A/C Delete Hardtop: 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 IROC

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When it comes to options, the choices made by the original owner can clue you in pretty quickly as to what their goals were when they placed the order at the dealer. In the case of this 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z28, it’s obvious performance was on the mind of that first caretaker, as the car is fairly stripped down except for the IROC and Z28 packages. The Camaro has no T-tops, no A/C, non-tilt wheel, and crank windows, but does have the G80 rear end and four-wheel disc brakes. The mileage is quite low, too, clocking in at just 52,000. Find it here on craigslist with an asking price of $13,500 and located in Connecticut.

The color combo is super sharp, with clean black paintwork accented by gold wheels and pinstriping. This Camaro just looks clean and compact, as if the lack of a T-top roof reduces the appearance of the roofline thickness. I’m sure that’s just my own imagination at work, but the lack of options always seems to make a car “lighter.” If nothing else, knowing how many Camaros of this vintage came with T-tops, it’s just nice to see a standard hardtop model come along once in a while. Certainly, the body looks to be in mint condition with no obvious signs of damage or rust despite its northeastern location. The seller notes he is just the second owner.

Vinyl seats and crank windows, not to mention no A/C, await the next owner. That’s a lot to manage, even for someone like me who is generally a purist when it comes to his hobby cars. I actually prefer crank windows, but it’s shocking to see an A/C delete car in the northeast. While it can get chilly here for half the year and mostly comfortable for the remainder of is, June through September is definitely a time when you appreciate air conditioning. Perhaps this Camaro originated out in the Pacific Northwest, which is one of the few environs I can think of where you could get away without air conditioning. Regardless, it definitely gives the Camaro a performance boost for being such a stripped-down performance car. The interior, it’s worth noting, is in great shape.

Drivetrain-wise, it comes with the 305 TPI paired to an automatic transmission. If this was equipped with three pedals, I would almost certainly say it was built for autocrossing or track days, as I can’t see much other reason for daily driving a car so devoid of comfort features that were otherwise widely available. Or, it’s possible this was someone’s retirement car, wherein getting out of the cockpit with a sweat-stained t-shirt didn’t matter when you no longer had to walk into an office in presentable condition. Regardless, this is a very neat iteration of the classic Camaro IROC Z28 and one that will likely appreciate for some time to come both for its condition and unusual options list.

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  1. Crazy Lou

    Super super nice. Could you get a 5 speed this year? If an auto, why not a 350?

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  2. Superdessucke

    Because it’s an ’86, it couldn’t have three pedals unless the owner wanted the weak 145 HP LG4. For 1986, the LB9 TPI was only available with the automatic and the L69 wasn’t available at all. Well, technically it was on the option sheet but it was limited availablity due to alleged fuel boiling problems. Only 74 were built, and 63 of these were Canadian Players’ Series cars. So only 11 were sold to the general public.

    As to this car itself, it’s pretty cool IMO. A very rare stripper IROC, and with vinyl seats no less. Problem is that this is the least desirable IROC model year due to the “peanut cam” LB9 that only made 190 horsepower – compared to 215+ for the 1985 and 1987-92 manual versions with the hotter L81/L69 cam or one of its later derivatives. And while hard core enthusiasts will like lack of T-tops, no A/C, and vinyl interior, the average middle-aged buyer of one of these won’t. And while 52,000 miles is great for a sorted driver, it’s too high for a 5-figure asking price on one of these.

    Also, a minor pet peeve – it’s not “A/C delete!” A/C was an extra cost option on these, so you didn’t have to delete anything. If you didn’t specify the option and pay the $750 it cost back then, you didn’t get A/C.

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    • al8apex

      Thank you for stating facts

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  3. CCFisher

    My brother bought a similar 1987 IROC. A/C, a 5-speed, and all the performance options, but no tilt, no cruise, no power anything, no rear defog. He still has it.

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  4. Jaydawg7 Jaydawg7

    1986 the only year of the external CHMSL

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    • al8apex

      yeah, pretty much the worst year 3rd gen to own

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  5. Superdessucke

    My buddy ordered an IROC new in 1988 with the L98 5.7 TPI, G92 axle, J65 4-wheel disc brakes, P245/50VR16 tires, and that’s it! If he waited one year, that option selection would have automatically triggered the 1LE package. And my 1987 Formula 350 was equipped like your brother’s car. It had AC but few other options, and it had the crank windows.

    I geek out over these low option cars. I realize I’m a minority though. Most people who buy these want all the bells and whistles, both back then and now.

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  6. Arthur Brown

    I knew a guy that moved from Connecticut To Alabama with an early Trans AM, Gold, Black interior, no AC. The reasons these cars are low miles is they aren’t much fun to drive unless you are hammering them, which, unless you a teen, you aren’t doing much. They are uncomfortable.

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  7. crazy lou

    Super nice, wish it were mine.

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  8. Hound59

    No IROC decals either.

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    • al8apex

      the “gaudy” IROC decals were removed … same thing I did with the “Formula 350” door decals on my 89 N10 G92 Formula AND my BRAND NEW 93 6 speed Formula … I stripped ALL the emblems and decals off that when I got it home

      Some people prefer the “stealth” / cleaner look

      Look at the dash emblem AND the build sheet sticker for the B4Z option

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  9. Hound59

    Car looks nice. I had an 87 IROC 5.7 in bright blue metallic. Wasn’t criticizing yours. I just preferred not touching anything. I believe you could have ordered it sans decals. Woulda loved it if they coulda given us a manual….. just a beautiful, fun car to drive!

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  10. Kerry Sanders

    I ordered an 86 TPI IROC Without AC because I live in Alaska. I also ordered it without tilt steering, no rear wheel disc brakes as a mechanic I knew what a pain the OE Rear Calipers we’re and how many problems the tilt steering Columns had as they aged. Also no trunk release switch on the console. You are correct it was a five speed available with the TPI. It has the top end interior with velvatine on the seat pivots and power drivers seat control panel. Also the ERS stereo. Is there anyway to find out how many others forward with this auction group?

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