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Prairie Style: 1953 Mercury M-350

If you’re a Barnfinds regular you’ll quickly note this Mercury pickup is another in a succession of trucks we’ve featured over the past few months offered by a seller… more»

First Year Survivor: 1946 Mercury Pickup

This 1946 Mercury One Ton Pickup is virtually complete and is from the first year of production of the Mercury Pickup line. If it looks familiar, that’s… more»

Barn Discovery: Rare 1947 Mercury Pickup

Discovered in a barn, this sweet 1947 Mercury 1 ton offers great looks and little rot. After many years parked, this Merc’ is a grand candidate to… more»

1953 Mercury M350 Pickup Project

The Mercury M-Series trucks were produced between 1946 to 1968, primarily for the Canadian market. The model designations were tied to the Ford F truck series commencing… more»

Huge Estate Sale: Restored, Projects, Parts, & More!

On October 6 in Muskegon, MI, there will be a live, on-site estate auction of restored cars, project cars, parts cars, and parts. Whoever amassed this collection… more»

Swayback Express: 1937 Plymouth PT50 Pickup

If you were a Plymouth dealer in the mid 1930s, times were pretty good.  Plymouths were selling very well, making the brand was the third most popular… more»

Parked Since 1981: 1952 Mercury M1 Barn Find

Occasionally we come across cool finds that just have me wondering how they could stay in a barn for so long! In this case we have a… more»

Never Seen Snow: 1967 Mercury Caliente

Being in the upper-Midwest, rusty vehicles are what I remember from growing up in the 1970s and 80s and it’s what I think about most now when… more»

Solid 1950 Mercury M47 Pickup: No Reserve!

There are some vehicles we see here that you just know have one heck of a story attached; this Mercury truck is one of them. Yes, Mercury. If… more»

Who’s Carl? 1946 Ford Produce Truck

I’m lucky enough to live in a community that supports local farmers. Fresh fruits and vegetables are pedaled at our local Farmer’s Market each Saturday morning. How great… more»

Pre-Oil Crisis Classic: 1973 Mercury Montego MX

Cousin to the Ford Torino, the 2nd generation Mercury Montego was completely redesigned in 1972.  Just a year later the oil crisis would have a significant impact… more»

LUV = Luxury Utility Vehicle: 1979 Buick Estate Wagon

A lot of people didn’t, and still don’t like the term station wagon. Even though there are a few modern station wagons out there, that is rarely… more»

Patina Profit Part Two: 1968 Mercury M250

Keen-eyed readers may recognize this truck, it was featured here on Barn Finds in March of 2017. It appears the same truck has been in several ads… more»

BF EXCLUSIVE: Massive Salvage Yard Collection

To the Barn Finds community: I’m posting my own “Exclusive” for the first time on behalf of a friend who has over 10 acres of cars, trucks, and motorcycles… more»

Make Mercury Rise: 1950 Mercury M68

What do you do if love Ford trucks, but want something hotter and more cultured? You can go for their sibling, which in this case is a… more»

Flathead Project: 1949 Mercury M47

Seeing this ’49 Mercury M47 truck makes me wonder what it’s life would have been like had the previous owner just kept it going rather than starting… more»

Wood Chipper Not Included: 1966 Fargo A100 Pair

Ok, I realize that not everyone has seen the movie “Fargo” and some of you who have seen it aren’t big fans. But, it’s hard to argue… more»

Heavy Wood: 1947 Dodge Woody

When talking about classic woodies our minds often think of the crème de la crème like Mercurys and Pontiacs, but what about something a little different? For… more»

Field Of Dreams: Rocky Mountain Relics

Do you ever dream of finding a field of rusty gold with hundreds of cars, trucks, and parts from the 1920s to the 1960s for sale? The… more»

Classified Find: 1947 Mercury Truck

If you are a fan of heavy-duty classic trucks but want something a bit different than your run of the mill Ford or Chevy, you might just… more»

Ready To Roll: 1951 Mercury M1 Pickup

A ready to roll classic truck is always a treat much like this interesting ’51 Mercury M1 pickup. With a weathered appearance and shiny paint, this truck… more»

Canadian Barn Full Of Classics

Reader Gord L just tipped us off to a very interesting barn up in Bath, Ontario, Canada. The barn contains 13 classics, ranging from a 1946 Cadillac 62… more»

Package Deal: 1964 Pontiac LeMans Convertible And A Boat

Who doesn’t like a 2-for-1 sale? Most of us are bargain hunters and this is an unusual pairing: a 1964 Pontiac LeMans Convertible and a 1959 Aerocraft… more»

Italian Barn Find: 1938 Mercury 8 Convertible

This gorgeous 1938 Mercury convertible ended up in Italy by way of a service member who was stationed there. At some point, it was converted to what… more»