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A Clean Machine: 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe

'75 Cadi right front

Brian, the owner of this beautiful survivor, received it from his grandma. This 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe is listed now here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri for $7,500. While it isn’t a high end exotic, we sure wouldn’t mind inheriting a classic this nice!

'75 Cadi engine

This Eldorado is reported to have 35,313 total miles, less then 900 miles a year, about 2.5 miles a day. We’ve all hear the stories of the grandma that only drove to the store and church on Sundays, well this could be one of those cars. There is a very clean looking engine bay for the next owner to enjoy. And they will probably need all 500 cubic inches of V8 to push this plush survivor around!

'75 Cadi front seats

Even better then the engine bay is the neat and tidy seats and interior for you to sink into and enjoy the ride. Talk about driving a sofa! This one is a leather wrapped sofa with just about every feature you could ever need in a sofa!

'75 Cadi front

This car really does appear to be a sub 40K mile car. Brian, the owner, says it is in excellent condition and it looks to be.

'75 Cadi rear right

This car is not sitting alone and appears to be sharing the garage with some other nice classics. Are there other opportunities available here? To find out, you will have to contact Brian with any questions about his Eldorado and if any other vehicles can be purchased. They are only original once and this one is about as original and clean as they get. Is this the cleanest 1975 Eldorado on the market? There are no images of the trunk or underside of the car, but if there are as clean as what we can see, we think you are good to go. What’s a clean low mileage 1975 Eldorado worth to you?



  1. 427vette

    I believe that is spelled Brian, not “Brain”. Although as far as misspellings go, it isn’t that bad being called Brain😄
    Great website,

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  2. RM

    I had the same car at 21. Had a bit more miles though at 60k. Like driving your couch 100mph.

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  3. Charles

    Nice example!

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  4. Anastos

    I can’t lie…I wish my ’75 was in that kind of shape. It’s got the Astroroof which is hard to find on a ’75 as that was the first year It was offered and cost an absurd amount of money. To me, $7500 is a great price…only thing that looks odd to me are the opera lights…were they an option in ’75?

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  5. Mr. TKD

    I would pick it up.

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  6. Vince Habel

    I would keep it since it was grandmother’s car.

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  7. Jim O Member

    I’d find room in my barn for that!!!

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  8. Ceezy

    So close to being my dream car, only if it were convertible, this would be coming home to me.

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  9. jim s

    this looks like a great way into the hobby at a nice price. great find.

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  10. ClassicCarFan

    Certainly does seem to be in good shape.

    I guess taste in cars is totally subjective, but to me this is too much mid-70s bad taste styling. Padded roof, pimptastic seat covering, oversized gaudy styling. I’m sure it would make a good cruiser but I always feel that Cadillac peaked around 1967 and just about anything after that displays the gradual decline….? but, like I said, each to their own. If you wanted a car like this – this one seems like a great example.

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    • grant

      Well said.

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    • Robcell

      if you look at the mid 70’s GM cars, this Eldorado exemplifies the look with the sleek back window and the sloped deck. I have a 1975 with 75,000 miles. it was handed down through the family. I thought about getting rid of it, but I realized that it represents just what it was intended to. So, I think I will keep it.we have to appreciate them for their era.

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  11. DENIS

    They were a barge, but would like to own in this condition. No way I would get rid of Grandma’s car….

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  12. Earl

    I had the same car but a ’76…..rode like dream and the 500 would move it down the road,run it up to 115 mph and stomp the pedal and it would shit into “passing gear”.
    Never got stuck in the snow,I could plow thru drifts higher than the hood and where I live there are a lot on small streams with small bridges…………damned El D was to heavy for a few of the at over 6000#,it fell to the high gas prices of the 1980 but I loved that car…………………

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  13. HeadMaster1

    I have a 76 Eldo convertible with 59k miles and the fuel injected 500 GREAT cars to cruise, ride like you’re on a cloud, handles like the boat that it is, but sooooo cool. Sure the styling is a matter of taste, but this is the LAST of the big caddys. Not so long ago, people cut the fins off of 59’s since they were so out of style, but look what they’re worth now….

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  14. Keith

    Let me see?……..Should I get this Eldorado for $7500.00 or should I bid on this awesome Porsche that hasn’t met it’s reserve price yet ?…….Decisions decisions……..LOL

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