A Happy End: 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix


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The 1968 Grand Prix was the last full sized Grand Prix. In 1969 they went to a mid sized car. The owner bought this car new in Riverside, California and drove it until his death in 2000. Since then his widow has driven it less than 8000 miles. She really was a little old lady who just drove it to church on Sundays. She does admit to enjoying the scenic route home. She had hip surgery and is no longer able to drive. This grand survivor was put away. There was no way she could bring herself to sell her cherished treasure. How long would it languish in the garage?

front left above

Don E is a Pontiac person. When he heard rumors of this Grand Prix he wasted no time and was soon on his way to Riverside from San Diego to win his prize. He convinced this lady that he would love, honor and cherish her treasure and long as he should live.


It looks complete and original inside and should bring back memories for a lot of us. Remember the huge brake pedals? The cockpit on this big Pontiac had more of an airliner feel than fighter jet.


With that huge nose in the way, it’s hard to see much from here but it looks complete under the hood. It is likely a 350 hp (260 kW) 400 cu in (6.6 L) V8. It’s a well equipped car, with the AC compressor and power brake booster visible from here.


This old Pontiac was soon on out of the garage and on it’s way to San Diego. It’s going to stay completely stock except perhaps for the tires. She said the tires are almost new but the date code shows 2009. There are no bags or big wheels in the future of this beauty. It is completely rust free and as beautiful inside as out. Would you make any changes to this survivor?

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  1. CelestialGryphon

    This is cool. I like this. That’s a very happy ending. One survivor to another protector.

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  2. Mike H. Mike H.

    I wouldn’t change a thing outside of the tires. This is a car that could wear a set of narrow whitewalls with pride.

    I’m very jealous of this acquisition. Bravo!

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  3. Mark S

    Reminds me of my dads 67 Impala ss his was gold had the bucket seats and what looks like the same console shifter. If it were mine I wouldn’t change a thing. Nice car.

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  4. danny b

    leave it just as it sits

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  5. Vegas Vic

    Gorgeous vehicle !
    Wonderful back story
    Her husband really maintained this Proud Pontiac, he use dealership, chain stores, capable independent shop? That would be fun to know
    Imagine the crew at Goodyear , oh, 2012 or so, when she pulls in for oil n lube, wipers !

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  6. Van

    It needs the 8 lug drum wheels.
    Does anyone make a 17 or 18 inch copy?

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  7. George

    New tires, drive, enjoy!

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  8. Moparman ElliottMember

    My uncle had one of these in Merdoro green, w/ a white canopy vinyl roof & white console bucket interior. It also had the hood mounted tachcometer that couldn’t be repaired (after several returns to PMD)to work correctly!! I’d add either eight lug or rally II’s and narrow white walls and cruise!! :-)

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  9. Vince Habel

    I would leave it alone except maybe the 8 lug wheels or ralleys

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  10. Don E

    Hi folks,
    Thanks for the accolades! I drove it to the new Aliso Viejo location original Cars & Coffee Saturday, which met with many compliments.

    I am the proud new caretaker of this behemoth! Options: AC, PS, PB, PWindows, AM/FM with adjustable front and rear speaker, trunk light, tilt wheel.
    I am installing Pontiac Rally II wheels this week.
    I’ve been fortunate to be the recipient of several well preserved Pontiacs like this one.
    It seems like a full time job searching for and networking to find them in this condition.

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    • Fredward

      I’d love to hear the exhaust on this beast. Mean looking car should have a mean sound! Post pics with the Rallye ll’s

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  11. Vegas Vic

    Hurrah, Don! Enjoy the car

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  12. Royal King

    How many miles did it have on it?

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  13. Don E

    7th original

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  14. cyclemikey

    Congrats, Don, that’s a beauty. I hope you graciously ignore the suggestions for rally wheels, 8-lugs, and 17-inchers(!!!) and just leave her as built.

    What other Pontiacs are in your stable?

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  15. Prowler

    Great pontiac…great story….I love the hide away headlights…..this was a very classy car when it came out
    But was blown away by the amazing long hood short trunk DeLorean design in 1969 that put GP’s back up the charts

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  16. Charles

    Nice find!

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  17. Sam

    I haven’t seen one if these in a long time. Drive and enjoy this beauty just as she is.

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  18. John TaggartMember

    the only change I would make to this car is the title from the new owner — to me!

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  19. Don E

    Royal king: 78k original from new.

    Cyclemickey: 64 GP 421ho tripower 4spd, from original owner. 65 2+2 421ho tripower from 2nd.owner. 65 Catalina 2dr post from original owner.

    69 Mustang convertible from original owner.
    Various sports cars.

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    • David G

      Ooh, would love to compare notes with you on the 64 GP if you’re up for that Don.
      Mine is Skyline Blue / Dark Blue interior, but could be an exact copy to your car otherwise, and was also purchased from the original owner lo back in 1989.

      Neat cars are still out there obviously, congrats on finding this peach.
      Its ex-owner pictured above with it is as great a part of the story as the car itself!

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  20. Car Guy

    A nice set of 15 in Pontiac Rally II’s and some redline radials would add some eye appeal to this Grand Prix. Just save the original wheels and hubcaps. How long has it been since you have seen clean set of hubcaps like those……

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  21. Albert J Paschke. Jr

    I Had a 68 Pontiac GP with the 428 , I bought it for 100.00 cause the battery kept overcharging , put external voltage regulator on it and no more problems , Great Car , wish I would have never sold it

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  22. Ron Engel

    Great car! It has to be preserved! We are slowly running out of these original cars, leaving the country, modified, etc. Save your old wheels, they end up in the trash and will be hard to find! Glad it is staying in California, we are being pick clean of rust free vehicles. I found a 66 Impala S/W with numbers matching 396, 400 trans. 12 Bolt diff. factory a/c,p/s,p/b! One re-spray, original interior and 49,679 mo. Most of these turned into parts cars or chicken coops!

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  23. Dan L

    It looks like the one Jeanie smashed up, and then got taken by a shady used car salesman. Her Masters was a convertible that she drove from the back seat but it was the same color. My Dad had customer that had a cherry 1966 in tan. I remember seeing rolling around San Pedro Ca in the 1980s. It was easy to spot because there weren,nt that many still on the road.

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  24. Dustin McGuire

    Love it! I just brought home a 68 GP with 428 4 speed with air. All original!
    Going to put some crager SS on it but that’s it. It’s a beast

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  25. Phil

    It’s only original once, and it would be foolish to take something this pristine and restomod it. There are plenty of cars that are well worn, yet still have some life left and would make a project car for someone who wants to customize a car. Why take such an exceptional, well-loved vehicle to gut it and make it unfaithful to the original? Like any true Pontiac afficiando, the new owner Don E. appreciates the car exactly as it was designed, manfuactured, and sold at the dealership. My type of collector!!!! And he gave an elderly woman comfort in knowing that he will be the steward of this car for the next x number of years.

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