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One Family Owned: 1962 Ford Ranchero

Back in 1962, the seller’s father-in-law purchased this Ford Ranchero as a new vehicle. After 20 years of storage, the last 10 of them outside, the seller is now selling the car/truck hybrid here on eBay. The buy it… more»

Swedish Seven-Seater: 1969 Saab 95

1969.  Many argue it was the best year of the muscle car era.  GM offered the SS 396 Chevelle, the GTO, and the Camaro ZL1.  The Mach 1, Boss 302, Boss 429, and Shelby GT350 Mustang were offered from Ford,… more»

Montana Barn Find: 1951 Mercury M-1

We have seen a fair amount of Mercury pickups here at One Barn Finds Tower over the last few years. It almost gives a person the impression that there are a lot of them out there for sale but… more»

Heavy Duty Canadian: 1954 Mercury M-350

Canadian market vehicles are always interesting to see, at least for a lot of us folks who don’t live there. This 1954 Mercury M-350 pickup is one rugged farm truck and it can be found here on eBay in… more»

Hot Rod Dreams: New York Junkyard Cleanout

I like to think I know where every junkyard with classic cars is hiding when it’s in my neck of the woods, but this one is an unknown to me. Located somewhere near Newburgh, New York, this listing appeared… more»

Mississippi Motorhome: 1974 FMC 2900R

We just saw a big boat, or yacht, depending on how a person refers to a 36-foot watercraft with two engines and one that they could easily live in. This 1974 FMC 2900R motorhome is another vehicle made for… more»

Canadian Survivor! 1948 Ford F-68 Pickup

Most of you are probably familiar with the Ford F-Series pickups, but have you ever heard of an F-68? Like their Mercury cousins, the F-68 moniker was a way to differentiate trucks being sold outside the U.S. and is… more»

A Solid Survivor: 1953 Mercury M250

One of these days, I’m going to have to buy one of these old trucks! This Mercury version of the Ford F-250 has an incredible look to it, with the kind of look that only nature can create. It’s… more»

Rare Barn Find! 1954 Mercury M100 Pickup

Mercury of Canada produced its own version of Ford trucks from 1946 until as late as 1968. Rural Canadian towns usually had either a Mercury or Ford dealer and this arrangement put trucks in the showrooms of both. This… more»

Swan Song: 1990 Mercury Colony Park Survivor

It’s almost like the Mercury Colony Park and its Ford relative, the Country Squire retired a little early. While Chrysler was doing well with its minivan, Ford only offered the Aerostar truck-based van by the time these wagons retired… more»

EXCLUSIVE: Ford Maverick and Mercury Comet Projects

As part of the large Georgia collection we’ve featured here on Barn Finds as an Exclusive, I wanted to create a post specific about a V8-powered Ford Maverick project and a very clean Mercury Comet. The Maverick and Comet both have… more»

Serious Potential: 1949 Mercury M68 Pickup

Montana is a state that is home to a great many natural wonders, but it also appears to be the home of many older Pickups. This 1949 Mercury M68 is a perfect example, and it looks like a pretty… more»

Barris “Mannix Roadster”! 1967 Olds Toronado

Mannix is one of those guilty pleasure shows for me. It’s one of those campy shows that some folks think are beneath them. I also openly admit to loving the Andy Griffith show and the Brady Bunch so maybe I’m… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1935 Ford 1.5 Ton Truck

Modern work trucks are mostly big square boxes and while some look great, none are as attractive as this 1935 Ford! It’s big, yet elegant with great lines and curves. It’s a 1.5 ton dually with a flathead V8… more»

Junkyard Finds: Classics at Yank-A-Part Yard

One of the comments I make most frequently to salvage yard owners is that they should put their most unusual or special parts cars and trucks online, somewhere, anywhere, in order to drive foot traffic and phone calls. Few… more»

Prairie Style: 1953 Mercury M-350

If you’re a Barnfinds regular you’ll quickly note this Mercury pickup is another in a succession of trucks we’ve featured over the past few months offered by a seller located in Sweet Grass, Montana. Recent Barn Finds posts have been written by Adam, Brian,… more»