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A Clean Survivor: 1966 Buick Riviera

'66 Riviera

It is reported that there were 45,348 Buick Rivieras produced in 1966. This is one of them and is listed here on eBay, sitting on blocks in Lansing, Illinois with a BIN of $49,900. The owner reports that this Riviera has seen just 32,000 original miles!

'66 Riviera engine

According to the seller, the engine was “totally rebuilt (with new seals) one hundred miles ago”. We assume that means it already runs great and is about ready to hit the road! At the asking price, it should be!

'66 Riviera int.

The owner says that the interior is pristine (without flaws). It looks great in the photos, although more detailed images would be nice to have!

1966 Buick Riviera

The owner says that this car still has the original paint and that there are some minor stone chips on the front fascia. There are some other images with the ad. The owner has some medical issues, so the car could not be prepped for the photos, dusty, but pristine. Hey, this is Barn Finds, so show us your dirty car/s. This Riviera has been on blocks for the last 10 years and could have brake, suspension or electric issues after sitting. We don’t know how often the engine is turned over and since the owner says this car has been on blocks for 10 years, we don’t think the car is driven. It would be nice to go for a cruise in an almost new 1966 Buick Riviera, wouldn’t it?



  1. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    There were some truly great designs from the 1960s that didn’t survive their first facelift. This is one of those. The ’63-’65 Riviera was the right car at the right moment, but once the novelty wore off, that should have been the end. Instead, they came out with these dreadful, huge vacuum cleaners that have never found a place in history. When I think of what you can buy for $49,000, a lot of blue-chip investment cars comes to mind…

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  2. Avatar photo francisco

    Okay, we get it. It’s “All Original.” Wonderful, but is it worth 49 grand?

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  3. Avatar photo Texas Tea

    Another day dreamer…………………………. The seller only hurts his or her self.

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  4. Avatar photo socaljoe

    He just cut the price in half. If he does that 3 more times it will be in the ball park.

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  5. Avatar photo randy

    Babe Ruth he is not. No home run here either. Where do these folks come from?
    I do like this body style, lots of class, and individualism.

    45K made in ’66? That’s a lot of Rivie’s.
    Hey Jason, what is with the term “vacuum cleaner”?

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  6. Avatar photo Jeff V.

    Nice Riv at 12K$, not a penny more! Unless u r a rich sentimental fool who lost his/her innocence in the back seat of one!

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  7. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    I really like the 66 but not at that price

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  8. Avatar photo Warren

    Waste of the sellers time to put it up at that amount. Run it as an auction with a reasonable reserve and let the market decide the price.

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  9. Avatar photo redwagon

    not a single shot that allows us to see the flowing lines of the model. sorry for 49k (o look it’s half off today – black friday special?) you need to work harder. and i generally like these big buicks……..

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  10. Avatar photo Barry Thomas

    I also loved the original Riv’s, but the ’66 and ’67 were also great designs. Clean lines without a lot of trash (like the front end of the ’68/’69). Beauty is in the eye, but this and the same year Toronado were Bill Mitchell at his best.
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  11. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    I thought crack use was on the decline.

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  12. Avatar photo Dave Reeves

    A clean & classic design, one of my favorites. Still about $25,000 too high.

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  13. Avatar photo Tom Member

    I am with all of your comments but I think you are all being a little hard on this one. If it is “without flaws” generally speaking, survivor, good HP era, not the best but not the worst color, I think this car is worth high 20’s maybe 30 to the person who really wants it. Yes there were a ton made but how many survived, especially with low miles? How many more are like this car, low mile survivor all original ? as they say, only original once. Also, these cars had lots of rust issues. if you can find a rust free or minimal that has not be “worked over” then I think there is value. This is a car that in short order could be a great driver to the local cruise nights and not have to fear for your life for a rock chip. I am a big fan of the pre-66 Riv’s but this body is nice too. 50K is too steep but this is NOT a 12K car, sorry.

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  14. Avatar photo Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    condition is impossible to beat…………BUT GranSports and MZ Code cars are the desirable 66’s, mostly because of the added performance and handling…….and you can find REAL nice GS and MZ’s with 40-60k miles for less than 50k….

    “up on blocks for 10 years” is NOT a plus ………

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  15. Avatar photo David Rhodes

    very nice …. but I don’t know if this is California car but the owner sure is ‘ dreaming ‘

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