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EXCLUSIVE: Jamie’s Triumph Herald Stash!

This past summer, Jamie (one of our longtime writers) purchased this little stash of Heralds from a friend. He wrote about the acquisition here in a post, and at the time, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do with them. However, since you can also see from this post that he has a lot of other projects, he’s going to pass the new Heralds on and will keep his wife’s light blue one. You’re actually looking at two complete cars plus a totally restored chassis and drive train. There are also a lot of other spares including at least two engines and five doors that aren’t pictured. The asking price for the entire package is $3,500 and they are all located in Pittsboro, North Carolina.  Jamie says he’s a motivated seller, so don’t be afraid to make an offer!

Jamie’s description:  The black convertible is a 1200, unfortunately, it does not come with a title. The previous owner (a very good friend of mine) purchased it as a “complete car” through eBay but did not end up using any parts. The frame was much rustier than represented to my friend, so any thought of putting the car on the road “as-is” went out the window.

The gray 1200 was the project that my friend was having professionally restored. It’s unusual by being right hand drive, and it has a title. Please note that both of these are convertibles by design, not removed roof sedans. My friend intended to finish the body on this frame (there are a lot of patch panels from the UK included) and then transfer it to the restored frame/suspension/engine/ transmission combination shown in pictures below. I’m not sure I’d do that; I think I’d put the black car on that frame and put this one back on the road on the frame it’s got. Why? Because you can never have too many Heralds! Okay, perhaps you can–that’s why I’m selling these 2-1/2 cars.

Here’s another shot of the gray car. It’s very straight! Also, if you’re local, I’ll throw in a year’s membership to the Triumph Club of the Carolinas — if not, we’ll make it a free year in the Vintage Triumph Register.

This is the rear suspension of the restored frame. If you pay the asking price, I will throw back in the camber compensator shown here that I planned to install on my wife’s Herald. All bushings are brand new. My friend estimates he had in excess of $10,000 in the cars and the work that had been professionally performed. And if you think I’m making money, you’re wrong!

Both the 1147 cc engine and transmission have been professionally rebuilt by a shop near Charlotte, NC. I think I have the receipts and will update this post if I find them. I’ll help with loading if you want them shipped…I’ll take more pictures if there’s something in particular you want to see.

Thanks for listing your Herald Stash Jamie! If any of you have a classic that you are thinking about selling, please consider listing it here as an Exclusive. There’s no risk and as long as your car is priced right, it should sell quickly.

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  1. Rock On Member

    I think that you should have listed these in December, then we could sing Hark the Heralds!!!

  2. Howard A Member

    I wouldn’t hesitate for a second, to buy something from Jamie. I’ve been into British cars since those humble MGB beginnings, and I haven’t found anyone that knows more about these cars ( he even knew and built the elusive Spit-6) The Herald is a great car, so easy to work on. A tad lean for US highways, but still, great cars. If he had a wagon, I’d be on my way ( I know,, be careful what you ask for around here) This has been offered before, and clearly, Jamie loves his cars, it must be hard to let this go, but you can’t go wrong here.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Thank you, Howard :-) Basically, I’m almost 53 and there’s not enough lifetime left to both finish all my project cars and enjoy driving them as well. There will be other cars coming up for sale shortly as well. And again, folks, don’t be afraid to throw a ridiculous offer out there or for part of the stash — you might be surprised…

  3. Kem Jones

    Always interested in seeing another Herold coming back to life . I am slowly upgrading one into a “tot rod” by putting a bit of Spit in it’s eyes. I am using a 1500 engine with twin SU’s and European exhaust coupled to a Ford T9 5speed and a 3.89 rear end . It will make a nice 4 seater convertible . The only problem is that it is at our winter home in Texas and that I only have a little time to work on it each year .I am also trying to finish a 1950 Vanguard back home ,There is a also a 1949 Triumph Roadster waiting to get restored . It’ hard to find someone who can wed wood .

    • SSPBill

      Your Herald sounds like an interesting project. I use to buy parts from an old Scots-man who had kind of a rat-rod convertible Herald-Spit. Everything was stripped. It was lowered a little with some suspension mod’s and a set of Mini-lite’s. It had a bigger Spit engine with Weber side drafts. It was 3 or 4 different colors but generally solid looking. I really liked that car a lot.

      If I didn’t have a garage full of junk and have the family
      committed to a new boat I might be thinking about taking a ride down. Triumphs are great, first classics to get your feet wet. Lots of parts, simple, easy to work on and just plan fun to drive.

    • Steve

      Hi Kem If you want some help with that 49 2000 Roadster get in touch. I have done several of these cars and have 4 & 1/2 of them plus some spare parts, on the property as we speak cotalymepond at aol dotcom

  4. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Depending on where the buyer is, I may be able to help with transport as well.

    No, I’m not desperate…but I am motivated!

  5. GearHead Engineering

    Dang! I managed to forget about these the first time I saw Jamie’s ad. But here they are again and I’m feeling that temptation once more.

    Must resist. Must resist. Must resist….

    – John

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      John…the Heralds are whispering your name…”come and get us!”

      Thanks to those of you who have responded already!

    • Howard A Member

      This should push them over the edge, Jamie. Who can resist a beautiful car being narrated by a British speaking lady. “TIE ME TO THE MAST!!!”

  6. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Wow! Lots of responses so far! This is cool! :-) I’ll update as things progress.

  7. Pete

    OMG, Man I am in Fayetteville. My driveway though is slam full of cars though. No room for any more. That is a seriously fine deal you are offering wish I had the room. I think I need to move out to the country so I have a place to park all this stuff I keep seeing for sale. LOL

  8. Quentin the Nevis Beeman

    Viewing this reminded me of a sad looking Vitesse convertable here on Nevis, a tiny remote Caribbean islet, (notable for the fact the guy on your 10 dollar bill was born here) Similar body, but the Vitesse of course has a 6 cylinder engine. The “Nevis Vitesse” is right hand drive, and on the brink of
    being or not being salvageable……. at least it’s under cover !

  9. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    As an update, I have had MANY responses to the ad. At least three folks are serious and when I get back into the country in just over a week, one is coming to see them the day I get back. If you are at all interested in selling your car, think about listing it as a Barn Finds Exclusive. And yes, I write for the site, but I’m really excited at the level of response!

  10. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Well, folks, it looks like the Heralds are gone — and there’s an interesting story to go with it. A professional restoration shop in Ohio that is working on a Triumph Vitesse for a gentleman in North Carolina saw the Heralds and suggested that the owner come by and see if these would provide the parts for his car and a Herald to build up as well. Turns out it’s a perfect fit for them! Thanks to all the responses (there were many) and to Jerry for following through! He’ll be hauling them up North once the weather gets a little warmer. Another satisfied customer of the exclusive listings (and yes, I write for the site, but I was really interested as to how well this would work–and the answer is VERY well. You’ll see more listings from me in the future as I thin down the Triumph collection!

  11. Nevis Beeman

    The Vitesse convertible here on Nevis (St Kitts & Nevis) quietly awaits its fate.
    (Right hand drive: origionally registered new in the UK)

    If the professional restoration shop in Ohio is interested, in a Vitesse on a remote island location, way down in the Caribbean,do let me know; Quentin Henderson >< Note; I'm not the owner.

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