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BF Auction: 1967 Triumph Herald Convertible

UPDATE – Photos of the car with the convertible top on have been added to the gallery below. A walk-around and driving video has also been added and can be found below. Of all the wonderful classic British cars,… more»

Originality Abounds! 1963 Triumph Herald

Here’s one that doesn’t grace the webpages of Barn Finds very often, a Triumph Herald (1959-1971), in this case, a 1963 example. The seller states that up to a half-million Heralds were produced in convertible, coupe, sedan, and station… more»

Easy project: 1961 Triumph Herald

While it didn’t possess the sort of performance that was guaranteed to get your heart racing, the 948cc engined Triumph Herald was a nice little car, and the chassis developed for the car later saw service as the base… more»

Lost to the Jungle: 1965 Triumph Herald

Perhaps best known for its stint as a sailboat in an old Top Gear episode, the Triumph Herald is rarely seen today in project form. A quick check of craigslist reveals some recently deleted ads and one decent driver, but… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Jamie’s Triumph Herald Stash!

This past summer, Jamie (one of our longtime writers) purchased this little stash of Heralds from a friend. He wrote about the acquisition here in a post, and at the time, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with… more»

Jewel Like: 1966 Triumph Herald Convertible

Isn’t this a little jewel? Andy M. (possibly the world’s foremost Herald expert) sent us this great find that is located in Burlington, North Carolina and is up for sale here on craigslist for $8,995. While it’s undoubtedly had… more»

Cutie Convertible: 1963 Triumph Herald

Yes, it’s a Triumph Herald! This is a 1963, just like ours, and was sent in by reader Peter R–thanks for the find! I love the two-tone paint and hope this is the original color scheme. It’s located in Fort… more»

50-Year Time Capsule: 1962 Triumph Herald

The original owner of this 1962 Triumph Herald died in 1965 and the family just left the car where it was parked in the garage at the time. Recently, the house it was in was going to be demolished… more»

Triumph Herald Project For $650

Thanks to Barn Finds reader CJS for this great find! Advertised for only $650 here on craigslist in Wildomar, California, this little four-seat 1964 Triumph Herald 1200 is ripe for restoration. We’ve featured Heralds before and thought you folks… more»

Triumph Herald Convertibles: Which One To Buy?

The Herald came not only as a convertible  but also sedans, estate cars and even as vans. You may remember Top Gear converted one to a sailboat and crossed the English Channel in it. This one listed on craigslist in New… more»

Another Herald? Yes! 1963 Barn Find

Like the Heralds we have recently featured, this is an example of Triumph’s idea of an economical sporty car that could, at least theoretically, carry four people. We own a 1963 convertible, roughly 8,000 serial numbers earlier than this… more»

Heraldic Pair: 1964 Triumph Herald Convertibles

Sporting an odd polka-dot pattern and running and driving with 25+ years of receipts, this 1964 Triumph Herald convertible is nonetheless begging to be put back on the road. I’d have to get it running as-is and take it… more»

1965 Triumph Sports Herald: Parts Or Project?

Here is a good restoration project or pick this up if you need a parts cars. This Sports Herald is listed here on craigslist in Hartland, New Hampshire for just $600. The Herald and its variants were popular in the 1960s,… more»

1964 Triumph Herald: Want To Be Popular?

As my wife owns one of these small convertibles, I have to admit my bias at the start. I think Triumph Heralds are utterly charming, and despite being one of the least valuable cars in our little collection, we… more»

Little Convertible: 1967 Triumph Herald

As I’ve explained before, I’m very partial to Heralds; my wife’s has been the most popular (as in bystanders coming up and asking about it) car we have ever had. With one of the smallest turning circles ever, room… more»

1962 Triumph Herald: Hark, the Herald Axles Swing!

Yes, Triumph Heralds have swing axle rear suspension, although this one certainly has a much lower stance than it left the factory with. My wife happens to own and cherish a 1963 Herald 1200 Convertible (whose name is Robbie),… more»