only problem was the right rear tire was always bald, and 12.7MPG

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      • Bru

        As the Magazines said back then, “The only thing the Maverick Grabber grabs, is your wallet!” I’ve always remembered that line 🙂

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  7. Keith

    16K!? Has 2 too many doors and a 6 cyl? NOT!!!!!!

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  8. Todd Zuercher

    Pictures definitely aren’t from Las Vegas.

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    • Evan

      I live there, and I agree. This is a flipper.

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  9. steve

    I always worry when an owner can’t identify the proper elements of THEIR car. V6? LOL…and leather? In a Maverick? I owned two of these back in the day, both 71’s I believe. I found them to be reliable, if nothing else. They weren’t much to look at then and still aren’t today. $16k is pretty strong, but I’d be worried about paying $5k for a car the owner really doesn’t know.

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  10. Gay Car Nut

    Nice looking Maverick. I’ve seen a few Ford Mavericks over the years, but never a 4 door.

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  11. dweezilaz

    Granny had a yellow 70 Grabber. First one in the area when it came out.

    Ran well with no problem for years.

    The non boosted steering was only a problem in tight parking maneuvers, really not an issue. She was a tough old bird [OMG 55 years old at the time and I thought she was ancient..] so….

    Non boosted steering is not that big a deal. I’ve driven cars without power assist and have for many years. It takes a different technique to compensate for the extra input needed and a little bit of roll to help in the effort. Something one learns to do quickly. And not an issue when at speed.

    Plus the extra feel of the road is nice. Mind the extra turns needed and it’s very shortly unnoticeable.

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  12. DRV

    One of the few cars I remember exactly how it felt to drive because it was the worst car I ever drove.

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  13. Dave

    Had a ’74 coupe with the 250 and auto. Everything about that car was garbage. Rings wore out around 50k miles. Electrical issues galore. Rust everywhere, in an area 4 hours inland where it almost never snows. It would vapor lock if you breathed too heavily near it. 4-wheel drum brakes could never be adjusted / balanced correctly and nearly killed me, my sister, and my dad on separate occasions. I still have a scar on my hand 24 years later where I tried to pull out the old radio and put in a tape deck. The wiper linkage completely fell apart, and was NLA in 1994, so we had to have bushings custom machined for it. It leaked everywhere. The drivers seat once broke and flopped back while driving. Both door panels fell apart. And on, and on.

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    • Radarone

      But other than that it was a nice car.

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  14. Bob C.

    It is nice, but I can’t see anyone paying $16G for it. A bare bones Maverick (or updated Falcon) isn’t that justifiable. The 250 six is a pretty nice touch, though.

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  15. Ken

    My brother had a ’73 Maverick Grabber when he was in the Army. It had a 302 and a manual transmission. What I remember the most about it is helping him and my dad push the stupid thing down the street to get it to start. He eventually wrecked it on the SeaTac freeway and abandoned it. It deserved to die.

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  16. Gloin

    I always thought these were great looking 2 doors but very awkward 4 doors

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  17. Robert White

    This is the exact year and model that my penny wise & pound foolish Chartered Accountant father bought in 1971. He bought one of these at the factory in Oakville Ontario because he could get in slightly cheaper from them at the time. It went from A to B for many years before ending up on the sign for our local auto wrecker Coats Auto Parts Salvage as an advertisement for old car parts on Merivale Road in Ottawa.

    He bought another Ford after that and we ended up with a Granada Inline 250 six POS.


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  18. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    OK, so what’s the word on the street on these cars? All seriousness aside, I got my eye on a 65 Buick with 45000 original miles, and EVERY damned option it came with. The thing is cherry. But, it is a 4-door. PS, PB, AC! The price? 500 less than this homely stripper.

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  19. John C.

    The ad say make offer, how about it somebody? simple basic easy to work on car, no check engine lights, no Pa. emission test needed, no sensors,(like today’s cars). Can get classic insurance coverage, full coverage too for about $120.00 a year if that. No she isn’t a desirable model but glad to see that some cars from that era still survived in tact.

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  20. Todd Last

    Our family owned an almost identical Maverick but with the 200CU six. Performance was non-existant, pressing the gas pedal only resulted in more noise from the engine. Non-power steering was about a jillion turns lock-to-lock. the post for the headrest would poke you in the back if you leaned back in the seat. Pretty much a 1960 falcon dressed up in new sheet metal.

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  21. GarageGuy

    Four Doors kills it for me. Turns an almost “sporty” car into a frump-mobile. The Inline six I could deal with…although I’d wish it had a V-8…

    Ultimately, this car would only be worth $16k if it were a two-door, V-8 Grabber.

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  22. ben Burks

    $1,000 and that is my offer

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